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ftlortgnge Sale. DftFAtrLT haring been madefn the crmditinn or a eert ai n fnortgage made by Jenhle M . Jaraea in Abram Sager, dated uareb BOthj 1809, and i April Öth, 1809, In theofl ■ ofp eds lor V. , H fn líber 40 of ■ ■:"■. üpoii wfilch ino tgace tbero dok be ftue al t !:■ díate ui i h the aum of ooe thofleand and twenty-seven dollars 1 anti sevontecn -i'n'f . besfdea n ■ . ars Attorney's icos provided for In snld mortgage, and do Bulior prooaedlng haring been Lnstltated -tt law tn recover t li snm now dne : by said mftor any part thereof : Now, tberefrre, by 7irtu; ol 1 1 e power of na Ie contalned . i by vlrtoe of the statate in such case made and pro. viilf!. notice i herehy glven, that on Satarday, t he firpt iUiy of October noit, at 12 o' i, f that ■ day, at the aoatta Moor of the Coarl Hoaae,inthe i Ann Arbor, Coa n tv of Washtenaw ind f Michigan, 1 ahal] sol! at public and Hm hlghesl bidder, the i cribed tn Baid oi bo muctj 'ii m of maj be i tn aatisiy the amonni fine on aald mortgage. wlth Intereal and coat, Incladlng the Attornev'fl ree aforesatd, wiiirb prrmlBes are defcribedasfollov f nat certatn trad or parce! ol land. situated In the township of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and on sectlon 80, kii"vn, bonnied and fleacrioed asfoliov. commenclngftt o chi hty-two links west oi the northeast corner of the west hal f of fin northeoal quarter of Be i Ion thirty. tn townablp two tontíj of six aaat, and running thence aoatb parallel 1 wlth tho cast line ff Raid west h:ilf of northenst qnarter of Baid sectlon twenty-nne cbalm and ninety links to the center of the Dexter road. theni e ;iiiL-. west alone tll( center ofsaid rond Beven chaina and five links to the Bontheaat corner of a plece of land po)1 by W.B.King to A.DeForest, thence north v dee. eaal al rfgh! angles wlth sald ■ road nxu nloiir pnid DeForest'i east Une elght chaina 1 and iirty linkn to the Uprthedsi corner of hls land, tbonce north 7-i deg. weat parallel wlth the road fonr chaina aod aaventy linke to the northwest corner ! eald DeForeetV lanjd thence oorth parallel wlth the flrat mentloned line ten chaina and thirty1 elght links to the nortta lino of the sectlon, thence east along s.ilii line efffht cbalns and nlnety'flvellnkt tothe place ofberfnnlng,oontaüiingflfteenai Ven hnnaredths, be the Bame more or lees, d ezcepttns the rïght granted to A. DeForesf of drswlng water by pipe from the ■prlna Bd and Itmtted in deed from W. B. KiiiL' iind wlfe to 8:iil DeFoiTflt Also another plece of land in the cnmo townshlp of Ann Arhor, desciibed B8 Mlows: Beglnnlng a1 tii Dorthcaat cerner of th we#t h'dt of the northeaet qaarter of tectfon number thirty, rnn ning thence weat on the north line of eald sectlon, two chaina and elffhty two links rn the land héfore deeenbed thence Bonth aiotig the eaai line of saíd land Beren chaina and ten links, thence eaat paralle] wiiii aald north Une of aectlon two chaina and elhty-two links t. the east line of the lot, thence north on Paideaat line of the lot se ven chaina and tMi link- to the plaoe of beglmiing, containinL two acres, moro or less. Dated, July 5tli, 1870. ATïRAM SA(iKR, Mortgapee; FaiLOB & OiïANT, Att'ra. for Hortcagoe. luTC Mortngo Fale. DEFATJKT hnving been made In tho condillOD of a oertaln mortgafe made and exeented b 2 vn-y and Kan