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The New Naturalization Law

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The following is an oflicial cn-py of tho "act to atuend tho imturalizution laws aud to punish orimos ngiiinst tho samo aod fur otlier purposes," passed by Oongiem at tlio last sesuiou : Be il enacted hj the Senate and House of lieprcsenthtwes of the United State of Amtrioa, in Co7igress assemblcd, That iu all casad where any oath, atliirüiation, or üiKdavit ahnll be uiado or taken under or by virtuo of any aot or lnw rcluting to ihc naturalization of alit'ns, or in an'y proceedicgs under suoli acts or luw, aud any pcrson or pcrstiu; taking or maliing uuoh OHth, affiruiaüon, or sffidavtt, shall knowinglj itmr or iffirm falscly, tho fü'nc ai.all hu ilceuicd imd takou to bu perjury, mul tbc person or peraans guilty thcruol shall. npon oonviotion tLcreof, be aentcuccd to irppriaonment fora term uot excoediiig iive yo.".rs and not than one joar, tud to a fino uot cscetdi'jg One thou.sand dollar. tíec. 2. Andbeitfurtkirenaded, That f ai.y pereoo üpplyiog to be adroitted u oitizvo, or :p)o;iiina; s witne.s for auy suth persoo, il all knort iag'y persónate any olher persou iLan bimself, or J aj . in tbe nnaie of a deceafed peraou, orio an esumcd ur hotiti us oarae, or if bot peiton shall falsels make, forge or couuterfeit auy oath, ftffirmalion, notioe, aCiduvit, certifoate order, record, signaiurêor otbur iu.'t.uïu'jut, paper, or pioceediug required or uuthorizd by any luw or act relaling to or providing for the nnturaüzation ol citizens; or shall uttwr, geil, dispose of or use as truu or genuine, orfor uuy uniuwt'ul purpose, any faise, forged, antcdutcd or coutiteiicit oatb, affirmation, ïiutice, certifícate, order, reoord, signature, instrument, pupcr or procecding aforeaaid ; orseil ur dispose ot tti any perou oïber tlmu the pereou fur whojn it was originaüy iaaaed, uuy certificuto of oitizeuahip, or oertitioat showing tnv persoo lo lio dinitted a oitizen; or ü' any persOD fchuli ii ai y maonei usa for tho furposo of registcring us a voter, or u ovkluMoeof a right to voiü, ur o;horwise, unlawfuliy, auy order, strlificuíe o!' eitizeusliip, or certitieate, judgmout or ezemplificatioo, ehowing uch person to bt admitlod to be a citizen, whother heretoforc or hereaftcr táuc-d or made. kuowhig tliHt such ordir or oertifioate, judgmeut, or cxemplitioation has beeu uiilawfully -gued or made; or if any persOD sball uulawlully uec, or attein],t to use, any such ordur or certiQoate, issued to or in the name of auy other porsoo, or in a fictitious name, or the uame of a deceased persoo ; or use or attempt to usi', or aid or assiSt, (r pnrtioijiütü in the usa of ftny certifícate of oitizenship, kuuwirii U.u same to be forged, or oouoterfeit, or aote-dated, or küowing the same tu have been procured by íVnud, or otherwÍM unlawfully obCiincd; or if nny prson, and witl.out líiwt'ul oxease, ihall knowinslv hare or datu 1, or counterfcit certiiieatu of oitizuuiiliiii, purporting to ba?e beeu iuued uuder tho provisiooi of any law of the United iStates rclaling to naturaüzation, knowiugeuch ccriiüoute to be fake, forged, ante-dated, or counterfait, with intent unlawfully to use the same ; or if any porgan fihaü obtaiu, accept or receive any certifícate of citizenship ItDOtfO to such porsou to hayo beeu procured by fraud, or by the use of any false name, or by meaos of any falsa nt&tement made with inttnt to procure, or to aid in procaring, the issue of guch eertifieate, or kuowu to sueh person to ba Irauiiulcntly altered or iinte-dated; or f any persou wlio h;is been or ma; be adiuitted to be a citlzui rfliali, on outh or tiilirinutiou, or by affida:t, knowingly deuy that ho has beeu aa adrnitted, with intéot to evude or avoid any duty or liubiiity iinposed or required by luw, evory person so offauding sliall be deenied aud ndjudged euilty of lelony, and, on viction ibercof, í-ball bo sentecced to be imprisoued aud kept at hard labor ior a period uot less than one year nor more tiian five jenrs, or to bo liued íq a sum nnt lcís ihan S00 nor more tban 81,000, or both sucb puuishmouta may bu impoted, at the disoretion of the court. And evory porson who s-all koowiugly aod iutontionally vid or abet