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nr TEA. TEA. C. A. LEITER & CO, OF No. I GREfiORV BLOOK, bold tbt Soïe Agoncy of tlie G-reat United States Tea Co Of New York n tor tbe Citj oí Add Arbor. Thii Company deal excluilrol io TEA andCOF FLK, and purcham their Tea by tbe Cargo. Tlieir Superior Knowledge of tbls Clans ol Guoda, nnd una sual facilitifg for purcbsíD: Tea ;,gvc thin A GREAT ADVANTAGE OTer smaller doalers. Thcio Tes r put up Ín Poun'i Packmi,((]riwn ireight,) na tbe ptic n1 kiml mnrki'liii pliiin iiMnt and usurea by tbe t-'oinpiinjr on ech package, so therr aliall be NO PARTALITY ÍN PRICB or. qualitv. ANY TEAS PURCHASED OF US NOT MEETING RECOMMENDATIONS MAY BE RETURNED AND THE MONEY REFÜNDED, Ai we stiallnotsell aoj AiluUerated .rticlo knuw Inglj. We fuel confiilent tbat 25 to 33K Per Cent, oan bo Saved Bj Purcbasin; Tbeae Teas; TUTT THEM1 Anu Arbor, Juna 24th, 18T0: C. A. LEITER & CO. mstr FURNITURE. J. KECK t CO. Manufacturera Jwliolcsale and retail Jealcrs in FTTRÜSTIT TJKE AND UPHOLSTERY GOODS OF EVERY DESCHIPTION. We Manufacture our groods and wlll not be Undersold ly iny HOUSE E AST or WEsT. UNDERTAKING ! iVe Keep CoKstantly on Hand a fnll aesortment of "WOOD, METALIC, CLOTH COVERED CASES ft.KT3D comías which will be sold at prices so LOWasto defy all Competition. Sales Room 52 South Main St., and 4 West Liberty Street. MANUFACTORY ! Comer of William and "West Fourth St. J. KECK & CO. 12S5. ]TOW OPENING, WWI. WAGNER'S, An Elegintand Largc Stock of SPRING Al SUMMER GOODS, 1NCLÜDINQ OLOTHS, CA8SIMERES, VE8TINGS, &G. LATEST 8TYLES iND BE8T QUAL1TIES WHICH HEOFERS LOWER thanEVER Als o in Store a large stook of READY-MADE CLOTHING AND Gents' FÜMISHIM Goods. OARMËNTSMAPETO ORDEKIN THE lOIEIST STTLE. Alio LADIEVand GENTS MOROCGO SATCHELS No. 91. South Ml Street- Et ld. OA.LL AND SEE THEM. WILLlAil WAGMER. Ann Arbor. Muy, 18T0. "VT OT IC E ! Offiob of titf Tolkdo , Au Arbor ard1] No'-iTIIKUN RAtLKOA COMPNT, Ann Arror. Mion ., Sept. 1 , 170. J Notie; ishpreby trivon that "The Baltimore and )hio, Toledo and Michigan Railroad f'ompany." ind 'ThcToli'do, Ann Arlt)r and Northern Railroad Dompany, intcnd to consolídate with each other nto a 8Ínpl Corporation, to bc called ''The IiHimorfi and ohio. Toledo and MfOblgao Ratiwny ''omiany " to construct ono CODtlfiaona or connected ,inc of railroad from LexlDgton, in the State of Ohio, to Owosso, in the State of Michigan, and thftt the Directora of ald two companíes have entered into an aircement for such conxoiidation, as reqnired hy the laws of caid States; and that a epecinl medtl&S of the etockholders of the Toledo, Ann Arbor an Northern Railroad Company will be held at the Coart HonBc in the City of Ann Arbor. at ten o'clock A. M., on Tusday, the fourth day of Octobcr rext, to con gider nnd sanctïon or approve Buch agreement if dernied expedient. By order of the Director, E. W.MOROAN, Presldenl. 