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The Greatest Name

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Cljelilicljiganrps We wore corainc homo f rom school Jim, I, mi.I Wiüle Poule, Am!, aeross onr hoiiicw.-inl way, Dmk anti OOöl tlM shit'imvs Uy Of the vrtving beachen bough IVwasl:ite, anrl'summer And we loitered rs boys do, TUI, trom pastures on the liül, At the sunsct red and still, Slowly. ctune tUe patiënt cow. A1i ! how mnny. plans we made, Lying in Mie beechcs" sliade, Of the future, dim and rand, That we each, with mighly hand, Foroursclves woulri nobly. grasp 1 Ah ! vchat golden drcnms of faine Mingled' with the sea of (lame Ih that chaiiKliiK western sky ! Ah ! the haiuls iu .station hiüli, That we thonght ourown should clap. And' we watchecl'the waves of gold, In the western sky that rolled, And the far-oft" meado ,V8 dyed Wlth the ebbinf; goldi-n tide, 'Tlll the twllitihtsofily oame ; A'nd the meadows dusky crew, And the zenlth lost its blue; Then we sld, a) homeward bcut, O'er the darkening flelds we went, " Whlch shall have the greatest name?" Jim won a hero's name. When war' awful clamor carne 8oundin; tlironghthe frlghtened land, Êor the rlght he took hls stand, And the nation calis him great. V have trod the scholar's way, And wherever men, to-day, Speak of sclence fair and iree, Do they also speak of me, And for my opinious walt. To a far-off, forelgn land One, among the lowly band Who, with patience seck to win Souls from dnrkness and from sln, WJUla went ; - now years have fled, Slnce from that far land there came Even the mention of hls name ; And, though years my come aud go, liever, never may we know Whether living he, or dead. But, woen slimmer days are weet, Oft we leave the city street, And at twillght still and cool, "Where we sat with Willie Poole, - Jtm and I- and talked of fame, H the hero stern and brave, V the scholar caira and grave, Come agaln and softly say Ere we take our homeward way, " Whlch shall have the greatest name ?" - The hiterior.


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