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Mortgage Bale. DEFATJI.T havinc beeu mnde in the coijditions of acertain mortgaije marte and executed by Julia A. Ocktord,of theClty or Ann Arlmr. State eif Michigan, Id Charlea b'an i le, hearing date the elghtb day nf May, one thonsmul cip;h( hnndred and sixty-clght, and recorded on the niiitïi dny of May, a. l I f the office of the Keglatei of Deedaof the Coantyoi Waehtencw.Stateof Michigan, iu líber B9 of mort frage os imee 112, Iw hicli power thereln emitatned has bocome opernfive, and the arnuiintclaimed to bedueon sakl mortgage at he I this npttsetbelna tbesum of oue hnndred :niil j-ixty dollarn'and an Attoni'v te ol tliiily dolrara expreesly agieed to iw paid in case anyproceedlnj; ')!■ tallen lo forcelose sai.l mortgage, and n" enlt or proceediug at lav or In eqnlty harina been lDstitutciitii recover the mini non remalslng dl nnpaUl on aald mortgage nrany part tbereof ; No tlcelstherefore, berabirfren, that on Mondav.ihe twenty-fonrth day of October, A.I). 1STO, at teu o'clock in the torenoon of that day, a! the front door OftheCoarl Ilemxe, in Ihe cily of Ann Arlmr. in aald Coaaty of Waahtenaw, state of Michigan, (the saldOoort Iln;'. belng the plue of holding the Circuit Conrt foraaid Conatyj, b.r virtim of the pover of tale in aald mortgage contalned and In pareoance of the Mrittite in guch case made and provided wlll besold at pnbUc anctlon or vondiic. to the hirhest bidder, the premleea dencrlbed In unid mortgage, oreo mach theraof ns muy bi sary to autisfy thï atnonnt due and tnpald on aafd mortüase, aiihcrtatn of thit notlce, with Uit.-rest aud cost and RXpeDfes allowed by law and provldcd for in said mortf-aje. The said preniises avedescribed in imul mortyHue as follows: All of lot numlwr nix according to the recordad plat of Hlscock'a improved addttlon ti tlio city of -inn Arbor. State ot-Michiiran.and also lot Heven on the same addition to baid ettr Dated..Iu1y26th. 1STO. lüT-2 CHARLES FANTLE, Mortgagee. Rea] Estáte for Sale. STATE OF MICUIOAN County of Wa!i1rnaw, 83. lu the matter of the et-Lae uf Qenrj Canfleld, deceaeed. Notlce ia hcreby ivcn. that in pursu.'ince of an order granted to the nnderalgnedi Administrator of the Estáte of gaid d-ceised. by the Ilon. Jsdseol Probate for the County of Washteimw on thethlrty-firetdayof May, A.D isti, tiieie willbe eold at public vendue. to tiie blgheat bidder, at the dwelllng honaeon the premfaeahereinaftei'decribcd, in the County ofV'aihk'iiiiw, in ,;iil stme, on Tueday, the twen ty-eeventhdny of September, A. !). 1870, M ten o'dock in the Forenoon ofthat day, (object to all euciimbrances by nnortgage r otherwlee exlstlng at the time of the dcath ofaald deceaied), the foi" lOWlng described real e.Mate, to-wlt: Auoutnine tcret ot' land in the village of Chelaea In aid 0 oonty and state, bonnded asfollows.yUi Om moncini; thU'teen rods and twenty-three tuches aet of the southwest corner of certain randa deeded hy Elisha Cougdon to onc John M. Lette, September 2i8t. A. i. i --.i, and racorded In the Reglateri office, for the County of Waslitfiiaw, in 1 i lc r :i'.i oí Deeds, pape ltï, im rnnning thence north twenty-three rods. flve fect and three taches, Ihenceeartforty rode to the iine between said John H. Lette and Uaac Taylor, thence sonlh twenty tlireo rods ile feet and three inchee. thence vreM to the place of beglnnlng, belng on the west part of tin nortiieast qoarter of the northcast quarter of section twelve, in township two sonth of ranne three etrat, lu said State; nlso commenclng al the northwest corner of eestaio lands dttded August 2ïd, A. ü. 1S03, by EliahaCont'don and wlte to James Smitu. at the polnt where it joins