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-It is niiJ that Russian remedy for nnderpest, coneist in taking the skin of au anima! that ba died wilh the disease. wrspping hundred and twenty pounds of sait i it and plauing it for a whole niglit be foxe a large fire. The salt thus med cated is givon to healthy cattle, whio are itioculated ar.d have the disease in mild form, recovoring in a day or tw and becomiag proof igainst the iufuc tSÜU. In Pruss.a tbero are 198 academies witb 3,242 professors and 5G,171 pupüg of whom 8,175 are Protestants, 14,, 321 Catholics, 8,665 Israelites, and li belonging to different othor sects. '1 h number of preparatory eollegea is twentv ninc, of vhieh tliirteeu are in the l'.Lca ish provinces. The averago number of persons living in a single house in Londou is 8, in Berlin 32, in Paria 35, in St. Petersburg 52, aud in Vienna 55. For every 1,000 inhabitants the average aiinu-il mortulity in London is 24, in Berlin 25, in Paria 28. in St. Petorsburg 41, aud ia Vienua 47.' Senator Yates, while in New Yo.rk latcly, and mildly ealubrious, saw the sign of '' Friend Pitts " on Broadway. He nudged his frieiid, pointed to it and agked, " Who in the devil wants any Fried Pilis ? ' " We all oive Bonietbing to our country," said the Britcn who went abroad without havir.g paid his incoiue tax. Mazzini expresses, in a rocnt letter, the confident belief that King Victor Emanuel will losu Lis throne at au early day, When woraen onme to sit in the jury box, possibly infanta may get to be criers in courta.


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