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v WASHTEKAW COUNÏY. J jSSS SS JSffiwSSj 89 ödSB ■ at lA-W" ' i P0I4RY PUBLIC AMO LJ) L. H CENERAL ', iL 8JJ L.ia t GONVEYANCER aKüallL pSBJp, ANNA HBO R ■ V- iR fc; __ M I C H V J L lllllllilllillilllllllM::i::i.'li'ii!'i'Hlliiit!'l'lillll!l'''iiii:ll!r!ii!lllllHlimi REAL ESTÁTE FXCHANGE ! ! Thcnnilfrsipnprl haTÍnpa perTect lïecnrd hiatnryof all of Ral Esute TitU in thiM OltJi and intht Cimnty of Washteniw, taltiu pleas'ireïn arnouncing to tli o public tliat ne will examine 1 i 1 1 ■ . va R'1 stractfi of 1'I Kstfttfl title, makc oeeds mortgaifo1, títntractf and otljcr l'j;il pftporfi nu tlit short ent notice: Will ulso niHkc saïeof City propprty an- Farm, rent tnun, am) forñüo mortRnOM Person r want in ff n liistnry nf Renl Ktate title, wi 11 rfioilecl tbat liis B-tnks'take in Tax Tittea and al! po. lateral matteiK wliicli toi;h eacli particular lt;cri[i tion ; and all mortgaitN, ftaolent or modtrn, wlii'-li appear lo be still Hub.sisting of record at tbc present time. I offer the following Real E.stat e for sale : Xo.lOO Th Malony House and Lot on Divixion Street. Mo.101. Honte and Lot !n Iliscock's addltion. Piice$-i.00O. No. 102. Two Story Hrick Housö on Spring Street. No.103. Two Story Wood H'mse on Spring Stieet. Ho. 1UÍ. N'iop Houaf, Lot and Barn just weet of Law College No. 10. Fine Bóime, Out-hrusp, Barn andSacrAH if I and, Water Fouut, &c- rery desirablo rroperty. No. 106. Hoimo and 3 acres of Land innide corpora tion. No. 107. Hoiiíc ftnd Lot juat south of theUolTerslty batlding. No.103. 15i acrosof Land oait of the Unirenity GiountU. No. 109. City Lotg nearly opposite I)r. Chase' Prloting KstAbhshiucnt. No. 110. OnoTwo Stoiy Wood Dwelliug on State Btreet. 111. Oot elegant Two Story Brlck House near U'iiversity 8']i:irf. No. 112. 30 acres ith buildings just north of tlifl City. N'o.113. One Tyo t-'tory Houie jnst north Cpmetry GronndHi No. 114. Two Brick Houset west idof Unirerpity Square, N'o. lift, 6 acre? jufit weRt of the City. N'o. 116. ÍS acres tritb buildinsfi int weit of tlie City. NTo. 1J7. . ifiO acres wilh bullóinsr nnd inproveraents ü miles north - sitiiation. Ko. 118. 320 acres - fine furin in Shiawasaee. No. 110. 2,000 aerca of Wild Lands in the Counties of Wayne, Monroe, Saginaw and Shta wassee. My Abstract ïïooke arepnttedtn date. No. 120. One elegant Three Story Building on Huron Street, west. No. 1?1. 175 KCre on Middlo Road to TpMlfftOtl. No. 122. 40 aeren on Scuth Road with lïuildings and improvcnients. No. 123. 240 aeren on North Oexter Road. 2}{ mué Out, wit li iiiiprovpinents. No. 124. And muoh olher Resl Estftto not lierein included. Th(?re are imnv I4 anorfagu in Washtenaw Coun. tj vodiecbargd of Becordi und the Iawi of limita] tlom MottgagM ia different from thtt applica" tts to Bl Etlate. Trm of Commiiision en salen of Real Kstate, one ptreot. If sale made. iíaft-s fr .st-arch of líeal F.tate Titit 6 caq4x jut yenr foi Deedn aii'l ix cents a yonr tor Mfrtgapes until change of not ico. No chargei i u made for enmiQaUfln + f lltl, makinic pttperPor r oord i Dg, to par tiet lemlini? money thronsta me, Uoooy wantod t1 loan on unin--umboredKeal EstatE from nn to five jears, at 10 per cent. Interes! net to the leader. Aun Arbor , Maich 20, 1870 TRACY W. ROOT. Ë. . J. . JOHNSON, At No. 7 Soul h Main Street. STILL HAS A HAT OE, 2 LEFT, LATEST STYLES, AND Just the thing for the Season, WliicU will besold LO"WEE TÜ-A-IST EVEKI ALSO A 1.A.RGK3TOCK OF GliOVES, COI.IABS, NECK TIES, HANDKERCHIEFS, . SATCHEtjS, CANES, Umbrellas. Parasols, &c. PIpjikp ral! and examine rny goods before purchnHng olfljwhre. Muy, 18T0I ATONEÏ" CAN NOT BUY IT. FOK. SIGHT I'PRICELESS TUK DIAMOND GLASM, Miiiraf actnred bj .