the Southwest corner of lauds first übove clcweribed. runuimi tltcticc sonth two cliaina and forty links, tbence oorth elghty-seven deitree cast nine chnins and elifhty-slï links, thence north one chain and fifty-nine links, to the eoutheast corn(T of the rirnt above descrlbed parcel of land, thence west nine cnafns ftnd elgbtr-ebi links to the place of beginnlng. Excepting and reserrlng from th ti st above dfBcrlbed parecí, a strip off the nofttt atde on and a half roda wlde tor a ruad, subject to the control of said estáte, Titns and the adjolning owner, Johnüou II. Lelt-, or thcir eucCeBH.orft. Uated, August lOth, A. T). 1870. Clf ARLES H. KEMPF. 1282 AdmlnlBtrator. Execufor's Sale. ESTÁTE of James A. Devany. deceased. Noticc is hereby glven that by virtue of authority granted to ote by tke Probate Conrt forthe Count ofWayne. in the State of Michigan, 1 will tiell at public vendne, in the City of Ann Arbor, in paid Stat at the front door of the building in whieh i.s held the Circuit Conrt :or thei'oünty of WMhtenW, on Friiiav. t iic ninth day of September, A.I). 18T0, at the boor Of twelve o'clock, noon, all the riirlit, tltie and Interest of said deceased, in and to that certnin piece or parcel ol land in said City of Ann .Arbor. descrlbed as lot nunrbered fifteen (lfi). in Wock nnmbered two () soiith of ranp;e twelve f 12), eiist&rn aJditioii to the villaje, fnow city) of Aun .Arbor. July 22d, 1670. P. THOMAS DEVAXT, Kxecutor laat will and testament C. J. O'Flynn, ol eaïd deceased. Att'y. for Execntor. 1279 Now o:pÊNi]sr(j WM. WACIMER'S, Aa Elogntaad Large Stock ol SPRING Al SUMIR aooDs, 1NCLUDIXG UL0TH8, CA.SSIMEKES, VESTINGS, &C. LATEST STYLES AND BEST QÜALITIES WHICB HEOFER3 LOWER tlianEVEE Alto xn Store a large stock of READY-MADE CLOTHING AN Gents' FUENISHING Goods, QAKHENTÉ5IADET0 ORREBIN' THE H33E3S13? STYIjL!i als o LADIEi 'and GENTS' MOROCCO SATCHELS No.2I.8outh Ml Street- Eaat slde. OALL AND SEE THEM. WÏLI.1AJ1 WAGNER Ann Arbor, May, 1870. OEM0VÁL. J. KECK $c CO. Jiav& retnoTed their STOCK OF FURN1TURË And Ucdertaker's Goods, To Mack & SchmitVs lilock, No. 52 Sonth Main, and No. 4 West Liberty Streets. THE LARGEST STORE IS THE CITY, AND BUI1 T EXPRESSLY FOR THrFÜRNHURE TRADE. T11EY HAVE NOWIf STORE THE LARGEST aod FIN EST STOCK QV FURNUURE E. VER OFFERtD IN THIS COUNIY.OF IHS1R0WN MAN'UFAC. TURK, SUPERIOR BOTH IN QÜALITYANPSTYI.E.WHICII THEY KOW OFFER TO THE PUBLICCHEAPKR THAN CAN BEBOUOHT ANY WHKKE ELKKIN TUF STATE. THEIR STOCK IN'CLUDES EVERY ARTIC1.E NEEUED TO FURNISH THEJ BESriIO'JSE FltOM TOP TOBOTTOSf. Thelrold patrón nel the public generally are invitcd togivetLemacall. T. KECK ft CO. Aan Arbor, Inury,lS70. 1251 jyjARTÏN'S Ia the place to get anything you want in the FURNTTURE LINE ! HE WtL!. NOT BE UNDIÏRSOLD. llIYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIOIVS ACOURATELY ANO CARBFUI1I.Y PREPAPED r. w. SLEIB & co., luuraaisTS. Mortgnge Salo. DBPAUIT haviiig bees made in the pavmeni of C the i-iim of tbroe bundred and sevanty dolln s whlch lsclalmod tobe doe on (ha twenty-thlrd day' o of Jone, A. ) 1810, olo slxteen hundred and fiftv C donara tobecome flne Jnne twenty-thlrd. iíti on a oi mortgage hearing date the twemy thlrd day of' Jone dl A. I). 1809, executed by Peter D. Vanee, of Aon Ar. bor, Washtenaw County, Michigan, b party oftno Bral part, te John ,. Ann , Ai-luir Michigan, party ol ; ■ Washtenaw Connty, In hber n of mortgages. nasa iday of September, n 1889 n at ïi. 'i ovluck A..M. ol snid dar, whicii sáid morttogetber with the noto accompanvlnc the fl une, wi toj. W KnlRht , o f tho Cityol IV Ann Arbor afbi ,,„ thc . fourthday of Jnne, A. I). 