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C. C. Comstock For Governor

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We feel grateful, ae citizena of Grand Rapids, fis well ns Democrats, that tbe Democratie State Convention, held in Detroit on Wednescjay, placed the name of C. C. Comstock at tbc bead of the ticket. Mr. Comstock is an old resident of tliis ciiy, vthere lie bas amassed a fortune by iionest ndustry and unswerving iutcgrity. He hasthe respeot and confideucc of all our business men, and the positive affection of every workingman wlioso frieud he bas proven himself to be. He s emphalically one of tbe people. He sprung from tbc ranks, and has oever grovvn out of that honorable posi tion. He is not ashamed of labor, orof those whose bands are hardened by daily toil. Ha is therefore a Democrat of the old school. He believcs in the people, and dares trust tbem. Mr, Cunistock is not a politician. He is too bonest aud Btraightforward for a succeFfiful niauipulutinu of political conveutions. He stands square on bis feet, without niuch vertebral elatticity, tlwaja };entleinaiily in his manner, and inaiutaiiiiDg his opinión with a ness and firmness lliat betokens the deptb aud honcsty of bis convintions. lic bas nothing to oonoeal, but is outspoken, fcarless and confident. He will make an admirable executive officer. Thcro is no compromise iuhim. He will obey tbe law and enforco it, without fciar or favor. He in just tho man we nced to hold the helm of tbe 'State amid the occan of thani and twaddle into whioh wc have been rúa by a class of sentimental politicians. He will be hard to beat. It certainly requires no little nerve to accept a notninotion for Governor in a State whcro t lic opposition have 30,000 majority, but f that man livea in Michigan who can overeóme tliat majority, it is C. C. Comstock. He has pluck, endurance and energy. He will enter upon the canvass determined to v?rench victory from the very jaws of defeat, and we predict that he willgive tho Rt-publicans more trouble than they have experienced for a long lime. He will make asplendid run, and, if not eleoted, the Deraocracy will have the satisfaction of knowing that they have been beaten with one of their bett nnd most trustworthy men ns their standard bearer.


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