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CHAS. A. LEITER & CO., CHAS. A. LEITELÏ & CO., CHAS. A. LEITER & CO., CHAS. A. LEITER & CO., No. 1 Giegory Blcck, No. 1 Gregory Block No. 1 Gregory Block No. 1 Giegciy Block, Sign of the' Gilt Mortar 13 Sim of the Gilt Mnrtar E Sign of the Gilt Mortar tW Sign of the Gilt Mortar iiavi: ,n:sT QPENED BAVfi JDST OPEN] D ' . "HAVE JOT OPENED HAVB Jl'ST upknkii 'i"le T-Mriest Stcxilc oL Tha Ii'iuoat StTclc of Tlio lJ'iiioHt Stook of THe H'iiitBt HtooU ot DRUGS AiD MEDICINES DRUGS AXD MEDICIES DRUGS AXD IED1CLES DRUGS AND lEDiCIEXS ÍN THE CITY ÍN THE CITY. ÍN TUR CITY N TUIC CUY. PITRE WINES AtfD LIÜUORS Kor Medicinal Porpoten. Tlie Popular Patent Ifedlolneaof the áy, unát tnytMng kvpt in a ñcatI ifi: l' Stnri'. A ti EXCELLENT BRAND OF CIGARS. '■■cent u the City Otto S Rejntler's celebratsd SL'RGICAL AND DENTAL INSTRUMENTS. ti? ESPECIAL ATi'KNlION r.IVIX TO TFIE COMPOÜNDINn OF PHY810IANS' PRE8CRIPT1OKS and TAAIILY MEDICINES. 1206 A COMPLETE STOCK 1W Al iASONABLB GOODS, NOW I3EINGHECEIVED FINLEY & LEWIS, WE ASK THE PAUTICULAR ATTENTION OF BUYERS TO OUR LARGE STOCK Oí1 Kip & Calf Boots, AL4.DE BT HAND EXPRESSLY FOft OUR TRAPE. JUST RECEIVED WM. WACNER'S, A LargB aad Choico Stock of FALL AND WINTER a-ooDs, íxcLUDixa CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, VESTINGS, &C. LATEST STYLES iND BEST QÜAL1TIES wnicii ue wili. M4NÜPACTÜHE on íerms lo suü, and in the line of READY-MADE CLOTHING AND Gents' FUKNISHING Goods. Alio LADIF.Í'andGENTS MOROCCO SATCHELS K o. 21, South Main Street- Et 3 id. CALL AND SEE THEM. WILL1AM WAGNER. Anti Arlior, Pept. 1S70. tSkTke í, logg'S LIVER INVIG0RAT0E, ín a novir fatUng eurfl fr Dvfspcpsh, PicJí-Hendncho, Agüe and other ilipaej aiisiog fro ra Iadlges tion or Torjú'lity of l.iver. JTJR. KELLOGG'S Liver Invigorator ís a Starulunl UediclDA, and i oomposod oi nif'irioa i propfti iiyn dxtraotdd Irom ome o f the mo inon articles of tooi cotubin ! with the coDcentrat-H jalóos of tamoaB lí totí anl llcrb. rjUlvELLÖGG-S Indian Heraedy, Kever fil to culo COUGI-IS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS, an ather affcctlons or tbe Throat and Lungv., "Ts A LINIMENT DR. KELLOGG'S INDIAN REMEDY. Stamls unrivjilcf! a a cure f'ir all disparos attendeil ■vith inllajiüiuition, andis tMjualty good lor m.iu or beaat. JP YOU FEEL WEAK OR LANGUID, Dnlland Unam e Dr. KvJIogg'a lirr-r [arigorator i our bea Ith. 