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Layering The Grape Vine, Etc.

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Nearly all kinds of vinea and ornamental decid uousshrubs may be propsgated by laycrs. For tl ia pur pose, low branches or shoots hhould ba oned, the grouti'.l Li'inji so-fteDcd to a ooosidi raSlt depfch in t!ic phuse'whete the ehoot is to be luid and thcu a little gíOWe or trcnch being made iu tlio eoil, t ho thoot ia laid laúd pinned on by booked sticks. Lst ycar's ghouts ot' the (ífnpe vine íhould lie laid ra tlio fpiin', befor he leavee expaodj and wheo the cme is pinued down in the tretioh, it Ded Dot ia covcred unlil the buds have espanded and youur shoots havo grown over tho surface of tlio soil 'i be tren eb may tlicn 1)l filled itUh fioe, richsotl, und tluslioots ill soon take root, especial I; if the grouud is kept moist by watering in dry weathrr. The shools ol tho present soason should not bu usüd for lajoiirgthe grt]ir vino uiiiil about mideuramer, at whicti timo they will be Bufficiently tougb to protect thom froni rotti-ng wLen covcreJ with íoV. The bett and bardiest plaiit ure geucrally pr.icured f rom lajers cl tbe canes, or bhootsof the previoua scaBOD, hut good planta are sometiui tainei from layers of green wood. In al! cases tho grotind shrtuld be kept freo from weeds and prevauted from hardby breaking the oiust which forme aftef hsavj raiusor artificial watering. - Whea the suil bas been well moMtened a mulcii of rotten Btraw, olil eawdust, or tan barie, will preserve moisturo for a long time nnd eoooarage tho formati n of roots. When lajera have bccouie r.'otod tho phoüts nl'ould be pinched back. Late in the fal] they muy be tnkeo up carefally, divided, and sut out in ricli, fiitible, well drained eoil. A coverin of dead leavcd in winter will proteot them from dauge by fi


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