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Drrss Goods. Tho pepnlai- 1LL WJOL- Satiu DeCbluo Drcsa O. II. MILL] bOn. l' ;;:::ioii Kid Gloves, and ppveltlea i:i -Si:k OuuJs, tC. K. MILI.ÜN'S. I'ftc Cenia isidltlonaJ wlll bn; cor coppcrtips, whichwlll ■ bnjet tbs prlco oí i new pair of i ürty stockinïi tbey theleast Paronta tiy it. 1257 Plsids'.uh. raat C. H. lüIJ.KN'S. Brerjtiody wanta a Black Alpaca DreiBt THe beet aud cbca!:.?t yfit now opening at C. U. MII.L:.v;. Betond Hum] and ilew Orans And Helod ia forsale ri ry cheap ut Prof. Milla1 nusic niuiu, No. 43 uül Street. (Over llull i ISubluaou'a.j I216tf ALVIN WILSBT. " lWn Ihtiui 11 L!la':k, Blue, Green, and Fflucy Col orti, ia graat variety at C II. SIII-LKS'S. Bounty (o Soldier. Thos who onliftcdin 1S51 ont!ie flrst cali ofPreaident LiDc)]u, and wbo wcie honorabiy dlachargdd beforfltïtc azplrfttioD oflho term of tbeir ouliötmoit, ure enttüed to $100 eacii, aa bounty. Andsoldior8 cnli8tiug uiider act of July 4th, 1 S' i are to be iillowed tho anpald Inatalmenta of houuty if they wero dlacharged by expiration ofgervicoTho ubovo classus should appllcatloD to the andenlguod. Mfirch 24 tb., 1.STU. l-C-lf JOITN N. GOTT, Bounty iud Cluiia Ageut. - i ii 1 1 - PaiaTo Shawls handaomer tfaan ever, aud low in prico. Woolen Shawls In Plalda, Sbipu andlltod Colo. A very fine iisaortmeut :a C. II.MILLEN'a. II.uvï, hawk, aptt, spit) blow, blow, and (Uagnst ■ ly wlth the ollbnsive odor gom yoarOatarrb just boei - fogv doctor who haa nol dlë" covered and wlll not belieYe that tho world moves, lella you tbat it can net be cared, The proprietor n!' Dr, Sage'a Oatarrh remedy wlll pay KW0 reward f"r a case of Cctarrh whlch hu cannot euro. Sold by ts, or umi tixly cents to K. V. Prico, M. D. titreet, Buffalo.N. Y. ,for It. Apamphlet frea, Bawan of couutcrieits and worthlaaa Imita tlons. Remember that tbe Lcuuiue has Dr.Plercei private GoTernment Btarap upun tach puckae. ThlsStanap iMaod ly tbc (Tnfted States Qovenuneot exprsnly lor stamping Dr. Plerce's m rniti uauiCf aud addrostii cujtavcd upon it} . Do you want to reploolsli yoiu Bedding or IToute Fiiriiisliiujr Qoodl of any kiud, Shuetins, Liccu Towellnsi Blaached Uiullnaj tío to C. H. MILLEN'S. (sjuvCaimio.i. - Wc ara told that druglsts in sume places, when a-ked for Swcct Quiuiuu, sub Btltate for it BomdUüng clec ñxed np wirh öiiaror llqaorico Now( w desiN those whlilng tho Sweet (juiiiiuc to knoir that it is quito Imponible topre. ji.'irc it by any euch temporary or. eztemporaaeoiu incaus, and thoy iliould o that it is takcu fr.jin tbe bottles boarlng ooi tradu mark and labuls apon tlicm - Sleams, F.irr & Jo., Mainifacturiui,' Cllcmists, 2iw rork City . Sjld by Eburbuch & L'o. Domestic GooJs in all tbe PcpularMakoe, at very sinall profits at C. U. JIILLEN'S.


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