ï. K. Spenotr & Co., N. Y., which :tre dov ofltred t tbfl p abito t ara proDoanod bj all tbe eelebr&ted Opt1 ciant of thfi World to be the Host Perfect, Natural, Arlilirial hHp t thfl liutnan eyc ever knnwn . ThSJ are ground unaer iin-ir owniuperrtaloa, from min uteCrygta) Pebblfis, mrltert tog ether, anl derfra ti ei ruit in e, " Diamond," on nccount of the ir brd n"s fnid brilllanoj. The Bolen tifio Principie on irhicti i tnv ut oousl meted b rings the cotc or cenirc if 'b lem direct Ij in front DÍ tin ye, proAseinj? a ctear anrl dlstinct visión, a in the natural, lifaltliy siglit, and preventlng "H itnplnHant npnsatioot, moh s (ltmtnerlng and wareriog nf eight, disrinesR, &e.t peculiar to uil othn i o uro Tii-v fcreroouoted In tb FINB8T mannkiï, in f nun' ot ii bost quaüty, of all niatcnats uxed for li n ! pa rposflb Tbeir hnUli and dunbpily cannot lii purpassed. CAÜTION.- Nooe gDQÍne n&lesfl braiing tbeir trftde ntrk stamiioti on t-rery frame. J. C. WATTS te BRO., Jewi leri and Opticiars.are sftleaepntR for ANN ARBOK, UZ3H., from wkom tlmy can otily be obtftSned. These good are not aupplted to Pc-(11tr atany pr ie, l-fi"yl pÜKNfÏTURË"" anE -A.IE5 1 Tbe Largefit and Rest etockin the city, ofallvarietien and stylce, at the old Store of ü. M. MARTIN. Finost Assortraent of Toilet Goods in tho City, by OUY TOUR Hiooking Qlasses OF W. D. HOLMES, Ana Arbor FOK RDAflOAS. Kirst, 'ii'L'iniH' folfttfpfttbe bopt nf ïiniiortfflOlnHi a ud a goxl itHMiriiiu'it1 -il' gquara inl :irilitnp irjinu's , nml nllft CHBAP I Soconl v . boransr thev belonp 'o his berin, II maken tl''ni n "periaU v, doe In ownworfc, gfc, and oan afford tfl "II CHEAPEE I Thltdlj, Boc&um hn mnnuracturpK them , and ca and wilt aell tb c of anyoneinthecity. HpaIro aellt I PICTURE FRAMES! The che pest f anybody in the Sta te - far an henr f rom, iVCA' 0r4Z FRAMES FOR 5O CTS. Picture Cord, Tassels & Nails! FKR.VCII GI AS9_b the lilit or box - For I'icturPH orfor X3COTTS33 ! 3 EAST HURÓN STHEET, ATSTISr ARBOR. - - - MICH, 117Stf 1 a g fi S H ( I : , & 5 .O B g S r 8 ■ Sq ! I ■[& S3 I .Sb ás i oí : a _ 1 pá8o f 5 . í ! = n o 5 3 M a g 3 o . h pOR CASH YOUCAN BUY Lumber, Lath and Shingle AT A BARGAIN, AT THE YARD OF C SUTHERLAND & CO. Ann Artor,.Ianuary ,1870. 1152 T UMBER YARD.' C. KRAPP Tías a lrg"o nn wt-11 stncked Lu in bc r Yard , on Jpffprnon Street, In the wout h part of the ('Ity, anii will keepconxtantly on haud an excellrnt Tariety of LUMBER. SHINGLEH, LATH. &C. which wil! be BoUl nn low as can be afforded inthis raat kei . Quality aud pricessuch tliat no ooe necd to go te Detroit. CONRAD KRAPP'. Ann Arbor.Oct.lst.lgfiOc 9881 f A ÑN AEBOKAGAÏNST THE STATEIN THE FUHNITURE TRADE, And O. M. Martin against Ann Arbor. Don't Foiget his Old Stand. Go toR.W.ELLIS & CO's for choice Wines and Liquors for Medical Purposes . PILE REMEDY. Warner9 rilt tl eme d y bai t. ■■.■] ft CT6D Itt OflffflAAo) tO COT t ; f vciv vor.-i Blind, Iichlng or Bleedlug Pile . Thoso wbo tri nlllicicl fclmuM immedf&tt?ly ill on tlnir urogplsi ;md get WjIbii I'hk IíkmV.hy. it II expresuly toi . ■ ).■ Piles, and i ooi reeomraended lo cure anj otbei - ■!■. Is iri s carecí nwi&y cases of over thlri y-arp standing Price Doe I'ollar. -r sale by DY8PEPSIA."" Warner' Uysp i-in Tonlc li prepared es I're.