íiuy pvraou in the comiuission of any such felony, or attenipt to do any act hereby üiudo folony, or counsol, advise or procuro, or attempt to procure, the oominissiou theroof, eb. all bc iiable lo indictirrent and puniahmeot in tho eamo uKinner, iind to tho same extent as the priiK-ipal party guilty of 6iich folony, umi puch jiarty tuay bo tiied nnd convicted theioof without tlic previous conviction of such principa!. Sec. 3. Andle t further enacted, Thst any per 80 n who shall ktowingly uso any oortificate ot' naturaüzation hcretofore granted, by any court, r wbich Bhall fter begi'siuted, which hos been, or ahtl! bo, prooured through fran ! or by falte c idenoe, or has been or tball bu issurd by trti olcik, or any other oSoer of the eoort without au Bppearanco and hearing i f oant iu court at:d without lawful authoritj; and ny person who (-hall falseiy rejireaent hiniaeli to bo a citizea of tbo United State?, without baring btc duly adiuiited to oitizengbip, foraoy frandolent purpose whalever, ehall bu doemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction of, io due courso ot law, shall be ] eil to fiay a fino tot exceeding 1,000, or be imprieoned not cxccuJing two y ara, either or botli, in tho iacrotion i of the court taking oogoiaanoe of tho taaie. Sec. 4. And be itfur'htr er.acted, Tliat the provisión! of thia ot shtil! apply to all proceodings had or taken, or attcmpted to bo hd ar taken, before ar, y conrt in wbioh noy proceedÍDg fir naturalization eball be coir.inonccd ; and the courts of the United States sliall have jurisdictiou of all offínses untltr the provisions of thiH net, in or before wbatsocver court or tribunal the same eliall bavo boen ooramiUcd. íáoc. 5. And leitfurllitr enacf''t?, Tbat in any city baviog upward oí' 20,000 inhabitants, ii shall be the duty of the judge of the Circuit Court f tho Uoited i for il ei ouit wberein tuuh city sliitll be, upoo the epplication of two eitizenB, to uppoint in wriliog for each election district or vo'iug district iti stid city, and to chao po or renew sucli appoiulmeDt 8S oi ■, from timo to timo to ti:iio, two citi.etis resi deot of the district or precinot, onc from oath polilical party, wbo, when sodosignated, hall be, and aro hereby, autbor ized to attend at all times and places lixeil for regiatratinn of voters, who, bIng regisVered, would bc entitled to voto for reprwentatira in Conü;rosp, and at all linies and places for holding ejeotions of reptcsontatives in Oongress, and for counting tüo votes cast at said elections, and to challenge any name proposod to bo registered, aud any voto offerod, and to be present and witness throughoat tho counting of uil votos, and to rumain whcre tho ballot-boxes are kept at all times after the polls are opert until the votes are counted ; and suid persoos, and either of' tbcm, hall have tbo right to aiSx their signulurjj or bis signuturo to said register, for purposes of identification, and to attach thoreto, or to the certifícate of tho nutnber of votes cast, any statement touching the truth or faircess thtreof wl.ich they or ho mcy Hsk to attach ; and any one who shail prevent any oue so designated from doin; any of tho aots authorized as, or who fhall hinder or molest any .such pnrsou iu doing any of the said acte, or shall aid er abet in prevoutiug, h ndering or mntestiog any saoh a';ts, shall be guilty of a misdimeanor, and on coi. viction shall be puuiahud by imprisonintnt rot lc8S thun ono ycar. Sec. 0. And tí Ufurlher enacted, Tliat in any ciiy having upwaids of 20,000 nh-alhaniK, it shall bo lawful for the Marthiil of tho United States for the district whoieio said city thall be, to appoiut as mftuy special deputies as may bo neeessary to preserve order at an olection at whii:ti lic j r : i.: ivus in Congrcás aro to be oitOBeo ; and said deputies are hereby uutliorized to preserve order at such clections, and to arrest ior :iny offeuso or breach of tho peace committcd in their view. Sec. 7 And be il further enaefed, ThtLt the naluralization laws aro hereby etiiiided to alieus of Afrioau Dativity and to persons of Afrioan desecüt. Approved July 14, 1870. Department of State, Washington, Aug. Atruecöpy. R. 8. OIILW, Chlcf Clerk.


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