ivory, of the townshlpof Dexter, Wasntenaw County, Michigan to Jmef Clark, of the lown, County and State afbresaid, beartnffdate thi' eleventh day f December, A. D. ISCG, a mi recorded In the office of the Register of Decda Tor Washtenaw Connty, Mlchlaan n tho twentr-alxth day of Deceinber, A. D. 1866 af 6 o'dock lJ. M.. in liber No 35 of mortgagpa, on page ";-"('. by vrhfcn the power of sale contiuned thereln beoame operattve ; the amount claJoied to be dae on sald mortgage and acconipanyfng note. At the date of iiiis notice mm of one hondred and twentysevan dollars and thlrteen cents, and the ftirther snm of twenty flve dollars prorlded In sald mortffMe 1 an Atto in case any proceedlnge ahonld f taken t" fo the same, and no snit r procecfllng havh insti ated at law or inequlty to recover the ebt secnred byaatdaortgage .in any part thweof ; Noti( la hereby glven, ihai on Frtday, thö sevcnth day of October, A. D 1870,at 10 ó'clock A.M. of that day at the front door of the Conri Bonse, In the City of Ann Arhor, in pfiid Conniy of WashteDAW, there will bo sold al public anction, to the hlitheet bidder, tbc premisea ileecribert in iaid mortgage aa al] that certaln plece or pajeel of lnnd altnated in the townfihln of Dezter, CooDty oi Waehtenaw, and State of Michigan, known, bonnded and descrlbed as ro)lowa,to wit 1 belnjt Pan ofsectlon No. 08J thlrteen, in townshlp one sontb, of range fonr east, beginning at a state In the north bouna of the highway, and ranning north 40 dpg. east two chafna, thence sonth 89 dejr. 20 min. easl Beventy flve links, thence sou tli 40 ceg west two ch itns, thence nortfa 80 20 in. wes1 along the htghway seventy-flTe links o the place of bogtnning. Bated, Anu Arbor, Jnly Rth,18T0. J2TT JAMES CLARK, Mortgagee. Lawbxhob & Fbaskb, Att'ys. for Mortgagee. Mort gage' 8!e. DEFAULT ha ving been made In the conditlon of a ccriain moreage, whereby the power ol .i)'1 thereln containcd Ims beoome opeatlve, ezecoted by John M. Roller and Maria Uagdalene Bolli r, ble wiiv, to Angle Iïi''. dated the ulneteenth rny of SeptembertA 1. L865 and recprded in the office oí the Eleglati rof !■ -:s for the Coanty of W'ashtenaw, and State of Michigan, on the Sist day f Beptember, A. D. 1905, at n ocl"Ck a. M.,ln Libur :.t of Mort ii page 210, whtcfa ; ■■ was, on the 14th day of December a J). 185, dnly amigi Benjamin F. Conrter and Willlam II. Webster, whlch i. ■ninr.ii waa dnly recorded Ir the offleo of the Regii ter ol l'i nis aforesald on tiio ldtb dav of May, i D. 18B8, at 12 o'clock MM ín Llber 1 r monta í Morttragea on page 80, apon whlch Uortgage there Lb clalmed tobeduebj vtrtneol the conditiona thereof, and reinalnlnc anpald at the date of thtfl notice the sniD of three hnndred and thirty dollars and forty-flve centa andan attorcey fee ol forty dollars, próvlded forln sald Mortgage In case ol rorei losare, makhift a total snjn it uree bandred and Beventy dolían and forty-flve cents, and d or pfocoedlng aj law ha ving been inatltnted to rewi ?am r any part Notice is therefore herebj given that . the twentynlnth day of October, A, I. l87O,at foar o'clock in the aftornoon, we Bhall at public anctlon to tho !i:lvr, at the front door of the Court 1! the :- of Ann Arhor. in the Connty of Washtenaw, and State of Ulchlean. to eatlsry the Bnm das by virtae of saUl condttlon lncludinsr B:iïd ati f-'i, with seven per cent Interest and legal costSt Bell the pr . bed In Baid Mortgae r euch l.