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Tl) PBÏSKMIS ! New Yokk, August 15 th, 18C8Állow mo to cali your attention to my PREPARATIÓN OF COMPOÜND EXTRACT BUCHU. The component parta are, BUGHU, Lono Leaf, CUBEBS, JUNIPER BEKRÍES. Mode of Pbfaratio"N. - Buchu, íq vacuo. Juuiper Berries, by distillation, to fonn a fino gin. Cubeta extracted by displacement with spirits obtained frora Juniper Berries ; very litilo sugar is ueed, and a Bmall proportion of spirit. It is inore palatable than any now in use. Buchu aa prepared by Druggists, Í8 of a dark color. It is a plant that emita ils fragrance ; thc action of a flamc destroya tliis (its active principie), leaving a dark and glutinous decoction. Mine is the color of ingredients. The Buchu in my preparalion predominates ; the smallest quantity of the other ingredients are added, to" prevent fermentation ; upon inspection it will be founá not to bo a Tincture, na mado in Phar-macopcoa, nor is it a Syrup - and thereforo can be used in cases whorc fever or iuflaiutnation exiat. In this, you bava tho knowlcdge of tlio ingredioots, and the mode of preparation. Hoping that you ■will favor it with a trial, and that upoa inspection it will meet with your approbation, V ith a feeling of profound confidence I am, very rcspectfully. II. T. IIBLMBOLD, Chemist and Druggist of 19 Years' Experienco. (Froni the largeBt Manufacturing Chem ists in the World). November 4, 1854. " I am aerjuainted with Mr. H. T. Iielrabold ; he oceupied the Drug Storo opposito my residenco, nnd was successful in couducting the business whero otherd had not. been equally so before him. I have been favorably impressed with bis cliaracter and enterprise." WILLIAM WEIGHTMAN, 1'irm of Powers and Weightman Manufacturing Chemists, NídUi and Brown Streets, Pbüadelphia. HELIBOLD'S FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU! Forweakness Arlalng from indi-cret-on. The ex hmisted i)W'jrs of Maturo wliich are acompanied 1) y so nifiny alarming symtoms, amoog which will befuini'l , I.)'ísjí)-;itlon to xeríon,Loss of Memory, Wakeínliu-ss , Horrot of DÍ8M86, or ForebodingB of Kvil; Ín fíict, Univor-tal Lassitude l'roittratloa, and Initbilíty lo eníer iato tfce cnjomenta of sociefy. 11 CONSTITITffl once a(Teote;l ttlth Órganlc Wakaesa, roqtiírva tb aid of Medicine to strenjthfn and jnvigorate the system, which ffELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU In. vttriably lïoee. lino treatment is submitted to, Coa Bumption or luaauity eubueá. HELMBGLD'S FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU nalTe-tions peculiar to Foiniles, Ís uncqualled Ity any other prti;irnlion, as in Chlorosis. or Retentioo, Pain ful ijcsa or Suppressionof CHSíonmry Kvacuations, Ulcerated orScbirrus ütato of tho Uterus, and al! complainU incidental to the sex, or declino or chance of life. HELMBOLD'S FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU IMPHOVED KOfE WA5H Willradicftlly extorminrítefrom Lhe svRfem discano aristón from habita ni' dlsBlpatioa, rtt liWle expenses little orno cliano in Jet, no inconvenience or ex josuro ; ccmpletely hupcrseding thosp unpleaaant and oUuageroui reraeOis, Copaíva audütrcury, íd alltht'se di6cae. USE EELMEGLD'3 TLUÍD EXTRACT BUCHU Id 11 disonsen of llioso orgaiu, vhether exiMing ín maleor fomtle, from ftbaterer cause originating, an no m&ticr of how lona: standltag. It 8 pteasant in taete anl odcr, ' ' imnicdiate" in actíoi, and raorn Btrepgtht'Ding than arj of i he pn-j nrnlionx of Bark or (ron. Thoae suíToríj);' from brofcen rtown or delicate con[itutions, prouio thft.remedj a t once. The reaïcr most bo aw.ire t lia t . however fiUght may bo the attrckof the tibove cjsca:es, it ís certftin io affect tbebodilj beaith nrd mental potrera. All the abore 'Üm;;.'- requlffl the ai H oí n Diuré tic. i:i:i-MUOI-DS KXTRACT BDCfip is a grcat Diuretta Sold by Duiggiats Everywhcre. Prlce $1.25 per Bottle, or 6 Boltlea for iS.SO. Delivered to aiiy address. DeHCiibe Symptonis in all cciumuiiicaticns T. HELÏVISOLD, Drug & Chemical Vareliouge, 594 BR0ADWAÏ, New York. NOIVí: AHE GEiU'iJMJ unless done np in steel cnffrnvetl wrapper, Wiíh fac-simile of my CUemicul Warehcitse, ánd signetl F. T. HELMBOLD,


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