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The Circuit Court

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The regular term of the Circuit Coiirt aunenced on Monday last. Judge 1 1 „ptued the Court at 10 o'c'.ock A. M., and wde tlie flrst cali üf the docket. A hu-ge ,ninbcr of cases were slaughtered, conmued, dlscoutiuued, reported settled, ,h wemakea note. Judge Mjctchell, dPortHuron, took Judge Hiobt's place Is the fttternooD and bas been holding tbc Coortalncc.glvliig general satlefactlon to jücoucenml. üp to yesterday noon the ifiowlBg hatl boen dlsposed of by trial or otkerwlw : Hrtje Wells and Elniira Walt c. Albcrt HlUrd. Decreefor complaiii:int sale oípiQperty ordered. flíftaPge Recelyer, &c, e. WUllam . Decree oí foreclosure and ■ , Bllabeth Manu e. Frederick Manu. Dlrorw deerced. BlIivJ. BilliuÊS, Jr. ts. P. C. Vreeland & Co Pica withdrawu aud jodgmeut for plaiulifl-, 2Ü8.0. v . Huyser ti. Frank Staffan. Judgmeut aintiff. Damagea 534.49. ftoDle P. Fosdick . Ano M. Tato. ReTrial by Jury. Verdict for plaiiitiff. Damages (5 cents. Hnry Faol í. xiawara is. .ucv-oru, et ai. juiljiuc-nt uu defaalt $809.81. Robcrt 8. Williams, Robert Behan, Christopher Bebau, Frederlck Wanzeck, Dak Btipe and Chas. Fungfar, admltted to become cltlzens of the United Otates. Bllaa Buyser w. Irvtng Storras. Qarnisbee ofFrank Staffau. Default $534 49. Gabriel F. Hargo (eolorcd) adtultted BS Atiuriifv, u:i diploma. IJoleS. Prlce w. Jolm D. Reed. Jury tfial: for defemlaut. IkePeople e. Willlara O'Brlen, Informalioo for rape. Trial by Jury. Verdict gnllty. Beuteuced to statu jn-isoii for 1U uars. HePeopteM. David Tbnrston and John Smith. Information far larceny. ArI Bind plead gullty. Tharston senvu State Prison lor i years ; ömiih tor 1 1 Tk' Poopla m. James Fitzgerald. Informatiujj forlarceuy. Arralgned and Kiiiliy. Prisouer released opon bis own Rcogoizaoce ander suspended sentence. TbePeople et. S.ilomoii Cook. Infonnation fur larceny. Trial by Jurv: Vercl.ct cuilty. Seutenced to State Pflsn for 2 ycaix. Tlie People rs. Chas. Sch vab and Jacob Mlller. llaücious trespass. Notte Frus. cutcreci. The People es. Hermari Sterling and AugastluBotts. Malicioug trespass. Pica of uot gullty wlthdrawu. Scutence 30 Jays ' iuail. Thel'co]!e rs. Lunis, Wm. Malr, Ptteriiasof and Peter UledoD. lfa.llcions trespass. Plea of not guilty .vithdratv. öeiitence, 10 days iu jail.


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