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o ■ ■■ - ""WE M. SINCLAIR, 00MMISSION MERCHAÏTT IS GRAIN AND FiOUR, BOOM ie, 1: ''■ ( ]il 'AG01 0. M. MARTIN, hoiiKH IN' PÜRNITÜRR of all klmls, Parlorand ■ , MACK & SCHMID, nnt;'ï: In Drv (Joods, Grocorics, Crockcry, " ÖTa. l,KITEK& CO., nF-T KüS 'v !);:i' '.Villes ui üqaora for Medicinal Purposos, CigarB C, Block. A. W1DEN&ANN, _...., .-, tte ndFlre rg„„ ..,. _ .s.muU Main Street. 1 RACY W. ROOT, „.p. ■ -iiv Connty, and leilEstate Eschange. No. 1 Gn-gorjr I dïiTkèllogg, MACTlCINQPhysician.and L.B. Keiloge ProprtïtorofDr I. ; ' Celebrated Remedios, Auu Arbor, Mich. MORRIS HALE, M. D. gesicENCE and Office No IS, corner Wllllami rad nrs 1 o 3 p Jl Ai'.vic ■ ud Prew riptlon froni 0 to i P, M. ncli dn;, freo gratis tu the uoor. - 18W FROTHINGHAM, M. D., HI8ICIAN AND SDKGEON. OHco over I)rn:T No. T Hnron sti , No. I 5 toara, s tu 11 A.M ,nd '. 'i. __ 11. W. ELLIS & CO., ISTS.anddea ■ 'lc -'2 SonUiMalu Street, Aun Arbor. JOHN CO., !RS In Fnrnltnre of all kinds, No.SiSontli and 4 West Liberty, Slreot, Auu J. Q. A. SESSIONS, . of. sta re, tluroo Street, Aid il 1 1 W. H. JACKSON, DEXTIST, !HO -■" to C. B. Por: H[o aod liaron Streets, over store of R. W EUliiCo.Ann Arbor, Mich. Al dmln W. F. BREAKEY, M. D. PUTSICIAN AND SÜROEOIT. Office al reddence, corner of Hnron and División Btreets, fir-t door Eütoi;1 'iiirch. Ann Arbor, E. J. JOHNSON, P1ALBRIX HATS and Caps Pnrs, Straw Goode 1 Piimishing Gouds, &c , Nu. 7 Soath Main Street, Aüu ,'v "TüïHËÏÏLAND & wTlKDON, ilcre in Real rou Street. Alu sell flrstIng Maciimea. W. D. HOLMES, AGKKT for the Florence Sewing Machine, and dealer ílPicl "■ o. '■- Kast Quron Sïrcet LEW 18 C. RISDON, KALER te Hardware. Stovcs, Honse Portlshlng Goi8, Tin Ware. &.C. No. BI Sontb Mi,iii Stn BACH & ABEL, DULERSluDr -. &c, &c. No. 20 üoatli Ualnf irbor. BLAWSON & SON, CUOCERS, Provielon and Commlasfon Mcrrhnnts nd dealers in Water Lime, Land Piaster, and PlaeteritrU, N. U EaetHuon Btreet S. SÓNDHEIM, ■WDOLESAT.n ano retail dealer in Ready Made ClothiD&Cloths, Caa8lmi r GentB'ïnrilahing 6ood . Ño. 9 8oath Main Street. WM. WAGNER, IHiLER in Rrady Made Clothing, Cloths, Cl ■eres and Vesting, Hats Caps, Trcnks, Oarpet GILMORE & FISKE, W0K8ELLERS and Stationers, Medical, La wand College Text Books. School and Miecellsneoae Bik8. No. 3 Xorth Muin Streot, flregory Block, Aan Arljor. FINLEY & LEWIS, MALERS in Boote,Shoes, Gaiters, Slippois &c„ So.tEratHuron Street. R. TA KRANT, ■WIB" Puhionable Slioe Hotifc, Xo. 24 South Mtm E'.roiit. (BOCKERY, &LASSWARE & GPOCERIES. J. & P. DONNELLY Tei0 Rtora iarge stock of Crocl ery,(la88ware '"'"Wire.Cutleiy .Grocerics, &c.,'&c.,all tob "NMunnially low prle. - i,. x.12Ii"ist HurcnStieel .Ann Arbor1126lf J.ftP. DONNKI.LY. JOHN G. GALL, _ DBALEB ITT ÏRESH AND SALT MEATS, I.UtB, BAC8AGKS,, Jwnollcltedandpromptljr fllled with thebest " ln the market. ::l Eat Washington strset. A"Arbor, Si-;jt. ïrth, 1S9. 1235tf IVERY AND SALE STABLE. J. IT. AXTFXL, Corner Main and Catharlne trectg. Horsei boardw 'ysonabiu t.-nus Sccond hand biiL'ïics, cul lil lianrt harnees for sa'.e . 12ij 1 J ARRSEY, fi n Mnnatacturcr of arriages, Buggies, Wagons, wst'i'r?. ,s'-Kir;Ils "f '-vi-ry style. made of the best od ,,, ' a'"' warranl e piomjtll DeiicV , '■ Detroit Street, J"'1Alu Arbor, ilich. liTovl JjlVE ÖEESE FEATHERS Om.. :PI:rsT QTTALITY, "■Ulij on hand aud for sale by _ BACH fr ABEL. IVARTÏnS'S lc Placo togctanytliing you want in tho FÜRNITURE LINE! BE WU.I -0T „,. i NPEKSO1.D.


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