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Draining Warms The Soil

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In an essay on uiiderdrainiug, by Jas. Miller, to wliicli ■ [irize was awa'ded last year by tlio Yutes County Aiicultural Society, we find tho following statements : "Esperiments mode in Engiand pIiow ihat land (bat had been underdrained bad a temperaturo of six iind u balf degreis, Fahrenheit hiyhcr tlian similar land tl) h t had Dot been uaderdrained. Ths ie equal to a difference of one tbousand n'ne liundred and filty foet altilude. In ibis country the ditïureuco is much greater in clear weathor from the more direct rays of the sun Au experiment tliat I made on the 26th day of April last, on oil exactly the same, except a pnrt had been underdrained, showed a difference of thirteen degrees at a depth of four incbea, and a little more at the surfaco. The experiment was made late in the afternoon. The f-ky had been clear but was a littlo hazy then. The thermometer had been up to sixty six in the shade, but was at sixty-four then. That of the drained land was the sarae - a temperature that would germinate Indian corn. Subsequent experimeuts sliowed not so much differenco, as the water gradually dried np on the underdiaiucd part. The probability is tbat during a severo droughr, when euch a soil bt'Cumes thoroughly dried and cracked ; as it will, the temperature becomes the highest ; and much too high, so much so that it extracta no moisture fryn tho air during the night Thia is aot bo with the drained land ; it alvrays eontains some moisture, and undoubtediy extracts a great amount irorn the air on oloudy days and nights. A trial in December, after a eevere frecze, showed a tempera! ure of five degrees or six degrees abovo freezing, at a few incbes below frost. There was but little in it. I think I could havo plowed at any timo during tho month. From thef-o experiments aud obervation, I believe that were all tbe land that needs uüdcrdraining in a Urge ex tent in thi part of the State underdrtified, it would have a favorable influence upou the climate, rendering it warmer acid more salubrious."


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