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The populatiou of the scveral lucorponted citics of tkis State, as sbowu by the census just completed, anti comparecí with the census of ltSli-l, iá as folioira : cities. 1864. 1870. Adrián, 7,044 8,451 Aou Arbur, 5,731 Albion, not org. 2.100 BaitleCreek, 3.S50 5,831 Ky0ity, no return 7,0ü7 Ooldwater, 3,977 turunna, not org. Detroit, 53,170 70,619 Ewt Saginaw, 5,725 1 1 ,873 ''lint, 3,207 5,600 8nnd Rapids, 8,372 16,687 Jackson, 5.444 11,521 BUlsdale, y,H7 Kalamazoo vlllagc, Ö,7'J7 D,44fl Jflng, 8,573 6,246 MBliatl, 4,2!I2 5,125 stee, not or'. ■onroe, 4,214 Jfwkegon, uot org. 6,002 Nilts, 1,:4( 8,89a f Hurou, 4)25 5.Ü73 Wtac, 8,581 Mgloaw City, 7,503 ■Clalr, i,ö76 H'silanti, 4,180 . 5,470 11 m 11 Since our last report two so-called "tch games of base ball have bceuplayed tythcAnu Ariior Club, 011 thcir groundg, irstonSaturday last, wlth the Salem Clb ; the secoud on Wcdnesday, wlth the ëfma Club of Fliut, whlch had been rtPorttdas "some." The scores stood by talng8,as follows: ANK ABEOR AND BALXU. Iin;s, 1 2 8 4 5 G T "Arbor, 4 T 2 T !) 18 l_fi em. 2 6 O s 0 4 Í- 21 8en innlnge fufflecd. Asx A1Í1JOK 4ITO OGESIA. '"'"P. 1234S0T89 oArbor, 4 10 jo 13 17 o i lo 7- t: ""M. 3030O0O0 6-11 Ajoungand ontliusiastio base balllst ■"Bowls that tor high." The Aun ■"xirBoys still have ihat "cup and club." _" Kcpublicun Eepresentalivc die"Convtnüuii, for this district, is called _ lje held ou Saturtlay, October lst, at 10 "jlock a. Mi XheWard caucuses, to elcct egates to the ame, are to be held on "uiesday evenlng next. Now coiues the 'ngofwar. d Jou;í W. Paiisonb, Consul at Santiago 'uba.dkd of vomito on the 13th lust. Pausoj-s was a bephew Of Mrs. A. H. i aua Mrs. Dr. Dougi-abb, of thlsclty. 'nother fonnerly restded here, and was " k'n to our older Inhabltants. Pa. ten Ju culao to tho coming County 'f, don't forget to cali at the Abqub "ceaudpay all arrearages. and for the And if J'ou do cribe lhe AKGÜ8 D0W' CaU '" aUd aat b ho drouth continueB, and the dust 8 precedent. Thls- Thursday-at wni Oowu. We aro plcased to hear til at the Uuiversity is not li!;o!y lo bo a great los ■esiguations oí Professors Evans and Spehi two profes; vacated have been unitud, rs we understand it, in onc, aai! Prof. M ro announced, appolnted to the chair of Modern Laoguages. Prof. M. cuu. oendcd Lhorougli aml accomplished acholar, both in Freuch ;m,I Germán, liaving speut several years abroad lu perfectli in those languages. I i bad exhaving inut, svu ure assured, wit i the besl ofsuccess. He,is to Isted In hls departmeut by :■. native Qcrman and a native Frcnchm'an, buth lung resldents of this country, experienced in teaching, and acqualuted wltli t hu Eng" lista language. l)i'. -V. Maasbbiu}, Instructor in Gorman, is a gradúate of the Uuivcrsity of Halle, and M. Jules Ds Lolmb, Instructor in Frcnch, a gradúate ol the L'niversity oí Taris. This arrangement is the sanie as Unit at Harvard, and it OUght to instire competent lnstruction, and ftdd Btn ngth to the University. 'e trast that üiicli wil! be the resul t. Tlio Litarary Díipartmcnt of the Uuiverslty opened on Weclnesday. Examiuatlons of uew studente commenced on Monday. Up to Jfesterday nooii 170 applicauts lmd beun reglsterett, a tl of wliom had nul yet passed. 