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An India Rubber Car Wheel

An India Rubber Car Wheel image
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It bas nlway BeMned as thoagh the ferfeclioii of locomotive luxtiry would Ie rc8ché'l when eilber tbe rai!s or tbe uar Ihc1h wers ïuiüle of rubber. John lladiliii, of Ly.DTl, h::s 1rv.s;i i wbeel n por'.ion of whioh is rubber. Tiie mecLitnitm nd experinjeota are tlms iiecrilud iu the BoMfii Aiwrtittr: Tha wbee] is oost ia thrce parts- tbo bub, the web, and a piale to wbicb tbe bub ibolted. Betwecn tbe axlc mid tlm bub intervcnes a rinjí of solid rubber about tlirce 'niches wiiïe and oneiooh tbick. - The effect of a wbeel made in tliis niaviner ia that a suducn bliw on the ucb ia et mmuuicatcd to tbc rubber and thence to t lio ax'es. It 'u olaimed that tliis wbeol is obeaper, eafor, because lesi li'i blo to braak, umi more oomfortablo ('■ r the passenger. Tlic hot whotl recjaoei the jar to h minimum, nnd one ofin read tricboat the least danger to th oyes. - Goiog aroaod curves the os;i':ition is bardly noticoable, and the sound is doariend so that oonvfirsatioo ccasea o bt.L au L'ff.irt.


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