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In dull times soine kind of amusement Is always resorted to, so tliat tlie hours may not drag too iicavily. Tuis Bummcr base ball bas full swecp in this viciuity, and hardly a veek passes without a match rame. It is hardly necessary for us to eutcr into minute details of these haml-smashing games, but will endcavor to keep our readers posted as to wlio are the trutnpsLast Monday the Ann Arbor Club played the Mutuals of Jackson, whieh resujted in tlie discomflture of the last named club to the tune twenty-three tallïes, the score tanding as follows : r2.AYx.x3. O. B.i vuvia O. E. Mnynanl, 1 b 1 vUfeUler, c 6 1 Wiuslow, t 6 4 ísmon, p 2 3 lillss. c 3 JLake, r f I B Webetcr. sa 6 í Whitnmau, T b 4 y Jones, r f 2 1 Welling, 2 b 3 3 Hüsler, c f 17 McGmw, 1 f -J f. Wellls. 3 b 8 4VV'ood,8S 2 6 Fletchcr, 1 b 8 b MelholUnd, c f '!■ B Haymau, p 18 JubLeuu, 3 b 3 4 27 63 27 30 Inning 1224667S9 Ana Arbor. 5 4 13 2 5 7 3 11 3-53 Mutual, 1 -' 5 4 1 S 4 4 1- ;u Umpire- J. A. Blackbura. Scorcra-L. E. Mun:. Wm. Swings, Duration of game, 2 hpurs, and 5u minutes. - A game was played on Tuesday afternoon bet reen nines of the cast and west sides of 3j[aiu street. The west slders )roved to be too muclt for their tis-a-tit, by a score of .59 to 89. - The Aun Arbor Club wlll attend the touriuiüicut at Feutonvüle, next week, and enter tte list against all comerá - The Empire's of Detroit, have agaln challenged our boys.


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