1870, and recorded In a the (.moe of. said Register of Deeda on the twen a ty-tiiHt day ef Jnne, A. n. Isïn, „ uber two (■■) of tl menta i Mortgages. at page f,57: Now i tbi refore tice lshereby glveu, th t to amoant so clalmed to be dae aa afores ost i.iul the sum ol 1 ■ provlded for In eald mortgc Deyfee, afld d npurananceol the power of sale coctnlned h nortgage.afcdottbastatnti aand j irorlded,thpi ..,, redbysald i to wlti Allthosi if landsitaalein the Coantyor Washtenaw and of Michigan, linnndcd and detoribed is folio w: lommenclDgattlieqnarterBtakéontbeoaM aideof . sectton elghte' n, townahlp two eoutn and rai emt.and running tbeni al along thcqnarter sectionhneflre chaina and thlrty tbree link.-, the'nre ' north ten and one 1 nlf degre es east along the bank ' of aditr.h bar chaina and aeran llnVito the ce the Michigan Central ■ViUroad, tncnc alone sa d railroad north forty ght and one hall depreca wei onechalnind flfty-Bev ,. links, thence 1 orth twe iv. Ibnrdegrees east elongth east alde ol aditch oñr chaina and lifty links to the Duron rtver tlv n e ald rlverto 1 polnt where 1 thc wet Mde ofsectlon serenteen Interaecta the Hhurrol ald rirer, thence aoutb along the 1 t on line to the place of beginning, contalnlag Utren and one Qanrter acres of land a Nu tin e&si balt of tbenortheaitqoarte'of aection elgbtoen, n townshln two apata of range slz eaal in the Connty and State aforeaald, contalning elshty aerea according to the United State survey. wlll be solil a' public anctinii. Cnfl aalt al law or in chancery havln 'natltuted to recover the abore amonnl ■■, to tb est bidder, at tlu.; Boutb door or Ou Court House, In the Cltjf of Ann Arbor, 11 saM Oonnty ofWaihten:nv, on Satorday, khejelghth day of October, A. D, 1S70 at eleven o'cloi k of asid day Dated, July llth, 1870. _ J. W. KNÏGHT, D. CiUMr.n, Asstenee of said Mnrtgagc; Att'y. for said Assignee. 1278 Mortcage Sute. DF.FALI.T haring been made in the condltion of a certnin mortgage made bï Jennie M. James lo Ahram Bager, dated March 80tn, 186, and re April Oto, 1869, in tlieofllce of the Register of Deeds for Wahtenaw County, Michigan, in llbei 40 of mortgages, on page 698, apon wStch mortnge there is QiM claimt-d to be dne at the date of this notlce [!.'■ of one thoaaand and twenty-seren dollars undacv-i bealdes twontyAve dollars Attorney'a feos prorlded for In aald mortgage. and no salí orproeeedlng haring been Inatltoted at law to recover the snm now dne and secnred by said mort(tago, or any part'thereof; Now, therefre, by vhtne of the power of sale eontalsed in s.iid mortgaee, and by virtneof the etatnte in midi ndpro. rlded, notlce U hereby giren, that on Saturdny. the flrstdayof October uait, at IS o'clock noon, oí íbat day, at the soutb door of the Court Hossein the City of Ann Arbor. OottstV of VCaehtenaw, ind State of Michigan, lahall Bell at pnbHc aut(on, to the hlghest bidder, the premises descrlbed In aald inortKase, or so mnch th reof a muy be neceppary ii aanafy Uu amonnt dne on aald mortgage, wlth intereat :mrl costa, lnclndlng the Attornei 's ree afore■aldi whlch prrmlsea are decrlbed as roljows : All that eertain tract orpanel ol land sltuated In the townsblp or Ann Arbor, Michigan, andonsectlon BO, known.bonnded and desertbed aafollows viz: commencing two chalas and elghty-two links west 01 the nortbeasl corner of the west half of the northaast qoartor of section thlrty, In township two eouth of range lx eaat. and rnnning thence Boutb wlth the enst line of -aid west half of northpast qnarter of said sectlon twenty-one chaina and ninety links to the center of the l'eiter ron'. 