12S5td AUG. WIDENMANN, Secretary. XJAY SCALES ! The understgn ed culis attention to bis new FAIRBANK'S HAY SCALES On I.iberty Ptreet, betwecn Muin And Fourtti. He warriiiits them to weigh correctly from 1 pound tn 2 Tnns, nn ohcits a liberal patronage. lit-st SCALES in the City. 4W-1265. Ann Arber, Mleh, Aur, 3st ,1870, J. ÖERNER. lyiINERAL SPRING DISCOVERED AT THE CIÏY ARCADE. It throws up 3 ponnds of Old Gov. .tnva'for $1.00 Ten nht Trom Ohiua for l .00 per pound, and Saga Trom ijiioa lor l%6 per pound. Come on ye who ar nickor HlGUPRlOKSiDdgetGÜKED. CLARK &CROPSET. A LL KINDS OF _ D1BEASES OF THE SKIN' Aiecured by Dr. Kellogg' CHAMPION OIN'TMF.NT Pil YSWI A MS' ' Prescriptims ! Acouraiely and üarefully Pre pared by B. W. EL LIS & Co. A UGUST lOth, 1870. NEWWHEATFLOUR superior quaKiy, nt tho ANN AEBOR CITY MILLS. Very ñire bolted Corn Heil. cn.irsc Meal, Graham Plour- ood second quallty Flonr nt lw prlce,- Cmcked Whent, and 11 kinds of Feed, at lowest prlces, and dclivered in any part of the city. Terma VT Ordfrs left in my Order Boi at the Post Offlce prompUyattendedto. j. T. SWATnEL. rR. KELLOGG'S CELEBRATED ROOT BITTEÜS , RlimuUnt, Corrector of Dlcution an(i Appptiier thev are uimjuhImI. For Females who are Weak and Ijinsuiil au.l for (he who re eonratoae iüR from irknuns ani rpquim Stimulatinu Juin tliCKU BITTEKS wil! befoun.lto be jiul the tlilnfr. Useone Bottle and jou will adroit tbt ihey are all we claim tbom to be . For Sale by R. W. ELLIS & CO. W415M' 3DK.XTC3-C3-1STSTSJOTIOE! AU pemonn are forbid tot'ust Washinjrtnn IH11 on my ncconnt, M I hall pay 110 debta of hie contractIne ftT thi date. 8cio.Ang.3l8t. 1870. 128Jw3 JAV ES K. HILL. IpEOPLE'S DRUG STOiii R, W. ELLIS 8c CO' rpM BICHKBT KAKMING LANDS JL IN THB WORLD. 1,300,000 ACRHS FOR SALE T; ACTUAL SEtTLERS. NEOSHO VAJLLEY, KANSAS, Union Pkcific Railroad Co., Southern Branca Car nou' Kumilnaf. Th Land now nlrVied by this Companny are MtuitM m:unly within twrnty mllMOD each t-ido of the ron il , ex t fiiil i n? une hu in! ruil um BQVfl i)ty miles ilong bfca NEOSHO VALUBY- tfce riohMt, Qnst,tDd mout invltinif vallev for petfleniPfit i n the wt-st. Oue-third of the labor rnnired at the bet in tïio eoltnra of farms will insure bnrp dovblfl the amount of crops. For orchanl, pr".pe culture, anl stniill 'rnit-i tu funeral, i t l. uní pi al pd. Bl'ILDIN'G MATERIAL AND KtXCING of evcrj vari et v ml in re at abunda net. T-OCfC KAHINO.- Tha nch native grasses of the prairies and bottoms.with the largo area of uuoccupier) land, in connection wtth the dry, mild , and open wint'TH, present nnoqualed ndvantagc for the rt i e i ve: of catLttt feUeêp and horsea, DAlRYINti -Id ueh a country, with nnjrcd for Hoek unrHtrtctP(l and pasture limitlep, the produc tion Of tut ter anrl cheese raust be pro'Hable. FRÜIT-QROWINO is one oí the sptMalties, nn deniontrated by thfl Gold Hedal awardfd to the State of Kiinwas hy tlif" Pennsvl nia Slate Horticn!tiiral Soi"iy fr " A Ooi LtcnOíl or KiH:jt UsaVBFASBBD For SlZK, HkAUTY, AM) PLAVOR.' THE CLIMA TK AND UIOAI.TH of Knnns are npqualed. These, ndfnei, ure Rmnng itn chief excelloncifs, aad are recommeníHtíi'ii'1 lor settlement. PRICKS OF l.AM).- From $2 to $8 per acre ; credit of teu (10) vears' time, TKRMS OP BALB Onetcnih down at iiue of purc)iasR. No puyment the Kerond year. One tenth pTi'-y yt'ar af ter uni 1 cotnplctioa of payroent, with uununl int rftfli , THK HFAT) LAXD OFFICE islocated atJUNCTlON CITV. To all purchagers of lande frtt ticketê from arp giveu over th road. For further inforniAtion, address ISAAC T GOODN0W LandCommlssioner. 1975 m3 NJS03BÓ FALL8, KANSAS. rR. KELL06GfS STANDARD MEDICINES, Are BOld by Dniggist.i cverywhere. Goto R. W. ELLIB & CO's forstrictly Pure Dmers and Medicines .Paintp . Oile, &c. ;' ■- ■ - , . i. . : ■, . ' ■■


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