-sl v for Djtrj epttc and f !i '■-"■ BolFerlog wlth In! ituat Costlveuesa. it la a k lijf Ij t rtjmalattng tct;l and a Bplendid pprtizer j It atrcngthenii tl (, ucli n uu restore ii.i - i -'.i, ntgano to thii beallhj iate Wftktie rousani ëm ah ou ld use Wabkk' Diï1m Iomc Foi Kalfl bj 'iiu i i-t . Pnce Un lol):ir. (O KMI ISO MORE. n Wa rn:r"i ( imli JLiIh;iiii in hraling, Moflen in e; and e peetora tfog. T ctraoidlnarj power m ]) ■■♦ i i iniinr 1 in i cl y roltei nip, nn il eventuallj During the me! obstinate a-vs of Congha, Coldl 9un Tii roa t, Broncbitisj Influenza, HoaTtvneW] Aat] m umi üonj)um ii n Ib ahur Dim0 redt ble. So prompt Ea the re Hef and eertatn iu ■ In i II iheabore ca bi or any a LTectloa of hc tlirmi' aii'l lui)L', t h;,t !Ír-MStiniH ol ph SloftDI art ■Kily preaci i'm g it . ind One and all y tbat it li tbfl mus t healfugand ex peotoral ing medfctm Ooe dota alvrnys ftffrdfl relief, and m id0bI cavei d one bottle effectn a cure, dold bj Ihi'rc hot i It-i . 1' ii cc O iic E o llar. 1 1 is yoar owb fault if yon r till cougb aüd auflVr. Thr BfcUun wil] c ure. "Vine of iit .h:. ']■)■ f:rr-nt Blood l'nriti r nn-1 Drlicions Krink Warnur'l Vlnuin A lm, n inr of Lift ' is ft. f f r tn my polaom ns iiniL's o Importtfe, b6 in' [ïifjiaifil (ur tliiiM wbo ttquirt & fttmulart . I 1b a splendid kppetlEPt nd lonfo, nd the flnea li í n tí ii. tbe wond fof ] urlfylng th blood. Tt s tdr moet ii'i-.ini a-i1, detioloua attlole cvt'r offared to Lh public, far nprlo' to brndj, whiskjwlne. bitters, or anj otbei trticle, li lamor bealtny nn ebeapar Botb mulo or femáis ooDg or old, run tale t wi.ic ui Life, J fu fact, a ti ie preaerTer. Tboe wbO whh t" 'nj.y gOO(5 hwiltli mul r f rea Bow r,i jvlj ipirita. wlll do weïl to tak the Vine of l.ifi'. m Is different froin aoy Ullng cVi n il?-, it laaoid bjf drugglsta t alao !- all rep4 , labio aftlooDS Prfce 'i e Dollar , n qvari bottlw. EMMENAGOGUE. Warncri KnunonAgogiui ii the only article knoffn to oure.tbe Whltea 1 1( wil] cure la evoij case.) Wh e re is the famifi i" whicb tbla Important mciiciiir is o of wanted hfotbera, thlfl is tbe preatf st blenl Dg arerj offered jout and you nhonld linmedlatety proeure it. It i aïo n f ure cure for Femala [rregularftfe, and may b depeod opon In very case where montblv flow haniieen obntraoted througfa coldor diseae, Sold hy drpnrbti Prlo '"i Mollar. Ol Bent by mail onreceipt of One Dollar nd a Qaa i i:r. 619 State Street, Cblaagtf. "PAPRAND, 8HKLEY ft CO. WhoieMle Agonts Detroit. For snlo ly Eicrbnrh k Co , anl K.W. EHIfl k Co, 7 M. MARTIN IS AGAIN IN BUSINESS, With a full line of Choice Furniture, Parlor and Bedroom Seta, Mirrors, &c. Cali aii'd sochim. 1268 Real Estáte for Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of WMhtenaw.M. i Ia the mntter of thn estato of WtlUam Kelsey, decenscd. Notice Ih hereby glven, th:it in pnrsQsnc of an order líríiiitod to tne andenlffnedi Administratrix of the estftto of sald deceasedi by thn Ilon. Jadgc of Probate for tlif Connty of Washtenaw, on the fifteentb day of August, A D. ï'Tn. tlwre wlH bo polii nt jmhlfc vendos, to tbe hiiliest bidder, nt the dwelllng ti' ose i t 1 1 ■ - Qrideniffced, in ttu tüwnnliip of AugD0la in the Ooanty oiWasntnaw, in snid State, on Thoreday, the teuth day oí November, A. li7ii, atteno'clock In the fnrenoon of ihnt day (subject, to all encambrancefl by oaortgace or otherwise existinc at th tímeoftbe dc.ith of said deceated . and also snbjeel i" tbe rU'lit of dower of bis wïdow tlii-irinj, the 1 '1 1 v i Ti lt deBcrlbed realettat to It: The eiist half of the soothweit qnarter of ■ed Ion eleven, in township ftmr sootb of range Beven i'.