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The Sorrows Of Childhood

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I denv the universal proposition that ohiklbood ia tlio happiest part of )fo. w'hat with breaking your best top, and Inving tho boy uext to you stick pins joto you, - uuder tbe raost favorable ' cft-cumstauccB, it is the least comfortable portioo of human exiateuce. Wo do DOt understand the sorrows or perplexities oí childhood. - those days OÍ bad eoids without the alleviation of pocket haudkarchitfs ; tho days of examin.itions when tho unhappy youth, perhaps, ia awful presence, 3 told to " Parso tho pujo of ' Young'a Night Thoughts,' " and when prepoaitioDs, adjectives, verbs, article.-s, and conjunotiona get into a grand riot woreo thaii Fourth .Yard 011 election day. ii'i I remctnber the unhappy acune oí my childhood's educational experienco. It was oalled Ilerod's Schoolhouse, partly becauso a niau by that narae lived uot far awuy, and partly boeause it was the " Massaere of the Iuuocenta." We went to schooi thero froin eight o'cloek iu the niorning to five o the afternoon, afid a boy got tho worth of hia inoncy. Thoro was nono of your nonseiise of blackboard, -globes, and philosophroal trilling. Thoro were the wooden desks around the wall, and seata with no backs to thotn, and there wp sat all day vvith our faces to tho wall ; and along about four o'cloek of a summer's aíternoon we would begia to forget odr educntional ndvautages, nnd get drowsy, and then tho teacher would come around very slvly and 'wilh a big Bliek bring us iiiftuutly back to an apprenialion of our educational advantages And when we lcarned our A Ií C's, we learued them ! I remeniber the whole proc;-'. " What letter is that?" "I d-o-n-'t kno-.y." ( Cüff.) " What letter is that !" (higher key.) u I d-o n-'t know." (Cuff, Cuff.) I remembor all about it. It was a most serious thing under the best circuinstances. And oe day, too, a most awful circumstíince oocurrod ; word carao to tho teacher thal Joe Smith liad aclually kiased Mary IJrown ! aotually kissed her; and that teacher aroae in his indigestión, and didn't Joe Soiith lake it ! Why shouldu'i that teacher be Slled like a vial of wrath at such a thing ? He had never ldssod anybody ! Nobody bad ever kissed him ! but it did no good ; for fifteeu years later a ministor Btood within the altar, a bridal trail swept down the isle, and thero, ia tbe preseuco of tlio whole world, Joe Sinith kissed Mary Brown ! None of the


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