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A Powerful Insect

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-The tendency of solaiers to groteeqne exaggeration is ivcll illustrated by tu rcmaik of ono of thera conceruiog tliat great pest of tbe camp whieh tlic dictioDarios dcuomiuate a "small iusect of the genus "pepticulis." I presume every army in history has been annoyeil by thig atomy, but I think nono suffered from ifc, and, ai the same time, made it tliu subject of hubitual jast, before the armies of otir war. As in the case of every other source of vexaton, the men grumbk'd at it, philosophisod over it, and lauhcd at it. "I could bear the little fellows, and say nothing about tkeia," ï IiearJ a dry joker in bluo say to his comrndcsat reveille roll cali, one mornin : "But guch monstera i tliere are io this camp ! - Why, I woke up last nightanii saw one of these creeters Blttiog at the foot of my bunk. lie lirid liis b:ick to me, and thcro was a great U S. A. on it ; but when he turned round - grent Scott ! what d'ye think he was doing?" 'Eating bard tack," suggestcd one wilh a wink. "Smoking your pipe,H put in snother. "Nohowasn't; ho was pioking his teeth with my bayouet !" - LippincotVs Magazine, Tho IndianapoÜH State Fair commences next Jlonday, September 5tb, continuing tbrouühout tho weok, and will, witbout doubt, bo tho lurgest stock exhibiiion ever held i-n that section of country. The oiher departiucnts alio promise to bo fullj' reprjseuted. Tiiree thins priooipally determine he quality ot a uiau - the leadiug object which he proposos to hiinsuif iu lito, tho niaaner in whicb he sets about aooomplishiog it and tho eilect wbicb euccees or füilure bas upon bim.


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