-tt, contabling eighty acres raore or less, iu said State. Uatcd, September lOth, A. 1. 18T0. PIIEBK KELSET, 12S8 Administriitrix. ' Estáte of Filch ITill. OTATBOP MICHIGAN. Cosnty of W.-ishtTinw.fs. O Nottce la hereby given, tbat by an order of the Pro bate Ooort for the Connty of washtenaw, made on the twelfth day of September, A. I). 1-T". aix months from that ilute were allowed for creditors to present thelr clalmfl agalnst the estáte of Pltcfa Bill, late of aald Coonty, deceased, and that al] Dredlton of wild deceased are reajüred t present thelr claimt n :iil Profcte Coart, at the I Offlce In tb city cf Ann Arbor, for exam and ülowance, on or before the thirtee of March ii'-xi. and tbat sucb claims wit] bobeara heforetald Probate Conrt, on Satnrday, tl1 tenth d y of December, and on MoDday, tho thlrteentb 4ay "f Harch nest, at ten o'ciock in the forenooTi ofeac-h of those dïiys. Dated. Aun Arbor, September 12, A. I).. 1ST0. IlIllA! J. BSAKS8, 1288 Judjre of Probate. Commissioners' Notice. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty ol Waehtenaw, e. 0 The underaljined havlng been appoiuted by the Probate Conrt lor s:iiil Connty, Commissioners to receive, examiüc, and adiusi all clüiins and demanda of all persons agalnst theestate of Christopher Mahon, l.-it' of p.tiil ('muiiy, di'ri-;tsi-(i, hcreby give notice tbat fix mnntlis from d;ite ave allowed by or.drr Of aald Frobate Conrt forcreditors to i)resent their dafin agalnst the estat1 of ad decoased, au il that tb' ■■ Wil meel al tha offlce of Joelln & Blodget,in the city of TpsUantL In sald Oonnty. on Satnrday the twelfth day of November, and Frlday. the toritli day f Uarch, !ext, nt. ten oc1ocfc A. M. of cach of Kuid dayii to reccive, examine, and adjuet said claimt. Dati'il. September lotb. A. IV 1CTO. 12STw4 JAME8 M.CHIDESTBR, Í FRANK JÓSLIN, I l mmlsbioners. CommissioDers' Notice. OTATK OF Mlfll ICAN' .ftmityol Wnslitenaw.sB. OThennderaigned havlng been appolnted by the Probate Conrt tor sald Coanty, Commissioners to recrivr .examine, and adjnst ajl claims and demanda of all persons aganst theestate of Caroline Kettner, late of said County, deceased, hereby glv 110 tice that fix raonthe from date :ire allowed by or der of sald ProbateConrl forcredttorstonresenttheir claims agalnst theestateofsaiddeceased, andthatthey will meet at the flore of Bberbacta & Co, , in the City of Ann Arbor. in said County, on Satnrday, tbc twelfth day of November, and Toetday, tbeseventh dav of Harch next, at ten o'ciock A.M. , of cach of said days, to receive, examine and adjuut said claims, Dated, Setitember 7th, A. D. 1ST0. 12S7 PHILIP BACH, j Commissioners. Slortgago Sale. DEPAITI.T havlng been made In the comlitions of a.cettain mortgage made hy Adam Finkbinder. Cto secure the pnrehsse prlce oflands therein and berelnafter descVlbed), to Orrln Thatcher, bearing date the ïid day of Angnst, A. 1). 