74deg, west along the. center of aid romi chaina and flvo links to aontbeast corner of a ï W. n. King to A, DePorrst, thence north 10 der. eaft at rlghl angles wlthnid road ana along aald DeToreot'e cat line 1 i-jht chalns and flfty links to the nortbeast corner ol . thence oortb T) deg. west parallel with the rond fonr cliüiti aad serenty link. to the northwest corner of said DeForest's land tin nee north parallel with the flrst mentioned line ten chalns and thirtyeiülit links to the north line of the section, thence east along mihI Irnp lghtCbaiDI and ninety-livelinka to the placa of beelnnfcg, containing fifteen aeree and forty-seven hundrerlths, be the eimie moro or les, reserrtnE and zceptlng the rlght granted to A. DeForest ot' drswlng water y pipe from the print! n? exprcB.ied jind Ümlted In deed from U'. 11. Kinfr and wifo to said DeVorvst, Also another plece of land in the same township of Anu Arbor, descrlbed aa follows: Beginning at the northcast corner of toe wesi hall of the northeast Qnartor of fcction nnmber thlrty, mnDing thence west 00 tke north llneofeald twocbalns and eigbty twe links to Mie Fand hereln hefore descrlbed, thence south along the eaut line of eaid lam! seven rhnins and ten links, thence cast. parallel wlib said north line of the speUon two chaina and elghty-two links to the cast line of the lot, thence north on said east line of the lot seven chaina and ten link to the place of bejjinnlug.contniniaj: two ficri-8 more Or ItiSI. Datcd, July 5th, 1870. ABKAM SAOER, Mortsnppe. Pblcu & Geant, Att'ya. for Mortgayee. 177 Mortgage Sale. DEFAULTliavingheen made fn the coodillnn of a o rtahi mortgage made and exe nted bj Mbei Ivory and nn Ivorv. of the township Of Dexter, Waahtenaw Connty, Michigan, to James Clark, of the town. County and State aforesaid, bearinffdate tho elerenth day of December. A. l). 1368, and recorded 11 the oilice of the Kegister of Decds for Washteoaw Connty, Michigan, on thetwent day of December, A. D. 18M at E o'clock V. M.. in hber No 35 f mortgages, 8, by whlch the power of sale contalned ihereln became operatlve ; the aonouöt clainied to be dne on s:iiil mortgage and accompaBytng note, at the dato of this aoiioe is the Mim O one luliulreii and twenty sevt 11 (h)llars and thirteen cents, and the further gum of twenty live dollars provided in sftid mortgage as an Attorney fee in case any proceedlnga Bboald be taken u F the same, and no suit or haring been Instl ntedal law or iaeqnity l. rsoorer thu debt aeenred by said mortgage or any part thereof ; Notice is herebv giren, tha,t on Pri lay, the serenth day of October, A D. 1870, at 18 o'clock A.M. of that day, at tic front door of the Conrt H use. In thc City of nn Arhor, in fnid Connty of Wsshtensw, there wlll be aold at public auction, to the . bidder, the premiss deacrlbed in said mort.; 1 that eertain pieos orparcel of laud sitnated i:i the township ot Dexter, Connty ol Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, known, bounded and descrlbed as follows, to wit : being a part ofsection No. '3; thirteen, In tou nslii one loath of range fonr east, b ginniAg at a stnke in the north bound of the hii'hw;iy. :mi ronning north 40 d'L'. tii-t twachalns. thence soath B9 deg. 20 min. east seventy live links thence soath 40 deg west two cbahjs, thonce north B9 des 20 m. west alODfl the hihway seventy live linkK to the place of beginning. Dated. Ann Arbor, July fith,18T0. 1277 JAMKS CLABE, Mortïngee. Lawkenor & Fra'kü, Attys. tor Mortagec. Murtgagt) 8ilo. DEFAULT havii:i; heen made in the condltion of a certaíu mongage, woereby tli power ■ t sal therein contaiiK-d ha beci me operattve, executed by John U. Roller and Maria Hagdalene Kolli r, his wife, to Anijic Klce, dated the niui-tuintb day ol September, A D. 1805. and recorded In the office of the Register of Deeda for the t'oautyof Waahtenaw, and State ol Michigan, 011 the tst day of September, A. U. ls65,at 11 o'cl' ck a. i..ln Liber 34 of Mort gages o 11 page 210, which .