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Address Of The Democratic State Committee

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Tu tin: voters of NUchigOfl : The Democrntio State Ccnlral Committeo niakes an carnrst appeal tliat jou .aivfuliy conskler the mportaoce ot the ballot you nr) lo caí-t at the elcctioii (in Uio Stfa of November uext. Tbere is volved in il thi) charaetur of the mlministralion of our State nffuirs for two more years, as well as the iufluence ou Pedural atïiirs tliat Michigan eught to excrcisc. The linea drairn by tlie two grcat partiel of rho people are broad nd diftitict. The legislación of the lust live ycars phünly cluuactcriicH tliat f the Repabiioan parly. It has ereated bankiuit and rHÜroiid monopolies at the espensü of the tax-payers. It hos prcTeiitod and denied a resiimptioD of specie paymenls, and protraots a ourreocy system whieh is only profitablo to tiational bankt, Bpeonlotors and brokers, and is detrimental to every other busiiicps of the country. lts finaneial priu("ples are false and impaetioable existing iti prnmisos insteud of paymeots; many ol lts finaacinl lsws are uuooustitutional and unwise ; and tho results ure a want of conlidüiico in business transactions, a want of tability Q values, and a lurgo depreciatioü oi tLo credit ot the country. It bas fostered many kinds of manufacturint; eompaniM and corporatious, and enriched them by taxing tho peoj)le through tariff laws to this ld. It is plainly deelared in its State platform in tho present campaifin, tliat largfl revCDues being necessary, the taviÖ' should bo o adjusted as to enrich somo classes it the expenso of the others. It has continued a inost onerous and aggravating internal revenuo py?tem of taxation - eomplicated imponible of uniform construction, or of hoaest assossmeut and collectioo. It has refused to di.oontinue the income tax. It bas rcfused to abolish the franking privilege. It bas giveu away to railroad tnouopolies millions of aores of the public lanas. It hos eaacted restrictivo and troubl'ssoino uaturalization laws. It bas iuterfercd ?ith and endeavored to eubvert the ecutivo and judicial departments or tiie government - taking from each certain üonstitütioual powers, and endeavoring to pervert thcm to partiean uses and pur poses. It bas been corrupt and demoralizing beyond belief - exposing itself to the world as a party represented in the United States and in State Legislatures by men vvho had to be expelledfor bribery, n.nd in office by robbers and plunderers. It has appointed and maiutains in office and ín public positions, men of acknowledged corrupt eharactcr and action - defaulter.-, drunkard, thieves aud men who grow rich on salaries that tbey more than expend in tbc politica! canvasses for vvhich they art thus rewarded. It lias sent men to Congress, who, on $10,000 salary for their tenn of offiee, bave returncd home rich and able to build $50,000 raansions The knowledgo of these things doe9 no' bring investigaron or the blush of shauu but appears to be acquiesced in as a par of the Kadical system. Tuis is acknowledged, and ite bes men and journals see and admit the ne cesity for ehange. These are not pen eralisms. The record of the legislation and tho crimes of the Kepublican repro icotativep can be read in its own jouru als, and will substantiato what we say A vote for the Itepublican Dominees a vote for the cootinuance of thcs practices and policies. They caiuto and do not deny it. They are, in thci platforms and speeches, either silent on tliem, or tbey Beek to hide them unde the time for a chance has come. The Democratie party distinctly places itself in opposiiion to the wrongs that are enumerated. It promiaes reform in the matters cowplaiued of. It holds that a tarift for reveuue meaus a tariff that will produce reveuue, and not ono that proliibits importation, thereby preventing eonipetition, and only enriching manufacturéis. It holda an inherent right ot tlio people to buy in the cheapest aud sell in the best markets. It is opposed to lubsidizing private enterpriges or corporatione through direct or indirect taxation, or through the clonation of the people's mouey or lands. It opposes monopolies, made so by government aid and favor. It favors the moat free and liberal naturalizaron laws, whereby this country may be easily and promptly ettied by those who wiíl bscotno citizens, instead of remaining for years aliens. Itopposes tiukering State or Federal cüustitutions to meet party eruergeneioe, or to authorize increased cxpenditures and taxation. It opposea the continuation of the Inoome Tax, Franking Privilege, and Tenure-of-(JfBco lawe. It protesta against tbe corruption aud demoralizntion of the party in power, as esisting and created by iu agents anc] representatives in Congres.', and in office in the State and Federal administratiuns. It sppeals to the voters of Michigan to examine the argumenta and charges of the respective parties. The liepubiican platforms and the Kepublican organs will be found pointiug to a reduction of the Federal debt - while this has alone been accomplishcd by taxing the people, nccordiug to thcir owu statement, $170,OOu.000 more than the uecessary expeees of the government required iu the past year. They will be found talking of a reduction of tuxea at the bcginning oí a year, and boasting at the end f tho year that the recenues Lave been largehj increased. They will be found talking of a united pcoplo and a restored and peacefr.l cuunlry, and at the sams time attempting to justify their use of the arnjy to control the electioDs iu the St&tes, on the round, that the people are so far from bciij! peaccful thut they siust be coritrolkd by force of arms. - Tbey wilt be found talking of a recoustructed country, while they are legitlating to prevent the represeutation of the country by atiy but their own agents and tools. They will be found boasting nbout universal uffrage, and yet legitlating lo prevent and reetrict it by Iliberal naturalization laivs, a.iid by the use of the army at tho polls to overawc peaccable citizens. They will be fouud nieeting the positiooe of thu Dümocratic party bj worn out charges of dieloynlty and copperheadism. They dare uot fairly rgue in favor of their own poitioDg aud against tlioso of their oppoïicntg, and they thercfoie appeal to your pafsiuns and prejudices inslcad of your renson. We appeal to your truc interests and to your eoinmon sense and reasouiug iaculties. We have huncslly placed the prcicnt difl'frenco betwtcn tho two partivs bcloic you. Our appeal to you ïbows Ibat we kuow ths.t tho Kepubliciui party contains a largo element of intelligente, of honcKty, and of patiiotitu). We do not tbink lliat element is roperly reprept'iitcd iu the Kudical orgaLization, by its leaders or officials - mid we ask it to so vote this fall as to show thofie leaders atid oflici:i! that it is a power aul will niake itself feit. Ct timan cf Dwuoerutic State Ceutral


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