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The Franco-prussian War

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jMcMaiiun has surrendered hia army and is dcad ; Napoleon kas surrondered bis word, and lias not the honor of bciug deod ; EiiGKxiEhas gone to meet the late Emperor and coodole wiih or denouncc him ; the Prinoe Imperial is in Kopland; the Crown Priooe isinarcLing on Paris ; the Empire lias been abo]ihed ; r Rcpublic lias beeu proclaimed ; a Provisional Government has been formed ; Paria is to bc defended ; the Prussiiuis h&ve boen bcatcn bcforc MoDtmedy ; Minister Favkk bas called on President Ghant fr moral and materia! aid - aud expects it; Grant has directed the Republic recogniïcd ; Bismarck defiues how peac'e may be had ; Spain and Itaiy ialk llepublie; Ireland is far from quiet ; liotae is uneasy. Sueh is 'the synopsis of a week's record, the cssenoo of columns of dispatches. e oun uot teil wlat next, wbetber an Oltl.UAMST Or Kitlg WlLLIAM Wlll 5SUC o: ilera fioni I'urla ; wlicihcï ft more bloody revolu'.ion si) all take place j there ; or whether the great powers sliall intervene aud a tcmporary aud uusatis fautoiy peaco ahiill be p&tched up. Wc ahall seo. Tuk Demoeratio Convetuion in the Fiist Congressional district was beid at Monroe, on Wednesday. Geo. V. N. Lotükop, of Detroit, was r.oruiuated on the third informal ballot, but dcclined pereinptorily by telegraph ; saying "my reasous would be approved of if it was possible to comniunicate;" after whlch Natiianiel B. Eldrkdgb, of Adrián, was uuanimousiy nominatcd, aud accepted the DomioatioQ in a brief, poiuted, and telling .pecch. Mr. ËLDREDSI is a popular and strong man, and we tru-"t will uinko the bcmes of Waldbon rattle iu bis f-kin. - In tlic Fourth district convention, huid at Grand llapids, on Woduesday, Ilun. Mykon Hiueh, of Greenvillo, Mun'töalm cotinty, was uominated. - Thoush the liemonraov of that darli district can not be espceted to boat Fküry, they ought to uiake a vigorous campa'gn aud givo Mr. Bider a full voto. The Democracy of the Fifth district have again pitteá Hon. Bïkon G. Stout, of Poutiao, agaiust Hon. Ü. 1). Conoer, the Kadical candidato and present memoer. Conoer was elected two yenrs ago by 1724 majority ; but Stout promise a vigorous oampaign, and ought to reduce it materially if he doos not entiroly overeóme it. In bis speech accepting the nomination he showed aa iatimate knowl edge of tho vulnerable points in his op poueut's record, and when ho takes the stunip hia high tarilT aud eubsidy votes will bo exposed. Mr. Stout is a gradúate of the University, ia a good speaker, versed in Cnancial matters, and has hud legislativo experience. Ho ought to be elected. The Democratie Congressional Conventiou for tbis district is to be held at Jackson on Wednesday nest, Sept. 14, At present Ilon. D. D. Hcgiies, of Marshall, promises to be tho nomiaee - that 3 if he will accept. H9 is a much abler man every tcay than Govr. Bi.aik, and f nominated ought to be elected. The Second district coEvention is to be held at Kalamazoo, on Ihe 15th. Judgo LiTTLEJOiiN is spoken of as tho coming man, and ought to beatSioucnton - who if notthe "bitter" mjn, is a bitter pill for many Republicana, as well aa a "littlc pill" - notwithstanding the largo majority hB party bas iu the district. Thb Democratie State Central Committee, ns reLunstriu'oci at the late State ition, 'H ;i loiiow.s ; Wni. W. Wl eaiun, Cliain iin, Dslrolt. Thoiuiia !j. i !n i li y. I), ■ ■ Joüii ]. Afl.i ■'. i. .,.. .Thomas R iiiu ,v . Kalamazoo. Kmory O. liiii,.1.-. V'ati Baren. Janus C. i ' ' , ■'■ ' iuiüa. A. N. Hart, logham. John W. CbanpllD, Kent. Fred A. Nims, Muekegoo. Beymour Brownell, Macomb. Wn, W. Btlckney, Lapeer. Georpe Lord, Bay. Wm. I). WtUlams, Ontonagon. We hope that ït can ao manage the coming campaign as to ohoke off the chronic gruniblers, to do which, liowevor, it will needs cali the next oonvention a year, a year and a-half, or two ,'ears in advance. Jubt as Houack Greeley got his mouth wido open and rcady to swüllow that guberoatorial plum, which had generally been conceded to bim, the pesky tiiing bolted plump into the also open mouth of another nan. In other words, defipito general expeclation, the New York Radical couvention, held at Syriicuee, on the 7th, nominaled nol HOBAOI jreelky, but Gen. Stkwakt L. Woodford, for Govèïnor. The vote Btood, Woodford, 258; Gkeeley, 105; Geo. W. Curtís, 28. Republicans art both 'ongrateful:' and 'unreliable. D. C. LlTTLBJOUN was nominated for Lieutcnnnt Governor. Uepdblican nominal oog have now jton made in nll tho CoDgrefBÍODftl tiicts of lliis State. The saveral candidates are : Ist dist.- HkKBX VAi.niw.N,of Hillsilnk-. 2( - Wm. I . S i i -:;i(ix, of Ht. Jüe. ,;,l " - Atrsüw BiaiK, of Jackson. 