■■aid Mortgage was, on the Mui day of December Á.D. 18ti5, duiy aaugued to Benjamin F. ('onrt'-r ;uid Wiliium H. Webster, which asslcnmeiit vyus duly recorded in the office ol the Beglstor of Deeds aforesald on theltthdayof May, A 11. 168, at 1 o'clock M , In Liber 1 of Asalgnmentfl of Uortgageaon page ;o, apon which Kortgage there Isclafmed to be due by virtne of the condltiona thereof, and reraalnlnH nnpaid at tbe date of thia noticc the -u:n ot three huudred and thirty dollars and forty-flvc cents andan attorney [ee ol forty dollars, provided lor in aald Mortgage in case of loreclosare. making a total sum ol three hnndred jftid seventy dollars and torty üve cents, and no snit orprooeeding at law having leen IneUtuted torecover said Fum or any part thereof Noti e ;- fore herelñ iv n that on Saiurday, the twentyninth dny of October, A. D. 1S70. at four o'clock Ln the aftiinoon we slmll at public auction to hi.u'Uest bidder, at the frou door of the Court 1! ■ tl ( i tv ol' Anu Arbor in tb" Connty of Waantenaw, and State of Michigan, toeatlsfy th aam due by virtne of said conditton, lncludinp; eaid attornej fes, with seven per cent interest and legal costa, sell the premises deacribed in said Mortgage or such part toeteof aa may be necesary lor tnat parpóse. that is to sa) : 'l'lie Ibllowing described parcel of land aitnate In the Vlllage of Saline. Connty of Wasbtcuaw, and Slate of .Michigan, viz : Part of lot u amber wo Ie eecüon fonr ín s id 1 ded by a line commendBg at a po nt '' 'ty-leei west crly from thc north-i-asi curnei 1 said lot. thence wesl parallel with Chicago Street wen elfiht fei t, thence south sixty six feet, thei... wï t, at rlght angles ive teet to the west line 1 1 aa lot, and soutberly on the line of salí kt e íht rods to the rear of said lot, thenca f:ist. c o tieline of said lot thirty-tbrce feet, and thenoe noruer y on tl.c división line between Christopher Bona rt hu and Iianiel Weienet'8 lot totlie place 01 beginnlng, reserring the ríght to use the lane for iiir; ■ errees to the rc.'ir ot said lot and tb1 nrlit of the use of a lase re r:ed by Adam Huist in his deed to WaJbrldge of June serenteenth A 1. 1858 also the followlng descrlbed land in the vtllage of Saline afore aidi BeKiunlogsta polntonthoeoatb-westei ly line of the 1 I at a dlstance of one h'.:nd'red nd eieht reet weslerly from the louth-westetlyoornsr of tb Chicago Road and Adrián Street or Ann Arbor roarl, and runnicg thence south(;rly parallel wlth eaid Adrián streel eighty-eigbt feet to the north line oran alleytwelre leet wlde, eaterly alone the lino ofsald niley f.vcnty.four feet tbenes nonher yparallel wlth sid Adnau otreet elghty eïght teet to the aouth line of saW Chicago road tl, ■!■■!■ eaHerly along the southerly line of aaid Chicago, road twenty fonr bet to thi ofbeginolug.all according to the recorded plat of said villaje of Saline Dated Jackson, August 2d. 1S70. BENIAMIN F. ('UUR TER) Wij. H. WJiBSTKR, SA8signee. Coxilt Sijjrp Attorucys for Asslgnees, Estáte of Lydia L. Jones. DTATEOF MICHIGAN, County or Waahtenaw. f. o Noticc is horeby glven tbal byan order oí the Probate Conrt for the Conoty of Waf htenuw, made on the twepty-aevenUi day of July, A. .1). 