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A Picture On The Field

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i' rom a long and iDteofiety interesting desoriptioD of thc buttles before Metz. bj Mr. Halstcad, to the Ciucinnati Commercial, we clip the following paragraph : Two carriages were near the gicup- ione prended over by a black servant with a red cap and a black cloak (tbo King's), the other Bismtirck's. At the moment Bismarck was lying down, with a French knapsack for a pillow, and a Frenen (ent proteotiog bim from the wind. I saw tbc big white cap on the knnpsack, and recoffnized the important personage. An offiocr spoke to him (juick y, as if he had to make a coramunication of sudden interest, and be got up and looküd at thti engagement with a field elass for n few minutos, wheo he strotched' himtelf upon the ground again. Ele was in militar; dress, but bie uniform was bidden under a waterproof coat, that carne down wilbin three or four niches of bis spurs. It struek me as he lny tbere, bis !u;id toirard tbe battle cloud iu the east, one band under bis bead, and tlio otlier resting on his . tlmt bis attitude exprcsstd (Je prensión. At any rate, there was no mislakiog the auxious tlmughtfulness of bis face, and tho disposition oí bis liinbs Wiis that of extreme uneasinoss. The King, in bis Hglit blue uniform bad bis Burnside elegauee oí' appiarance and did not seem rampantly determined as lie is said to bave been at Sadowa, to ride like a romantic knigbt into tbe thickest of tlie battlo. The superb oíd gentleman had, I suspect, about as mucb to do witb the actual direction of tbe forecs under bis command at tbe moment as the rest of tbe spectator. And tbere was a figure a few paces frora the King that did not seena unfamiliar ; and to be sure tbisman was wearing a blue coat with clusters of buttons on the breaet ; and there was a strap with three stars on tbe shoulder. Who can lie be other than the Lieutenant General of the army of the United States. Tbere was no mistake about it, there was Phil Sheridnn - square, burly, put upon bis legs as if to stay - with his field glaes steadily on the line of battle, and it is only fair for him to say that he has one of the best military heads in the world npon his shoulders.


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