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A Good Rule

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A fnrmer, who owxted n flne orchurrf, "no day West out tii uiti two siiiis to i rrey, The time of the year being Aprl , The buds wcre beginning to break Into bloom, Tiic air all nbout him as ricu with pártame, Aud(uotliii)g, at flrst, waked'a feeling of gloom. But all at once, golng fi'otn Ibi? place to that. He ahaded hi eyee witfa tha brim of liit hat, Baylng, " Ilere is a Ircc áying out, thtu ís llat IM He CflUed lus ons. Joppph and John, And sald he, ■■ l'hi.-. gweetlligr, yon know. WM my íavorite tree- Just look ai top, dow, and see what you see ! " The blossom? are blighted. and snre as yon Jive, It won't have a bashel uf applea to iïive 1 What ails it y the rest uf the tree seouu tu thrlve. 11 Hun. boys, brlng hit her yonr tools, and tíon't stop, Jtut tíikp every brtiucli tliat is bUlng alop, And UV it out qtiickly, f rum bottoiu to top ! " Tei father." thcy .Jifd, and SWay íhey both ran- For tln-y alwsyi Búíáfatíi r, aml in-ver !■! man Aud for my part I don't $ e hu#í;oud cliilüreu cnu. Aml In-forc n hnlf-hour of the mornlng was pone, They were back in tlic orchard, both Joseph und Johii, Aud presoDtly all the dead branches were eawn. "AVcll, boys,' said the farmer, "I thínk for ray eliart;, If the ruin and tbe simshinc but necontl Dur care, Tbu oJd swc-etiug jet vvill be tiriven to bear!" And eo when a month, rony be more, had ffone by. And borne otíl the Joña, and brougbt Ln tne Jl.1v. lie uanit! back, the kick of the pmiiinff to trv. Aml lo ! when the awcctiii was reachcd It was íouud That wind-falls cnough were strewn over the gronsd, Ent oever .-ii, npple tJl bln&hlng and eouud. Then the famw saïd, Bhapïog lilf motions to snit, !■ lrt ii]) to the boughfl nul then down to the fruit, " Ounif Jobnny, come Joseph, and di to tlie root 1" And itralithtwoy they cnme with thvir spade and theif boe# And tbrew off thelr Jackets, and ghouting, lHere goesi" They digged down, and down, with the sturüü'st blows. And, by and by, 'Josnph hip gruhbiog hoe drew From the carth aud the rooty, cryiug, ' .Father, look, do l" And he puintcd hls wprds with the toe o f hls shoc '. And the farmer said, shapltig a gestnre to Bult, 11 i teê why our $veettm hu brooiht us ao fruit - Thereli ft worm sucking out aJI the -aj) at the root 1" Then John took hia ppade with an awful griuiaco, And Itlted the vgly tningont of it? place. And put tbc turtli back in a vorj ahort .pace. And wben the noxt year cnme, ït nnïy is fair To pay that the BWeeÜng rewurded the care And bure tbem good apples, euouh aml to sparo. Andnow,rny dear chiidren, wbenevcr you fee A lile that is proiillcün, think oí tluit tree: For out of leo chances to onc there will be Somohabit of evilindaigcd day by day. Aod bid 'i the ftarth-wono was hld in the ctayT That i Kteadily snpping the life-blood awa. The fruit, when the blossom is bUghted wili fall- i he mu will beeearched out, no matter ho wemall, So, what you'ie ashnmed to do, don'i do at all 1


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