4th " - Thom rihcj of Ottawa. Sth " - Omau D. Coxokh, ot' 8t Clair. (!t) " - Joii.N F. l)li!;s, oi'Sa'maw. Tbesu goiitleniüii uro uil prtsent membors except t'io Sr&t. und 'ast uaoied, and both Messrs. Wai.iuon' and Dmcus havo seen (Jougrofsional service. Thsy are all protective tariff aud subsidy men, and none uf thora can bu relied upon to givc a voto fo ány lueasuro tsuding to, relieve t'ie producing tnasse. In Bevtral - eay Lalf - of ihe districts, thero are enoug-U Ropnblicaus of Democratio uuleceiieuts, wbo favor a íeveuuo taiill and aro opposed to pecial lcialatiou for the benefit of inanufaoturing monop' oliats, %o dcfeat theso oandidates from whom Dothing can be hoped. Why will thcy hang faal to a dcad negro isaue, aud continue to b! misrepresenlod on the vital issues of the day ? - The sevoral districts gava Rad1" cal majorities iu 1808 as followe : Ut- 1,603 4th- 8,839 2,1-7,800 5th- 1,724 3d - 3,0U0 6th- 8,896 NAroLBDN left J'aria for the front with uiuch tho sanie ilourkh of trumpets tliat I'oi'E npsunied tho comiuand of the army of the Potomao. It was to be "vic tory or death," nad tbis U how hc died, as dcauribed by Kimself in bis letter to King WLlUam : " Ilaving na commaud in the army, and having placed all my authority ia the liunds of the Empresa as Regent, I herewith surrender my sword to the King of Prussia." He ''went up rocket aud came down stiuk," a full parallel to Popk's carecr with his "headquarters iü the saddle." But, what did King Wii.i.iAM malee by thu bare giureuder of NAi'OLKO.N'sbloodlesssword, san comniaud, tans power, sans even a show of purtsonal bravery to mako Lira a ':'-p.a.t catch." Never before was a torch socoDverted ínto a r'J.-l'gl or 6O ef" feotuallj enuffud out, The " nephew óf h8 une) e" must havo been the nepliew of some othcr man. The Republicana of Missouri have two tieketa in the field. The "regular" one, headed by the present Governor, McClüEG, stands on a platform of continued disfranobiseinent, with a tariff pbtnk warped and seamed and scarret and bent every wny, but failing to cenceal an inteation to declare for pretee tion. The irregular or bolters ticket nominated under Ihe lead of Car Schi'rz, is headed by B. Giïatz Bhowm aMd the platform declares for the iintnc diate enfrauchisenient of all banned cit i,euF, with tlie consequent restoration o harmony and peace, and for a revenue tariff. LI r. Beowb íj a life-long freo trader. The Duniocracy mako no com ination, and, it is understood, will gie a hearty support, and wiü) great una nimity, io uie ikon uuk-ot, aua tnc chances are Ihat it will be elujtod. Tiih tarifF res lution in tho Eepubli can platform constructor] last week a Detroit, is disrespectfully spoken of by the New York EveJung Post as tha "tunelul-no-tune." Neverthrless th Pott will advise tho Michigan Republi cans to vote for JJlair, Conoer and tho other Michigan inembers who votod for the inost obnoxioua tariff provisions a tbc last session of Congress, and who can not see beyond the narrow and self ish iutorests of tho manufacturor. Tht Pott ia only a icind instrument on th tariff quesüon, and dün't mean anythiug by its bloicing. A HBWfl telegram, dated, "New York Sopt. 6," says : - "The Brooklyn Unit of to-morrow will print a letter fron Sciiui'ler Colfax, aunouucing his defin ite and unalterahle retirement trom public life." Is ScnuYLEK a believer in the rnazim, "líats leavo a siuking ship ?" - It has Buch a look. Thkuk was an election in Vermónt on Mouday, and the telcgraph reporte "tbc suecesa of the eotiro Ropublican State and Congressional tiokets." As we have oen no rooster out or bonfircs burning we presume that thu faithful hereabouts are either not elatcd at the result, or are too busy in looking after nominations to rejoieo over jt. lx ms speech acoepting tho Eadical niminatiou for Congress in the First district, the Hon. IIknhy Waldron congratulated hituself that the ilistrict was the largest in population and pollod the Urgest vote of any district ia tbe United States. Exactly ! When the Legglature ooDStruetud tbe district in 1861, t added Hilladule couuty to o district already over large, as a guarantee that ït ehouid continue ltepubiican. That is low VV'alpkon's boast is occasioned - Partisan lcgislation and iojustico are at the bottoni of t, The Saginawian Kpeuks of tho reeent lladical convention in tha Sixth district as "a cheerful and felicitous session." - Bro. Lkwis wonld make an eminently "cheerful" war correspondent or prixefight reporter. We don't believe Stiuckland's "friénds'1 tliought it a very "cheerful" performance. Tue Now York Evening Pott speaks of Mr. Drigq8 as tho "present membor" of Congress from the Sixth district. - W'ü would adviso tho Post and other New York journals to eet a Tribun or World almanao and read up. Stuickland, tho "great defeuted," is the in ; DuiGüs is now the out, but sooo to be the grealtr defoatcd. ■ 1 1 i - Napoi.kon is indifferent to hia "popularity in Paris." At least a Londoo dispatch reports hiai responding to a condiiling friend: "It matters not; I ghall return there to exact a reckoning, not to givo one." But be didn't say uhen.


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