1868, and recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds, t"r the Connty rr Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, in líber 41 of mortgages, on page 214, n the fiftëeLth ('j day ol May, A. i. L8A9,and op whlch said mortgage there Ie rlaimed to be iltie at the date of this notice, the sum 01 hndred and uine dollars and ninety six cents, i 9.96) and no nuit or procoeding, eitber -'it law or In eqnlty, bsTlng been lnstltnted tö recover the same, or any part thereof ï Now, thcrefore, notice is hereby given . that by virtne ,t the power of sale in said je contamed, I wil] Peil at pnbllc niction , to the bighest bidder] on Wedneday, the twenty third dy of November next, n ten oclock in the forenoon of MJd day,at the pouth door of the Cour! Honse, i the City of Aun Arbor, and Conntj "f WaabteDaw, aforesald, (said Courl Ëonsebeing the place of holding the Circuit Cmirt in sald Oounty), the followlnjc premisea descrlbed in paid mortgage, to-wit : All thnpc parcele of land described as follows, viz : Iota number fourteen (14), ftfteen (lö), and Bisteen (10), also one and one-half (l)ö rode off the sou th end of Iota nnmber one (l), two (2j, and tbree t8) In blocfa namber elght CB), in the vlllage ( Sy!van Coanty and State aforeaaid, or bo mueh ot snch pari Ihereof . as ehall be neceasary to satiafV theampnnl doe on satd mortgage at the date of thfe ooiice, togetber wlth the Furtaer Interest whlch thU have accrui'd thoreon. and twenty-flve dollars Attorney fee as in said mortgage provldedi and coats, charges and pxpciieca allowod bj law fttid provided for in sald mortgago. Dated.AugosI 2Sd197O. OKUIN THATCHER, MortffaRce. A. J. Sawteh, Atty for Morí Mortgage Sale. DEFAUIT havinjE ben made in tlifï oondltlom of a eertain mortgage mude. -nu) ezeented by Jnlla Ockford.of thcCity of Ann Arbor. Stnte of Michigan, to Charlea Panüe bearlng date the eighth A'-iv ol May, one thonaand eïght hundrod and vlxty-eight, and rècordi-d on the nlnth (lav of May. A. I. 1868, In the. office of the Register of Deeda of the Coanty of Washtenaw, State of Michigan, In Uber B9 of morton page 182, whirh the powerofiale therein contaTned haé become operativo, and the amonotclalmed tobedoeon said mortgage at the date oftbia DOtice,beina tbesnm of one hnndred and slxty doilare and an Attorny fee ol tbirty iiilars ezpressly agreed to be pala In case anyproceeding be tasen to foreolose said mortgage, and qo rolt or prooeedlng at law or In eqnlty □ avine boen Institntedto recover the ram now remalnlng nne and unpnid on sald mortgage, or any part thewof; No tice ia therefore. herebyglven, that on Mondaytthe twenty.fonrtb day oföctober, A.D. is;o, at ten ovJocjÉ i" the (orciiooii of that Hay, at the front door oftbeCourt House, In the cliy of Ann Arbor. In eaid County of Waslitcnaw, Stntc of Michigan, (the Bald Coart House, belna the place of holding the Circuit Conrt foraald Oonntyj, iy Tirtne of the power of e al e In Baid mortgage contalned, and In pnranance f tii Btatute In aach case made and provided. there will besoid at public aoctlon or yendut', in the bJghest bidder the premlsea dwcrlbed In said mortgage, or bo mnch tbereof as ta&y ba ne paary to aatlsfy the amonnt dae and onpald on sald mortgage, at the date ofthli notlce, with Interest and coste and expenses sllowed ly law and provided for In suid mortsfiire. The said preuisM aredeaertbed In paid m()rtnae as follnwe: All oflot Dnmber six nrcordin; totlití recordad plat of EUscocka Unproved addition to the city of Ann Arbor, State of Mirhipan.and alsoloteeven on the sume addition to said city. i)atcd..Tnly 2Gth. ltn. 1JT2 CÜAliLES FANTLE, Mortgaec. P II YS1C1ANS" PrcscHptions Accurately and Carefully Prepared by R. W. EL LIS d: Co.


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