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A Letter From Bismarck

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New York, Sept. 20. A di'patch to tiio Evening Telegran datcd Berlin, Sopt. 20, gives tho tcxt o s letter from Count lii-iuai ek, writte uu the 11 tli : The uext phaso of tliis wonderful war will be the inveetiucnt, and i:i time, it is Lopod, the occupatiou of Paris, uud all hope of succesgful resiátuncü behig then oer, after tbat ba pcaoo. The Govcrnnicut of Prance, er Ihose i:i power, v, hoever they may be, t desire furtlicr Blaughter, whon all that will bo required of tiieui will be to give cei'tain absolute guáranteos tliat tho peacj of Europa will not ogain bo disturbed bj thu uuibitious acpiiatiuns or desires uf tbe Prench people, umi thal tho misuiiut! w;.iü!i tbey theipelvea have brouglit ou tho two natious may never agaia be repeled. I bcc 1 am iiatüdcd ín tlio columus of Beveral jouroals as baving tVated what these guáranteos, must be, and must not be. Of thece itatementa are raaioly tomanecs. Wheii approachod by gentlcimíii of the prcgH I generalij' givj ti'eiu civil anawera 1'b.eir owd iuiagiuation does iliö rest, Yon know what : are necosaary ice. Itis rathci' a i politica! queítion. _ No ov( rtures i an lio well rec lie army is bcforo Paris; but the iny and Iho peaoo of the worlj secured, Germany will aot oppose rminatioo of tbe war, from til tbe legitímate aspírn liildren ar ,ük1 Germany sfu from future cruel aud unnecessary si


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