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WM. M. SINCLAIR, G01ÍMISSION MERCHANT IN GRAIN AND FLOUR, ROOM „, mU-aSAUSTREET, CHICAGO. 1 - (T M. MARTIN, ■ tm IV F0BNITÜRE of all kinds. Parloraiid D!B.d Room Sets, Mirrors, c. 33 South Main Strtt . . ' ÜtACK&SCHMÏD,! In Drv Qoods, Grocerics, Crockery, "c Sooth Main Street. - cTXTleitèr & co., ..tcüs is DRÜOS and Medicine, PnréWIne m}ufJr' tor Medicinal Parpoae, Cigars&e., "„ Ufrgory Block. " A.W1ÖENMANN, ..Mtochange Broker, Real Bátate andFire „;,,,r._No. iiao.thM.ln Street. TrAOY W. KOUT, nmTWSBD Records of Washtenaw Cminty.and DE. KELLOGG, .mCTICTNGPhveiclan.and L.B.Kellora Proprl' of Dr Krfiosg-e Celébrate Bemedle. Aun Arbir . Mich. ; MORRIS HALE, M. D. MSroKNCK and Office No 18, corner Williams and niMonStreeU. Begnlar office honre. I tí il p ) Advice aud Prescriptioiw from C to .1. M. ticli 3aj , froc tratls to the poor. 1-bi "XíTfr"üthTngham, m. d., MTSIGIAN AND 80KOBOH. Office over Driii PSft No. T Huron treet. Reeldence, Ho. 8 ipSnstreet. Office hour, 8 to 11 A. M .and 1'. M. i R. W. ELLIS & CÓT ÍRCGOISTS . and dealers in Patat, OIls, etc No. 2 Sontl'MalD Street, Ann Arbor. " )OHN KECK & CO., miEBS in Fiiniiture of all kinds. No.62Sontli M,.n Street, and i Wet Liberiy, Street, Ann Aibur. J. Q. A. SESSIONS, nd Connieilor m Iw, Knal Eetateand ' „"i,,,,, Conveyandng ano Collecüon o( Cl Kromp atwncerilo -,, liberal term. OfKIV Bl'k, up stars, Uuren Street, Km Krtol . ff. H. JACKSON, DK.VTTPT, BCMMOr to C. B. Porter. Offlce. corre. Niloud Baron Streeta, over the store of K. - EUis Co , Ann Arbor, Mich. Anajsthetics adciln Iswcd f required . W. F. BREAKEY, M. D. PHT8ICIANANDSÜR0K0N. Offlco at reaidenc, wrnerof Unronnnd División Street!", rit door Btitol Presbyterian Church, Ann Arbor, Mich. E. J. JOHNSON, DEALER IX HATS and Caps. Furs.StrawQooas Gent1 Fornithlng Goods, &c. Nu. T South Main Sirt, Adu Arbor. SÜTHERLAND & WIIEDON, UPEiDdFirelnsarance Agenta and dealers in Real Hítate. Office on Horon Street. Al ell flrsttiiaScirius Mv.hines. W. D7H0LMES, JICEyr&HtkeFloreiiMSewíní; Machine. and dealer n Pittures, Frame, &c. No.3i East Huron Street ! LBWI8 G. IlISDON, IULEB n Hardware. Rtovei, Hoaae Fnrr.isliing OmkIí.Tío Ware, Ac, X. 31 Sonth M;.in Street. BACH & ABEL, BBALEÜSin Dry Goods, Groceries, &c, &c No. 20 Sonlh llain Street, Anu Arbor. SLAW80N & SON, CROCERS, Pro1SIo d Commifion Merchante wi dealers in Water Lime, lAnd I'laster. aud Piaster Pri, No. H East Horon Street. S. SONDHEIM, SFHOIESALE &odrtail dealer in Ueady Made Clnthiae. Cloth Cassimerc. restinga, and (íents' FurnbhiusGood. No. ! Sonlh Main Slrci-t. WM. WAGNER, OTILER in Eeady Made Clothing, Clotlia, Ca?finMtndVtiBgg, II its Cajjï, Xruuku, Uarpet Bífí.ic .ïlSutli Main Strcit. GILMORE & FISKE, BOOKSF.LLEUS and Stationers, Medical, Lawand College Teit Books. School and Miacellaneoni iaAa. No. 3 Korth Main Street, Grcory Block, An Arbor. FINLEY & LEWIS, DEALEIIS in Bootf, Shoee, Gtitere, Slippeie &c, üo. i East Un ron Street. R. TARRANT, LAMES' Fashionabie Shoe House, No. 24 South "sin street. [EOCKEEI, &USSWARE & GFOCERIES. J. & P. DONNELLY ■e In storea largestock ff Crockery , iilapsw:, re rlWWare,Cutlery .Groceriee, &c.,"í:c.,ll tob "idltunuüually low pricP. Xo.l2EistHurcnStret,ADn Arbor. ll!8tf J. k V. DONNEI.LY . JOHN G. GALL, ., DEALEK ITT FRESH AND SALT MEATS, lak, sai;sao;es. Etc. "1ertolicitedandpromptly fllled with the best "au in the market. 31 Kapt'VVashlngton street. Aon Arbor. Sept. 16th, 189. 12S5tf JIVEKY AND SALE STABLE. J. V. AXTFXL, JttSainandCathariuestrecU. Horaci board„'"oiiablctcrmB. Second haud bueftiee, cutKn "d wad harnees tor na'.e. íííífl V ARKSEY, CSyk ManataetHrer of Carriages, Buggies, Wagons, o1? SLRIOTiR of evcry style, made of the best and aot warrantííd. Rcpairinjí done juomptly Il'ffO reaonfible. Detroit Street, ncar R. B. uePt,Ann Arbor, Jlieh. lüTOyl JjIVE (iEESE FEATHERS PIRSTQTJALITY, '-tantlyon hand and for Bale by RA CHfr A BEL. JVJARmi's lhe Plaee to got anythlng yon want in the FURNITURE LINE! HE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD.


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