181 months from that date were allowed fo creditors to present thelr elaims agalnst tbe estáte of Lydta L. Jone, late of ald Counlr, deccarod, and taal a 1 cn-dltorr of said deccased are roqalred to present claimt u saW Probate Ooart, at the Prob te Office in thr city f Aun Arbor, for examinatlon and allowancet on or before the twenty-aerentb day of Janoary next, and tbai sach oíalos wlll be heard beforeaald Probate Conrt, on Satorday, thetwentyday of October, and on PrMay, the twontyse! ui'n day of .iMiuiary mixt. at ten o'clock In toe forenoon ofeach of khose daya. Dated. Ann Arbur, Jnly '27th, A. P.. 18T0 HIKAM J BÏÏAJ lm" ■ of PTdbste. Fin63t Assortmont of Toilet Goods in the City, by Estáte Caroline Kettner. TATE OP MICIIIGAN.Connty of Washton. ourt for thee,]''?' rWaahtenaw, bolden at the Probate Offlw ffi Uy ol Ann Arbor, on Frlusy, the flfih ' Anglist, iu the year one thousaud eiK? .." i "uil and sevenly. ='S"i iit,, .1 lü.iio J. Beakaa, Jndxe of Probat Intho matter of the estáte of Caroline k" Iflllngthe petitlon duly verln-j ' r, praying tlmt Bottleib K il , " her BDttable person muy be appoiuteíí i'I? nuistnnor of the estille of Balii decearad Ai Theraupon tt i Ordered, that Mond,, tk nli day of September, next, tten o'cloeki'i, ? aid ior the hearlDc of , v! .ei.nmi. and that the heirs at law of saifttecsaïï nd all ether pertons Interested in s,.'d , rerequlred to appear al a aession or6i„p'te leí tobe holden atthe Probate Office, h, th.oi, "". pn Arbor, and show cause, ifany the Tb?ii?' heprayjrol the petitioner ehoold not be mmSf Lndïtlefurtherordered,that salduotitionerpiír1' lepersoMlntereitedlnsaldestateoi tw01'■ i a1d peUtlon, and the bearlnp tbeW?: ausinga copy ofthls Order to be publlaoed t? I r, anewspaperprlnted and clrcuUh! i week prcvknT8 aid ilay oi hearing. ''"'oun CA truc copy } IIIRAM J. BEAKE8 Ia" Jadee o i I'rob'al. Ecttote ol Hobert jknke STATEOÍMÍCHIGAN.OoBBtyofWaahtena J At a session of the Probate Conrt for the Con .,' ( washtenaw, bolden ai the Probate Office ín ?? 3lty of Ann Arbor. ou Jlonday, the llrst ri. t Muust. in ihe year oue thousand elüht huIÍA' indseveBty, "ret Present Mirara J. Beakes, Judge of Probate In the matter of the estáte of Roben B„. ieceased. """, cucy Ann Rooke. Exicntrix of the laet win . , testamento! said deceased, comea loto Conri S represent thai be is now pn pared to renu ïü final account aa raoh Xxecutrlx. " TberenpoTi ii Ie ordered, tbal Monday thetvm niuth day of An;im. intaut. ut teu o'clock il,? forenoon, be ássignedrorexamlnlng and iCÍÍ1 uunt, umi that the legatie. deriseMS ut law of said dreeaxed, and 11 otlicr 2 sous Interested in said estáte are reqnired to imïï 8lon of eald Court then tobe ho'e).,, ,,.f, Probal OfflCC in the City. ol Aun Arbor SS County, and show cause, If any thcre be ' .■ saldacconntshonldnotbeallowed: An,i t ■;,!' ther ordered, Hiat said Execntrlx gire notie totï persons interested in said estáte, ol uVncw! ol tald account, and t lic hearing ther. o! causlng a copy of thij order to be publlshed iD tu " "■ ' ' ■'■ m-wspaper pnnied and dm! la Ing in said County, tfrree successivc wt prsTtoos to said day of hearin". " (A true copy.) IIIRAM J. HEAKES 12(il Jndyc oi Probütt, Estáte of Jacob Slierman OTATE Oí' MICHIGAN, Connty of Wafhiennir ., 0 At a session of ilie probate Court tor the Con'iii 01 Washtenaw. bolden at the Probate office ia 01 ty of AnD Arbor, on Wedneaday, the twp'niT inili day of.hily.iu the year oue thousandei.'hthiL il.-.-ii and Beventy. Present. Iliraui J. Beake. Jodge of Probate In the matter of the estáte of Jacob Sherm,, deceapcd.;iiii Chevrer, Administratie de bonuwmti] said estaie, come Into Court and represento ttü hfl la now prcparudtunuderhUfiual acconutuiS Adminlsi " ' Thereupon it is Ordered, that Monday, the twnH aecoud day of Angnst next al ten o"d' ck in the fo-i noon, I 'iforexamiiihii.'nndalltiwlDilirt ! that rt hclrs at law of unid decía? and all otber persona iotereated i" said rsute n reqntrrd to appear at a eselon of said ourt, thiiu be holden at the Probate Oiflce, in