'fyï. KELLOGG'S STANDARD MEDICINES, Are Rold hy Drupc'f'ts erbrywl A LL KIND8 OF - IE 8K1N Aioared by Dr. Kellogg CHAMPION OINTMÍNT Go to R. W. ELLIS & CO's I for choice Wines and Liquors for Medical Purposes. == i pOOD NEWS! AM ARBOR WILD WITI1 EXC1TEMENT ! HIGH PEICES EXTERMINATEDI S. SONDHEIM HAS JUST RITCRNEP FROM THE E A. S T , WITH THE LAROEST AN"D BEST SELECTED STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER CLOlHINa CEST'S FlUMSUIXG COODS, TIIUNKS, VALI8ES, SATCIIELS, &c, &c, &c, T1IAT II AS KVER BEES BROUGHT TOT1IIS CITY, VFHICH UK W1LL SELL Oheaper than the Cheapest for Cash. ALSO A FIS E ASSOETMKNÏ OF CASSIMEEliS, CO ATI NOS, and VMTINGS, V.IIICH HE W1LL MAKE UP TO OHDEn IN THE EEST STYLE, AND WARRANTED A FIT OR NO SALB. m TEA. TEA. C. A. LEITER & CO. OF No. 1 GR.BGORY BLOCK, liold the Sola Agencj of the Great United States Tea Co. 01 ÜW York, for Ihe City of Ann Arbor. Tliis f'ompanj ileal exchiflivclj in TEA and COKFKK, and purchascthc Ir bj the Cargo. Their Superior Knowledjre of tliis ClaSfl of Gooiln, n.nd unu sual CtcUltiea íor purcliaKing Teas, glvethem ' A GREAT ADVANTAGE over smaller dealers, Tliea Tcae aro put up ín Pound Packages,(down wetght,) mul the príce and kind niarkert ia piain irint and figures tby the Company on cach pacUagc, so therc ehall be SO PARTAL1TY IN PRICB OR QUALITY. ANY TEAS PÜRCHASED OF US NOT MEETING REC0MMENDATI0N3 MAY BE KETURNED AND THE MOÏIEY REFUNDED, Ar we hall not Heil any adulterated article - knovr inglj. We foei conlldont that 25 to 33K Por Cent, can be Savod Bj Purchasing These Teas; mEi-r tkemi Ann Arbor, June 24th, 1870. C. A. LEITEK & CÖ. 12T5tf Swet QuirNrie JVersus Bitter. N ForVlic folloivinsr RF.ASONS SwrrW Qumiü shouUl replace the old torul or Itithr Quinint. ;wrrttnlnlnfi Is WARRASTKn vArticinally ideical in effect wlth Jiitter )uiii. Srcct iliiiic )ias none of (ntl and' persistent Uttcrnett of common Qi-lnino. Swectliluliilne Is mudo fiom rlmvlaa Balk ouly, tlio soiirce of Blttei (jAinino. In Swtrt Quhilnc the bitterness is rfectlj- onoealed, Iml may bo instaiitiy lovclotcil if deèïred. I C Swcct Hnlnlne wiU not slckon, na vocy iitici substancos often lo. SvrcetfQutnliie is rcaiUly laken, aild Tvltboul the least hcsitation,byolclainlyoung. SwcetWnlninc ontirely obviatPS tmt unconVueriiblo disliko which cliüdremhavo to BYtcr Quiuinc. I s& Swfrt reqvilres no eJnhoraUl )iroiwmtion to tako, is rcaily for insta, uso. Swctt tiiinino, 'n its ógroeabfliti nnd propt effleacy, rtisábnsea tlio yublio nuil ni:ls tlio efforta of tlie intolugent l'lrvsiciun in its administraüon. Btveet Wiilnin costa no moro thíim the BitttV (juininc. Sreet uuiikine can bo had at tho l)ruï? Storls In two foiins, viz : Jluid, fonconvon'pncc of families and tiKeiicralpnl llc,wnil jtfnfer, for uso L Physic8 amliást3. k f Syjfchüns, Farr á6., MAWtfACTURING CHEMIST X r ew vork. m . For Sak' by Ebarbcoll Co., (irupBists. 12641 JEÜPT.E'8 DEUG SÏOiifiii R. W. ELLIS &. CO' AKTISr AKBOB


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