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MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFE INS. COMPANY OF DETKOIT, MIOE (ESTA'M.ISllED IN 1887.) JOHN' J.BAOr.EY, Prüsidknt, JACO S. FaKBAND, Vici! rrimiicnt. JNO. T MGGETT, BorUry. JAUE.1 C. WA1SON, Actuary. J). O. FARBANJ3, M. IL, Qdieil ExnilDer. A SiicccssfulMicliiiran Ufe losuninco Company. orgsnitad for the purpose of furuishmg In.iurauctujun lives at THE LOWEST COST COMPATIBLE WITH Absolute Security, and tor the further purpoae of KEEPIM MONEY AT HOME, wliich heretofore hos beeu sent East, RATES AS LOW AS SAFETY PEBMIT8. E T 1 R K 3VI U TA L I T Y AND STRICT EQUITY Mark tuf instem ml prevalí in tLe distribución ol ANKUAL DIYIDEKDS TO TnE IXSURED Whll,b]r 1 roTisions oftlie State I.av, nil by thcir own terms, ALL P0LIC1ES AKE NON-FORFEITABLE INSCBAKCa FURNI8HED ITON ALL DESIRABLE PLANS. All tlie BEST KETL'KFS of the OM Comp.inies Al)()TED,ar. tliüir BBROR8 AVOIDED. SECURITY, ECONOMY, EQUITY AND THE WEST, ITS MOTTO. L3E l?or Agencies apply at tlic HOME OFFICE, Bank Block, Giiswold Street. SLi I. M. THAYEU.Gon'l lDt. PBSD. L. BAHH, Agent. lMBjrl A. WIDENMANÑT REAL ESTÁTE AGEIT, ANN AIÍBOR,MICH. OOPEXtS FOR S-AXjE : 53 ctps of ]anl, witliin one half milefrorin tbeciiy, tobe sold in wholt'.or parctls, i foltoWfl I 24 ur on i-oct in 1!, in the town of Ano Arbor borderlog on tbfl eui on the road Unding to Cornwclls' paper milis, and on the son h OD 15!i actes situnic-l tin the nortliwest corner of the Oorham road od the wid Conwll Factory ruid . fThifi i "ne of tli e hanrisomefit situations in the neighborltood of Ann Arbor.) 13JÍ acres improved land joiolng the above 15)L acres aml fronting Gorliam Kond. Fortv of Virt Claiss Farming Land. with good Orcliar'l nii'l r.;itu, 23 ■ mües f rum the Court ïloust, on the upper Dixboro road. 1 aro of Und with a new two tnry frame house on Tfaomptfon, Bpooz Ai Xliouipsou's atldition lu the Cit5 of Aun Arbor . Motfl of % acre each, on Thompson ,Spoor&Thompsen's AUtlitiou. ) acres ofUnd, vltb a nplendid groye, joininp the Piramen'fl Park o" the est. liHoaM and % lot of lana, with Barn, Wash. Kitchn, Carjiac UoilM, and ft numbt-r of nm.1 ein Lm irovi-ini-nf, on llie northwest corner ol Kuurth and J'ackard Street. audLoliu theüd Ward, on South Liberty SI reet 1 Houie and 3 Ix)t in the 2d Ward, near2d Ward clK'ül liouïft, 1 House and 4 ToUrnar the M,C.R.R. Depot. 20acrcH oflaiid in tbe soath of th $alc of Hliflouii , near the UannibaL 4-St.Joseph Ha il road. 2 City Lots near2l Ward School JJouse, A. WIDEÑMANN, FOREIGN EXCHANGE BROKER, ANri ARBOR, MICH. SELLS AND BUYS DRAFTS, ISSUES LETTERS OF CREDIT OS AÏX PRINCIPAL PLACES In JttF-AT BRITAEK, v.liMANV'KANCKWIT,. EK1.AN1, ete. My dirt coiineciionfi with Kurnpe. meto offer as fair rtie asany New York Ii 'ju -.-. Kemcjiit-Kir, I a.m not an acrnt of any heuse in this country , hut I am haring direcicominunicaü'in with the eít houesín Eurojie. COLLECTIONS IN EUROPE BYPOWKR OF ATTORNEVOROTIIEHWISE.WILL BE 1'llOMlTLY ATTENDI.U TO PASSAGE TICKETS prr Steampr to and from New York to all principal ports ot Kurope 1 wiïl iend attjollowK: From New York to Southsmpton, Hrr, Iindon, Jïii'iuen, or Hamburg, ■ lt Class. 2(1CU. Steerage. SVIO. T2. 2SinGoW. Return tickets. 'J-5. 125 61 " " Frona above places to Xew Yorkt lst Clan. 2dClats. M ClafB. $120 $72. $40 in noli! Cftbïn $S0 to $100 Currency. gteerage, $30 u (.'urrency. From Liverpool toKew York, CaVin, $100. SteiTuge, $87. "WIDÊNÏVIANN, FIRE INSURANCE AGENT .KTI ABBOB, For tbft Howardjlnfurance Co , In Npw York one of the otdest and beet Compactes in the country. The Tentonia Insurance Company in Cleveland The honorableand safe management of thisirisHtution hai made it one of ibft raoat reliabla Fire Insurance CompaníeR in the Weet. 1257yl


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