the City oIa Arbor, in aatdCotmty. and show canse, If anr tken be.why the naid account phould not he aflowej. And it i hirtliiT ordered (hal said Admiulitnui Dotice to tfie persons interested In miirl (ut of liic peqdency of said acconnt, and the hearior thereof. liy tsnslne a copy of tliis order to be pjj llshed In the Michigan Arfiut a uew.ipapcr priow and circulaties in sak) County, three succenin weeks prerioius tro saiddny of hearing. r.. i Mie copy.) ' H1RAM J.BEAKF.S 12SU Judge of Probt'it. Estiite of FranMiu Swift. OTATE OF MICIirCÍAN, County of Washtemw ., 0 At a sewion of the Probate Court for the Cotïn ofWahtenaw, holden al the Probate office iü ui cilv of Ann Arbor. on Wednesday, tbi'tweiitj-MvetS day of Juiy, Ui the year one thouaaud eiabt hntdni an3sévent Present, llirnm ,1. Beakes, .Ttidge of Probatr In the matter of the estáte of Franklm Swift h lii-lna Showerman, Excculor of the lastwillot testument of fiiid deccused, comes into Coort itf representa that he Is now prtpared to rencerU ünal account aa such Ezecator. Thereupon it is Ordepul, that Mondny, the twettf aecoud day of August next, t ten o'ctock a on be assigned for examining andt lowing such acconm, and tbat the leateei fc visees and heirs at law of said deccaeed, u.' all other persons Interested in said eeute, atenquired to appear at a-aession of paid Cort,thtju be holden at the Probate Office, in the City oita Arbor in said Connty, and show cause ifaiiy'therd. why the said account should not bc allowed: And il fiirther ordered, that said Ezecntor t'ive doüo totheperson.. inlerestcdin said estáte, of the p dency of said account, and the hearing thereof b causing a copy of this order to be published in tli oewspaper printed andclrnilaö In said Connty, thrce successive weeks previoult if heuring. CA truecopy.J IIIRAM .1. BEAKK. Judce of Probatt. K stiito of Kobert McCormiek. STATB OF MICHIGAN. Connty of Atasession of the 1'roUnlo Conrt for the ontij of Waahlevaw, holden at "lie irobate Offlci1. i"h City of Anu Arbor. on Tïteeday, the tweBtj-flfai day "f July, iu thu year oue thouaaud cíghi ülíjuiu ■ Etniy. Present, Hiram J. üenkes.Judgc of Probate. In the matter of the estáte ol Kobert MiCurmiA deceased. Ellen .tlcCormick, Ezccntrix ofthe last vrill ü. ment of safd i eased, comes into Coartmí lenta that she is now prepared 10 rendfrlc Anal account ns such Bxvcntrix, aDd prajinc 'til stle ujay y rniitted to re ivrn said tiutl.'aud Ibtl some uiher person may be appointed ia istrator with the will anntxed of kiüiI deceaed Therenpon It is ordered, thatUonday iliewmjninth day of August iit-xi, at ten o'clock in w igned for examiñing and aliowai account, aml that the iegatees, deviteea ui helrs at law of eatd deceased, and all other penou Lnterested in said estáte, are required to appear m sesslön of aaid Conrt, theu to be holden at Ui Probate Ottlce, in the City of Ann Arbor, i aald County. and show cause, if any these K why the saiil account ulionld not be állowed u the prayer of the pelitioner granted: An Is further ordered that said. Kxecntrix rivc iot to the persons interested in eatate, of the p liciii-y of said accouni, and the hearing tht-reof. if iy of thie order to be publishediitl) Mi' hifian A. jut a newspaper printed and L'ircilatiit i County, ibree successive weeks previúDi said day of harintf. fA trne cbpy.J HIPvAM .T. BEAKES, 123ütd Judce of ProbaH Estáte of Volney Chapín. