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Hon. D. D. Hughes For Congress

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Wo hnvo reoeived Iho n;w3 of the nomination of Hou. 1). D. Ilughes as a candidato for CoDgrss, in oppnsitionj to tho nomiuation of Gov. I51air, iu thie district. Tho norriuation was uuauiraotia. It has been nisde without the dtísiro and eveu without tho knowledge of Jir. Hughca. It bas been aiado with do empty purpeso. It luis been c ered, bythosa ho have thi:a placed liim o nótnination, i". ancordnce with a f publio stfütiment ihroughout tbe district, that bis eminent qu& for the offii;e, liis views upon all the public questions uf t'io day, are more in bc cordanee witli ihe bost iuterests of a'l the pooplo of tho district, iban ttioio of Gov. Blair, fir.d that no feeVings of partisaoship ooald possibly t-werve hira from Iho fditbful performance of puhlio duty and the support of thosa mea of justioe and of economy whioh are qow deuianded by the g oat massofour peoplo, withoi-.t distinotion of party. Wc no knowledge, as jet, as to the views v.hir'u Mr. Flughes may take of the nomination. He iá, as ia well kaswn, red ia the practioe of a profession which engagea his entire time tbought, and ta which he Is particularly devoted by choice. To ■■ lio mu.-t, o up, temporarily at least, the pn and, i il jn tba electiou, in all human probabüity ! o muBt bo from iuevitahlt tirely. But b ■ oliarly in a position to re(rei eni I ;i' inet Lit , that, lika . ! I k e naking him to m erifioe tor tho publi are coijsi liona afftícting hii irsonal and l:i affairs and rclsvi j fact. IV r tUo [r sent, and until wc ow f '1 ■-' ews of Mr, os on thé - onljr s..y o ttio peopl 18, l0 beau-c the n the sclec'ïon diüata for (Lis ligb ofiSoï frtitn th ir ruidst, ïhe unabimous bostowal of the i i by a Conventi n represe en, in the affairs of tho naticn, i vent of do comuif.ii óccurrcnoe, and will oubtltss Ie f all y apprecialed and con idereil by Mr. should be coépt tbe . ■ '"■ may be ablo to do without a peí acrifice ton great, uiè frionds who daeed him before the public .i bc butul ■■■ and n i thcir fforta to i ulcction bui e.


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