13 of the applicants are ladies, the examlnatlons of somc of whom we hear hlglily spofeen of. Two ladles havo a!sj mktrlculated in the Pharmacy coursc. - The Medical and Law Departments open on the 80th lust. The presa abroud speak of a largo number o!' lady atudents in these departments. As yet we hear of but one appllcant for admlsslou to the Medical Department - hardly guffleient to pay tor a separate course - and of none to the Law department. But tluy raay be coming. Tra CueHMAN, Jr. and Jüstüs Carpenteh, of thls city, have pnrctiaced the ! House, at Sauk Raplds, MInn , and remove tbere uext week to take possesslon. A.nn Xrbor loses tWO gOOd citizeng, ftnd S.m!; R ip!ds is so much the galner. May they prosper abuutlautly in thetr ncvv home. - Irá promises us "two night's lodging aiul u Oay's board free' wliencvcr WO drop in at tlie Rusell ; quite a temptation but for the railroad fore juict tlie ctcctcras. Apples aro coming in with a rush, at $1.50 a barrel for choice winter rarieties. Besninq too!; iiion Taesclay and Wednes" day each 40 barrels, and on ïlmrsilay over 400 barrels. How la that for biz? LIe is buylng at tweuty-four otlier places. Tho State Fair opened on Tuesday, and a large attendance aud flne exhibitlon is reported. Our eugageinents have prevented us pultlug in a personal appcar anee. Remember (be Countj Fair, which is gnt down for the 5th, Oth, and 7th of October, wlth no provisión for postponeineiit ou account of wcather. ii i i i Tha nunual reuting nd salo of pews in the Mu E. Church ofthls city, will take place on Wednesday evenlug next, at 7'J o'clock. The Farmers' Store has got ia an enaew stock ofCarpets, togetber wlth a ful! line of other goocU. - C. II. Millem advises the Aitcus readers this treek that be mcaas business. Sec advertisement. - Süxdheiii is ou hand again wlth a largo stock, wlilch he is ready to :uake up toortlcr. - li-vcn ifc Abel gave our readers a ucw bulletin ast weck. They have goods to geil and mean to sell them. - Tlie same is to be said of WAQNEB, a reliable dealer in clotbs aiu! clothing. - Watch the Auoüs ad vertislng columns if you want to know who wishes to Bell gouvls. in mn 1 Tbe October number of Pulnam, uow on our table, aunouuces tbattlie November Dumber will be the last issue of the present series, after xvhlch it will be merged luto ScrfbTier's Monthïy, au Ulaatrated magazine, lo be publlshed by Scbxbieb & Co., and edlted by J. G. Holland. The flrst n amber of the new magazine wlll be issued about October iötli, and sent to all subseribers of 1' ut nam. - ïlie October number of Hoursat Home is also at band, completing its XI. volume and dUtlnctlve career, and containing a similar announcement as above. The new magazine wlll be pabllshed at f,3 a year, Wlth no club rates, and, supersediug two so good periodicals, we predict wlli immediately take high rank. - We also have ou our table the following October magazines ; - The Selectie, wlth :i flue portrait cf Raclne, and a well-selected list of articles. 5 a year. E. R Pklton, 108 Fultou St, Xew York. - The Oalaxy, with anothec instalhneut oí '-Lady Jndlth," Justin McCarthy's story, a readable artiele ou the Prusslan Elng by the same writer, more of Mark Twain's "Memoranda," etc. ijl a year. 5j:: & Co., New York. - LipptncoU's Magazine, With Part VI. of 81r Harry Hotspur, ' of Hamblewalte, by Anthony Trollope, The Qreat Monopoly- The Western Union Telegraph, Prossla and the -Germán Nailon, etc. 4ayear. J. 15. Lipfincott & Co., Philadelphia. - The Calhoüc World, pletliorlc and lul!. (S a yc'ar. Address Lawbbkce Keuoe, 0 VVarren Street, New York. - Godey't Lady' Book, with fashiou worklng platee, dlrectlons, recipes, ie. $8 a year. L. A. Godet, Fhlladelphia. - Aríkur'8 Home Magazine, $a a year, and Childrent Huw, a capital namber, $ 1 :.'") a year. T. S. Aktiiuk & Son., Philadelphia. - The jSursei-y, with picturesand stories for the little ones. 1.00 a year. L. Bhobey, Boston.


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