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtem, C) At a session of the Probate Court forti: of Washtenaw, holden ut the PriuaicOffice,im City of Aun Arbor, on Wctlnesday. the sixth è? I 01 July, in thi! yeai one thousaud eiat htt . ad seventy. l'ri ■■■'■ n t. Hiram J. rV'ikef-,.Iudc;e of Probate. Iu the matter of the Estáte oí volney Lliapio.So On readlneand lilVng the petitinn, dnly veriitW Charles A. Chapín, Samuel s Walker, and Votal Cha])iu, ,Ir.. Admtnistrators, prayine that thejiu be Ifcenacd to ni'rtgage certáin 'leal estáte wbck said deceased died seucd. Therenpon It is ordered that Mouday. the twenjsecond day of August, next, at ten o'clock i-1 forenoon. be assined for the hearing of &aid P tion, :inl that the heirs at law of said deeeu and ml other persons Interested in said e"' are reqnired to appear at a session of said Coofl, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in theCitjn Ann Ai'bor. and Bhow cause, Ifany there be.wBJu' prayer of Ihe petltioner should not be praatao" ; . furtlur mrdtrti, tbat said petitioner P'i i ui tin' persona hiterestedin saideptflie, ciih pendencj o said petitlon, and the hearing ihetwlj! 8 copy of this order to be published In ' Michigan .t#wy, a newapaper printed and circnWJ is said County, lom successive weeks prt'vioiity davofhearing, UIRAM J.BBAK A truecopy. Judeof Pro TiT'.itd I Estáte of Mattbew Kearney. QTATK w MICHIGAN, CorNTV or Wasiiti'. I Cl At ai-ssiou of the Probate Court fortheOowl of Washtcuaw. holden at the ProbateOfflceiDtb of Auu Arhor, onThiirsday. the twent.v-HRhtb w!; Julv, iu the year ono thousaud eiglit lm0 ' and seviMiiy. Present, Hiram 3. Beakes. Jiwlye of Prolnte. in the mattor of the lístate of llatthcw Kewltf j dêcoaaed. . . ■ . On readingnndfrlim; thepetition, duly verii„ :: I Kiarni'v. jirajing that a certain insMJJK now on lile in ibis Court, nnrportine toblJÏ will and testament of said deceased, may beaig ted to probate, and that he may be appointeo Executor thereof. fherenpon itis Ordered, that Monday, the t" suond day ol' August, next, at ten o'clock intHsJ noon. nr the hearing of said petiÜWWC that the lemiiees, ilevisces and heirs nt law o'3j ceased. iindall otlu-r prrsous interested in e'LE inired to appear at a session of aid Coiirt. i to be holden (t the Probate Office, in the City0 'r,. Arbor, and show cause, il iiny tbere be, whï {Jll er ofthe petitloner ahonld not be granted AjJ'j further ordered that said petitloner elite notlw w j persons Interested in Bnid estáte, of the I"":,, uid petitlon, and the hearing thereof, by c " oopyofthis Order to be pubUshedin tl; ;.,; ■ ir printed and circulatinf '". County, tbtee successive weeks previous tcM Chimcerv Nutico. OTATE OF MICHIOÁX. The Fourth J" kCircnit. Inrhancery. -m Shitpeqdingln the circuit Court for the% of Washtenaw In Chancery, whercin lLp Jewell is complalnant and Harnsnn Jewellü "j dant at Ann Arbor, ouuty aud State aforeiu ï'ihiinyof July, A I ISTO. LriilW C)n readlng and aiing due proof by J"8.! the ahoye Bmed dcíendant, Harrisou ■'■■''■ ;v, out of tWs State and resides in the Stf ' York UnmotlonofJohn N. Gott, .cI,jyt is ordered that ihe eaid ■ ■ lhirri on .iiwell. cause his appearamr to Dt in eald catue wlthln two months from l"' "„„) this ordtr and In case ofhis appearance ns t' . : t„ the complalnanta biil of c ompisi; ' j. til. cl and a copj thereof to be served on anfa 3 ilicltor wlthin twenty daya aftor tne of a copv ofsaid Uil and ooticeat hi ori in defadft thereoj tht said bill be taken as cw ed by the said defendant,,rntf "! And ü i further ordered that withii , t " J the sal i :u IntheJfid '" ■" 0,tV City of Ann Arbor ""S'-ïïsi ' saia puhliration be contnmtd m saiu Plr ol aach week for six sncceasive !'. i;,i Dated Ann Arbor, -, TLC ,, One ol the Ciivnit Court Commiiun enawOonntj.Mkli. rr..,_Mi for " Joh N . u-jtt, aoildtor aud ofCounsei plainiir.t. - pGPPIKÖ AnI) CASES! AFULLSTOCKATMABTI AL1 -irn.Y JEMSrï


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