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Good Out Of Evil

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F rom the proceoding in Paris t the present time wo can forro some idea of the Baorificu wo nhould be ca!lo4 upon to mako in the crent of Loiidon being tbrettened wit h b suge. It soutas thai unoTiii ibe o'lur horrors of war wm!d be iuvnlveii tlia loss of all our bad chííracterg. ïwo iliouiuiud bd eharseters have, it is stated, been airested by tho Paria pólice and ordered to quit tliecity. Tbofe unfortunate exiles aro probablj now on their wny to our hospitab.e sborca, where thoj may depend upon meeting with the ready symputhy of au itiHuentiul porlioa of our population .n "addreíB" from the bsck elums of St. Giles' nd tho freedom of Whitechupel is the loust we eau present to theui uhould tliey bonor 111 t (h their pro-ence. llore thcy mny find n home libere they will nol be dmtuibeil, aud a niee Thames Jümbankment on which thcy muy keep their Sibbitths. Nor in our pity for our guents must we forget ibose whom a s'trii nt'cecsity ljas eompelled ibus to part for a time with her erring chil'iitm. We oan only realize wliat Paris must be vritli ou!y good f:haracUT9 lefl in it faucying Loodon in a gimilnr tnelancboly pjsiiiou. No roucbs with tbeir playful gambula in p.irk er street. No in.u obautiog blasphetnous htunles in col'egö caps aud gowr;B Resj'ec'ablo women alle to wslk throuyli the streeis wiihout beiiiL' i:iMiltcd No eldurïy gentlemen doabted up for t!e sake of their pursnp, or Larried il tn eteumy fur the sake i.f their time pieces. No bad languago- no vioItiDco - no tradttmen sellinp atlulteratcd íirt'.c'es niíh hliort wcishig and nieamie?. IIow little .in wo n tbii favored metropolis who ei joy iho l:eíi!lgs of ea:o imagine it deprivod of raabs and raI cality !


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