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The Battle Of Sedan.--napoleon "played Out."

The Battle Of Sedan.--napoleon "played Out." image
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New York, Sept. 3. The Tribune has the followingapeoial : LoiiJoi), Sept. 3. A ppecial corrcspoi.(k"t f the Tri' biint '.elegrnr ha ffom tbc King's licadquarters at Ven d rest, noar Soda,, FriJay : Tlie battle of Sedan begau at G in the uioriring of September lst. Tuo L'ruïsian corps were in position on tha v.-st of Sedan, having got tbere by !ong forced marciie to cut off the French retreat to Mezieres. South cf Sedan was the firat Bavariau corps, and east, acrosa tbc Mcw.-e, tha econd Bavariau corps. The Saxons were on tbc northeasl, with guarda. I Wftí with tfae Kin thronghpat the lay on a liill above St. Meuse, commanding a splcucïid vitjvv of the Valley of the Meuao and field. After a tremondous baltle, tho Prusfiiius having cnnplutely f-urrounded Scdai) aud Lno Bavariaoa baving f-ntercd the fortifioatioDS of Sedan, the Emperor ca"), '. m. His letter to the King of Prusia said : 'As I can not die at the haad of my arniy I lay my vvorJ ut the fcet of your ïlajesiy.' iSspoleüii left Sedan for tho Prusian headciuarter.s at Varennes. At suveu o'clock on the raorning ot' iáeptembor '2, MoMulipn'o it1i.1o umiy, oouipris'ipj mie huiidied tliousand piisouers, oapitulated without coiiditiuns. Tbe Pruseiaus Lal 240,000 men eugaged fr in the reserve, and tho Fronch 120,000. OFFICIAL DlSPATCIlES. New York, Sept. 3. A dispatch has jüst been received at tilia office sayiug that King William auuouncea to Queen Augusta the aunender of the whulu Frdtich anny at Sedan, iooludiog the Emperor hi'ii.-clt'. Berlín, September 3. The fullowinff highly important dispatefa has just been mude puhüc liero : ' Before Sedan, France, Friday Sept. 2d., 1:22 p. m. - 'rom tho King to the Queen : A capitulation, whereby the wholo anny at Sedan are prisoners of war, ba3 just baen eaueluded with Gen. Wimpffeu commanding mstead of Marshal MuMahoD, wlio is wounded. The Eruperor surrendcred himself to me, as lie had no commaod. He left everylhing to (ho Begenoy at l'nris. I sha.ll nppoint his residence after tin interview with bim at a rendfzvous to Ie fixcd immediately. What a eoursa events, with Gcd's gnid.ance, have taken." Brussels, Sept 3. The Etoile of this oity says tho freooh been utteily defeáted. Tiic Emperor and MoMalioii re prisoners. The Frcnch soldiers masgacre their own ofticéis. Many of tho Uttér have escaped to Belgiuui. W.ishingion, Sept 3. The füllovving bas been received, ad drcM-cd to the Secretary of State : "Lcndqu, Sept 3, 11:15 a. m. The Emperor and McMahon's army have purreudered at Sedan, to tho King. Tbe Emperor'i resideoee is lo bo appointed by llio King af;er an interview with hiui. The capitulation was coneluded with Gen. Wimpffeu instead of JJoMahon, wlio was wounded. (öigncd) ilon.EY, Minister at London. K1XÜ WILtlAll'a ACCOVNT OF ÏUH SUllKEMIER OF NAl'OLEON'. Berlín, Sept. 5. TLe foüowing dispatch ims been recei ved from the Kíiik: The King to the Queei : Vaiu;nni:.s - A thrülÍDg monjent that of riiy meeting with Napoleón Hu was deji_'i:ted but tüniíiüd. I assigoed as !iin place of ímmediate stay William'a :ious.% ucar Cassel. üur meeting took place at a omall coaotrj houso opp'itu ;bo western gliicij of Sedan, wheo summoned to t I was in the sadJlo inspecting tlio positium before tho place. You must iuiagino my reception amopg the troops. It was iodescribable. Their exuliation was ovei "whclining. At dusk [ i'udcd a fivo liours' rifle and sit pno in tbc moroiog ruturned hilher. May God lid us furtber. (Signed)


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