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Stories About Chicago Real Estate

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Tho Chicago Eceniny Mail bas the iollowing : Tlisre is a voll knowD eitizen of Elgin, 111., novv living, sud likely to live for a score o( years to oome, wLo actuully did once own tho whole of tho block od which tlio Tremout House dow 8tud?, aud wli may be saiJ to have let it pnisa out f li is hands for a pair of boot. - Tho sito wbereon a thrivüig aiid populons city now stands iheo a mero Bwamp, and ihere iu thoso daja to be littlo prospect of its ever being aDythiug else ; so our friend, thinking he hud iiterally put liis uioney uuder ilic groiiod, tradcd off hia portion of thu swauip for a cuupla of hundred dollars, and tbought bimeelf lueky to have reulizod bo ha.ndsomoly. Maiiy weallhy proprietora of Chicago real estáte to-day are cien who wete obliged lo tato stock iu it in part payuieut of outslsnding debts, and held 011 to it becaniie they could not get it oí! tlieir hands agaÍD, either by advantageoua barlur or for ready iuouey. Tlicy held ou accoidiügly, and tha rapid growth ;f the city suddeuly convcried them uto raillionsireB beforo thcy knew it. Thero are f'ew citzeu oí' Chicago wlio have been bcre any time who have DOtheard o?er ond ovor agiiin tho Btory of the cxperienoes of Mr. W'illiam B. Ogden nd his follow pioiieers - hov tiuy catne aeróos tho lako from St. Joc in a skiíf, aud parceled out the land, and obtaincd possessiun l'rom the governiiient at nominal rales, and how Mr. Ogdeo bought irom tho President of a New York railroad oompany - wlio was tirinly öonvinoed thut tliero was nothing west of Buffaloworth a d u - a truot of land for 83,000, whioh s to-day werth three millions. AneodotfH innumerable, aro tM of Ihe aB!or)illug fortunes realizad iu Chicago ioíiI estáte. Oue of our wealtby citizens bought a fraotional 40 acre lt with scrip, fo that it cost him fccvoutyfive cenU an acre ; be trifld ouce to b .! it for $25 au acre, but never gct a purohaier till it was worth ;:0,0i!0 an aore and oever Mld a;iy for lcss tha:i that su:n. Tho wholo tiaut s uiw worth a good deal over a miJKon dollars, and he still owns the most of it. Anotber zon oeeded :i oow pasture, and bought; four acres witbin easy vrtlkiog distanoe on Clark streek The property nuw assists t" maka his ohiidreo millionaireB, and wiil soon coutain some of ilic mosl costly buildings iu the city. Another gentleman wanicd to have a largo gorden, and traded ofF a tolcrubly good watch for a block of gruund. The garden bas grown up into houses ai.d shopa, aud ifthey were a!l removed, tingronnd alone would buy 5,000 butler watclii'8. ïhcre is atioihcr who wantod a Bunnj expesuro to Ii ia Bouth poroh and wii, dmv.", and paid $-100 to get eighiy feet more of Bpaoe to tlo streel ooi tbe door yard wonld now liriug S12U,000 into bis treaaury, buthe bus uut yet depided what lo do wiib it. The firet meeting houso in Wheelock, Vermont, was ereoted in 1797. A euriout) volo was taken by the town for' the purpnee of setting olí the pews Tha recordjof the vote reads as folio ws; "Voted, th'iit the town -be at tho expenso of rum for tho Tendueiüg off tho meetiog I [ie vvs."


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