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From the New York Ledger. I never come upon a nest of eggs, secretea by the hen most conscientiously, sud unkuowD to the most searching of hbusekeepers, without a gense of boyish dligbt, whioh would bring down on me reproving look and grave admonition ftom all who have an awful sense of the proper digiiity of ministers. But I have no doubt soda and acida come together wïth the yery best resolutions. They are determined to restrain themselves, and not foam over. Yet the first drop of water eets them off, and they inakobubbles and throw them in eaeh other's faces at a furious rate, in spite of all the efibrts at self-goveroment. Kow, wliat is to be done about it ? Were they not made so ? Ar.d are not somo peoftè made 60 as to effervcsce oasily ? Why they were made eo, is a qiiestion thnt hould be addressed to another quarter. Well, I was saying, that the discovery of hidden cggR was always an excitement, and there have been times when the excitement was prolonged and extreme. It chaoced in thia wise, and ia the goodly State of Indiana. No more neat, careful, exact and gcrupulous housekeeper ever wns peen in the Hooeier State, than our fair landlady, who bad us in special charge during the absence of our proper head and queen, wbo sought health on the seaboard. An old-fashioned barn there waa, hoge in the ñutidle, with a v&riety ot sheds, leantos, atables and carriage-houseo, projeoting on every side of it, as if the barn had Bottled a fauiily of little barns u.'l round it. It was a family barn, beloved of bons and boyg ; for in its roomy interior, and in the pasr-age?, bins, nooks and corners, all eorts of frolics niight be carried on, wbile an occasional "peak" at the cracks would keep them inforined when the old man waa coming. But hens, who have a secretive tendeocy, a modesty of the nest, find tl.eir paradise in such a voluminous barn. - Here they may lay in eilence, and proclim it in vocitVrous cackles, bringing down the whole barnyard iu ohnrus, and makiug echos in the neighboring hen yarda, and yet the eearoher find notbjngl "That pesky hen ! sho laya every day, and yet we are none the better for her eggp. I wonder where the creature Lides 1 If Harvey was bolt as unart &e liie fatber, I know that be could fiod tbat nest." Again and again carne the exultant oaekleand again and again we were without oaatards. And so, one mellow autumn day, we wandered through the gaideB and strolled through iuto the barn. It was not ■o full but that it had the seoec of great ■pace. It wns festooned with cobwebs, and had all the tribes of spiders that hide in half lighte. We climbed the beama, we jumped down from far up on the hay, and finaliy, afier suodry amusements, lay down by the side whcre the ehrunk boards gave us an inipection oraok, from which we swept the mighborhood - saw aud were unseen. Soon we heard the least possible sound of a foot on the bay. our head we beheld the productivo but unpruíhable hen etealing toward ht.-r secret nest. It was the one time too often. We knew ai much as he did. How rapacioua are all oonquerors ! - There wa tlie rouuded nest, well sunk in a corner, full, brimful of eggs - thirteen, besides one for a nest cgg 1 As oriental kingB despoil a captured city, rob its people, pull down tbeir cLoice architecture and quite discrown its beauty, o we found the nest glowing as white af marble, and lsft it - like Lay. Is thcre uot a providence for hens 'i Is there Dot a f:ite that follona the most obscuro and uuwatched violence ? We put the eggs safely in our coattail pocket, and walked eautiouhly. It rccalled a pieceof dit-reputalle careleesnegs on our father's part, who once sat doven on a dozen eggs, and went up as i( evory egg was a bornb, and every bomb in explosión. But then ho was a BOtoriously alisent-niindecl man. ÍIíh Tery eiauiple was our safety. And yet wc dvrelt, wilh eome inward mirth, uk we walkcd to ttie house on the ludicrous figure vrliich our fatlier cut. Diuuer nos apread as we cauie in. Some queetions carne up wLich diverted our thouglit (rom the dicovery of tbe nest - iudued we forgot tbat we [had cggs about us, od drew tothe tuble aud sul down wilh an alacrity whicti wís only equalllcd by the spring with whicb we got up. fCiracimn I" "Wby, what it the matter ?" "Matter uoogb I" "Are vou sick ?" Do let - " I drew my liand frora my pocke1 trramiog widi liquid cliickcn, oever to lc born, and the disgusting secict was out t That woman was a Paiotl My pockets were duly cleunsed, witliout otic cuttiiig word. 1 non imagine tho pro ceeti, but I nover iike to dweil np'Mi it. Would you bclicve it, 1 lic faine ihing hippened in a few wo ks ngnin ? It did, and to lile eame pcrson ! 15ut n'V■r since tlicn, 110, nevur ! From that d;iy to ibia wo do bot mnember ever to i:ivp pven tnkeii au sgg frem a neek. ■ 1. When I ee a inau whoallows liirn elf to be ptiffoil up and flattercd, I know ibat lus time w il 1 corue when he will it Howu on bis fgH. 2. When I seo men who are robbing, right and leit. and fiüim; tiieir pocke tg wilh iiiilawful wfalth wbii.-h othor nicu earned, I say, "You will eit down ou lbose Jg?s yet " 3 Wheu OTcr-cunning; men tbink that tbey can outwit all tbeir follows, ind ere exultiiifj at the succeas whioh tbeir shrewdness bas acbieved, I Hy to uiyself, "Fill your pockets ! By aid bj you will sit down on those eggs."


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