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Old Time And I

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CljePidjtpttlvrgits - Oíd Time and I, thc otlier tsfght. IInil a carouse together ; Th wine was golden, warm and bright - Aye ! just like sumiller weather, Quoth I, " Here's Christmas come agaln, And I 110 ferthlng riclu-r." Time answered, " Ah, the old, old straln ! - I prithoe pass the pitcher." " Vhy mensure all your good in gold ? No rope of sand Is woaker ; TIn hard to g=t, 'tls Iiard lo hold - Come, lad, flll up your beaker." " Hast thou not touud trtie friends more tnie,. Andiovlng ones more loviug!" Icould but sayr " A luw, few, 80 keep the liquor raoving.'r " [Tast thou not secn the prosp'rous knavc Come down a prccloua thumpert " Hls cheats disclosed ?" " I have, I have !" " Well, surely, tliat's a bumper !" " Ny, hold awhile,. I've sen thc just, Kind all Cheir liopes grow dimmer." " They will hope on, and s-trive and trust, And conquer !" " That's a brimmer." " Tis not becausc to day Is dark, No brlgbter dáya bofore 'em ; There's rost lor every storm-tossed bark ;" " Öo be it. Pass the jorum." " Yet I must üwn I shoukl uot mhul To be a little richer.'r " Labor and walt, and you may find " " Halloo ! au empty pitcher."


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