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Serón;! Hand and Hew Organs AutlMelodeons forsale very cheap at l'rof. Mill'i mnsic room, No. 43 Main Street. (Over Ilnll - Rouinsons.) tSlfitf ALVIN WILSKY. Boiuify (o Soldirrs. Ttose whoenllutcdiii 18S1 on the firat cali of President Lincoln, and who were honorably dischavged before the expiration of the term of their culiatment. are entitled to $100 each. as beautyAnd soldiers enlisting nuder act of .luiy 4th, 18G4 are to be allowod the unpnUl imUftlments of bounty if ther were discliarged by explratiun of service. The above classes shouid make applieaiion to the andorslgned. March24th,18T0, l-i'-tl .lOITN' N. GOTT, Bounty and Claim Agent. H - - n Besa Müdicat. Coi.i.r.uK- Chalr of Principies of Practico of Medicine and CHnical Medicine. Chicago Xov. C4th, '69. Xtr. P Stíiiivks- rear Sir- I liave not nsed tho "SwcetQuinine" sufflciently to bc able tosaymore than that in my practice proved actively antiperiodic. and patients fiud llttle bnlt with it taste. Kespectfully ïours, J: ADAMS ALLEN. No HmcBDa.- We do not wieh to nform yon, reader, that Br. Wonderful, or any other man, bU discovcreda reraedy that cnreg all diseases ol mind, body or estáte, and 9 dcslgned to mnke out eublunary .-pliere a blissftil Par.idise, to which Ilcaven itself ehall be but a sido show, but we de wish to inform yon that Dr. Sage's Catarrh üemedy has cured thoasands of cases of catarrii in its worst formsand stages, and the proprjetor will pay $500 for a case of this loathsome disease that he cannet cure. It may be procurad by muil for sixty cent, byoddrasdng Ii. V. Piirce. 5!. D., 1S:{ Soñera strect, Buffalo', N. Y. A pnmphlct free. Boldby druggista. Look out for men reprcsenling themelvc as Dr. Sage; Dr. Pierce whose private Government Revcnne SÍamp is on every package "f the domine, is the only man living who can maiiu facture the Original Dr. Sayo' Catarrh Eemedy.


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