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Bismarck's Terms Of Peace

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New York, Sept. 6. The Tribune1 correspondent bad an iuterview with Bismatek at tho Kiog's headquarters nenr Sedan on tbe 2d. ]n response to bis inquiry wbat were likely to be tbe conditious of peace dcmanded by the Pruesian Covernmeut, tbo CoODt replied : Tbere are tbrco woyg of stop ping an attack on the llhine provinces. First, we niiibt make Alace aiid Lorraiiio a neutral State like Luxemburg or Bclgium, extenditig f rom the fortuer country to Switzerland, and so eeparating France and Pruseia by a group of neutral States; but 1 eonfes9 it appearf" to me tbat tbe neutraü'y of saiall States ia so diflicult to proteot, and is at every moment capablo of bo many and euch dangerous couiplications, tliat I do not Uiinkit would be worth .vhile ti malee moro neutral States, with uil tlie chanceaDd dangers. Second, we might annex Alsaee and Lnrraine and hold them as conquered territory, but I am Furo that this would not be looktd 00 favorably by the mnjority of tny Gorman countryinen. Wc are all most an.xious to complete our unity, but we do uot yaut any peoplc araong us wbo are uuwilling members of tbe G-erman nation. Thut Alsaciaos would be most disloyal subjeets of the King of Prussia in spite of the great majority of tbem npeaking tbo Gertnan languago, and being of Teutonio origin, thero can be no doubt. Third, tbere rcmaiiKS tous, theii, is a third couase, to take Metz and Strasbourg and keep them. This is what weshall do. Strasbourg particularly is absolutely needtul lor tho protection of South Germany, whieb is at the mercy of a Frencb arinv. So long ae Franct jiossesses Slrasbourg thero is nothing to stop a Frencb invading iirmy. ïvow it would be very unfair if we were to leavo our South Germán brethreu unprotectei after they bavo fought bo bravoly and well by our nido in tïiis campaign. Theo, agaio, by boldinn; ötrasbourg we could alwaya prevent nny movement on tho Khine. We sbould be able not only to march an r.nny by the Valley of tbo Mame on Paris, but to take a French army marching on Mayence or Coblentz in ilank and rcar. So we have got the old Gertnan town back ogaiu, wc ehall make a Gibraltar of it."


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