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Great Demonstration In London

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Londoo, Sept. 10. A peoial to the World saya : "Tlio Democratie floiuonstration of tho people of Loudon to-nigbt in Trafulgir Squaro is one of tbo grcatast popular nssemblaaos ever seon in the Britiah capital. Por pearly two hours the stroets lending to Clerkonwell, Bothuat Green and Holborn wro alivo with succosive procossions of the WorkiDgmea'a Societies and Democratie Associations of the metropolis. Each body of men as it advanoed along tho crovvdcd thoroughfare3 prcuodcJ by baada if musio üd illumiosted by torehos and transparencies, was followod by ropeated oheera l'rom the pooplo, vrho throngtd the sidewalks. Many houses aml oa tho line of tho prooessioD wero illuminated, and from tho windows of others depeuded in the gaalight tho flagH of Franoe, Englaud and America. I counted no fewer thau 30 American fiag8 displayed aloïg tho strand between Somerset ïlousö and Trafalgar Square. By 8 o'clook Trafalgar Square was ono dense inass of people from tlio front of the uational Acadomy to aroood the statue of King Charles. Perfect order provailed aloug the routo of tho proeessiona, and throughout tlio proceedings of the oveuing. Tho bonners borne by tho societies wero insoribüd with the mottoes procl&iiiiing tho great doctrines ot .Liberty, hquality and líratermty. Ono in particular, earried by a socioty from Hackney, ou wbich wüs ioscribed "The Uüited States of Eu;ope greet United States of America with ou Earth to Men of (7ood Will," was liailed with ropturous and rcpcated cheers. The meeting was proeidod over by Mr. Merriman who madd an effeetiva speech, in the eourse of whieh lio alluded to the iaot that, while the London press ridicule and elight that repubiioao movouient in Ensrlnüd to which their own daily denunciutions of tho wortblessnera of t h's Koyal Family give coustant encourageluent aod Btreogtb, t!c American prcs, 3,000 miles away, recogoizes its iuiportance and lends its moral support ftod generous Byrapathy, as tho American Kepublio lends its priceleís BU])port nnd a glorious aud successful exnmplo to JFrance. These remarks wcro receivcd with a perfect tempest of cheers for tho United States. A spirited addreaa to the Republic of Fraueo was adopted in wbich it is declarcd tL;it tho monarchs of Germany now, prosecuto the war aginst llepulilicanism and not agaicst Ernce, and that iu so iloing they are guilty of a groat critae aüainst Liberty and Ilunianity, aghinst tlio pecple of Germnny as weli as agaiust thu pcople ■of France. The address tclls the pie of Franco ihat the EnglUh petple have demanded, aud will uot ceaso to demand the rcconition o f the Republio iu Frailee, tul they shall have compliauce witfa tbeir will from a vaciljatiug and cowardly Ministiy. The Marseillaise was sung with tremondous ííect. The resolulioüs of the meeting were wholly friendly to the Gernctn peopie, but very bitter agaiosl lbo (íorniau Princep, as one of tho resolutious cxpressed it,"who abuso the eonfidence of Gennany," aa well 8s against "the not ]ee Germán Pntice- w!;o tbwart the freedom of Euglaod." Tlie seoretary of the meeting anuounced thut the uumber ofaddresscs in favor of peace now ciroulatine among the workitig classes now hd reacbed neflrly 100,000, and t hat they had already received the adhesión of Dearly 3,000,000 of workiug men. It ■ñas repefttndly declaved tbnt the workiog men of England honored the peopie of Germany for thuir patriotism aud gallautry in n icllitig the issuult of tlie Napoleouic dynasty ou tbeir ciuutry, but they implorad them to bewaro of gufieriüg tbeineelves to bo led by ihei own passious into : protract.d conflict with a great pcople, by wboui that dynasty has now b:en ropudiated. Tho two domioBDt ideas of the áemoutrotion wero, thíst the war muit ccaso and that tho Kepublie must bo suetained. The demonsirution increased contiuully i rumbers and iu enthasiasm, aiul just bofore tho adjournmcnt the exojtement was osrricd to fever heat by the arriv.ü of another procession írom Mile Etid, bearing betwcen tho flags of Franco ar.d tho Uüited States a huge whitu baoner Burmouuted by the cap of Liberty and inscribed in golden letters with the ingle word "Kepublic." It is univereally aduiitted that no such demonstra tion has everbefore been seen in Loudon and it is considered by thinking meu here to be the demand for a politica cliange for whieh the goveictnent o Gladstone has prepared íhc ay, and bj which it will bo swept out of power i it faile to necept and to assibt it. It i announcod ihat u National Associatio of Workingmen tuis been formed in ti: iotereats of Europea peoee, and that :: giiation in favor ot' írbitration 08tea of war will bo begnu and canie tbruugliout Bogland, and that deiuoi ■tratioüs will bo prepared before the as enibliog of Pui'Iiament, to whioh Parlia ineut aud the öoTemment will bc cou pelled to givo beed."


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