-irt thereof aa may be DecenMry for that pnrposc, (hal Is to say : The followlng descrlbed parce! of land sltoflte In tixe VÜlage of Saline, Connty of naw, :md State of Michigan, vla: Part of lot nnmber iwo Ie b Öob fonrln n-.iul Tillage, bonnded by a line commencáng at a polnt ft et west arly from the north-east corner ofsaldlót) thence west parallel witb Chicago Street twenty-elght feet, Bonth alzty sts toot, thence west at ri.lit anglea five feet to the west line of sai 1 lot, and thence sontherly on the line of eald lot e.Ight rode to the rear of aald lot, thence east on the line of sala lot thlrty-three tVot. and ilu-me northeriy on tl.e división line between Christopher Housar'fl lot and Daniel Weienets lot to tbe place of beginning, re■ the rlght toase the tane for Ingresa and egresa to the reor of said lot, and the nent of the ase of ■■! lane rêerved bj Adam Qaist in bla deed to Walbrldge of June evénteenth A. l, 185i the following dcpcrihed land In the vlllage of Saline aforeaid : Bejrrnoing at a polnt on the soath-wester ïy line of the Chicago road atadistanceof one l.nndred and elght foei weeterly firom the sooUi w ly corner of the Uhlcago Roadand Adrián Street or Ann Arhor rond, and rnnning thence soatherly parallel with eald Adrián e -dght feet to the north linf! otan alley tweïvo fee( wlde, thence weeterly along the line ofsaid olley twenty-four feet thence portherly parallel wlth Baid Adnan street elghty-eigbt reet to the eouth line of eatd Cl road ti(]:ic eaaterly along the soatherly Hne i( aaid Chicago road twenty fonr feet to the place of beginning, all accordlug t"thc recordcd plat of said vlllage of Saline Date4Jactuoa, Aagnst 2d 1870. BE N-TAMIN F. OH'UTER) WM. H. WEB8TKR, S Assïgnccu. Conelt A Su lm Attorneys for Asslgneca, Estáte of Ktifus Kniht. STATEOFMICniGAN, CoontyofWaêbtenaw,98. Kotlce la hereby giventhatby an order of the Probate Court for the County oj waahtenaw, mod on the twelfth day -of September, A. ]). 18T0, stx lm t date were allowed for creditors to thelr claims agamst the estáte of Rafas Kniht, ïïiï - of saiii County, doceasedi and that all crertitore ofsaid deceased are reqnired to p thelr claims to eairl Probate Court, ai the Probate Office, in thi! City of Ann Arbor, for ezaminatlon and allowance on or borore the thirteentb day of Harch next, and that Buch claims will be heard I BAld Probate Court, on Satarday, the tenth day of December, and on Monday, the thirteentb day of BCarch, nert, at tcao'clock in the forenoon of eftch of thoae days. Diited,Auu Arbor, Septvmbor lïth, 1ÍT0. HIUAM .Í. BBAKKS, 138Tw4fl Judgeof Pro Estáte of Eliza J. Osgood. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County Of Vtishtrnnw,s8 Ata sesslonof the Probate (.'unit for theCoumy of Wftshtenawi holden m the Probate Office, lo the (,'ity ni' Aun Axbor, on Wednesday , the twenty-flrst day of September, Ín tlie year onu tliousaiiil eight hundred and seventy. Present, HiramJ. Beakes.Judgeof Probate. Jn the matter of the Estáte of Elixa J. Osgood, Öeceased. On renrtinpiuid Min:: thepetltlon, Önly wrind,of i -.'mul, praytng tbat he may be appoiuted Admtn strator of the estáte of sahi d Tbereupen It i Ordered,thatMondaï,theseventcenth dar of October, oext, at ten ocloeklnthe .. d forthe hearing of said petición and that the -tt l:iv of sald deceajBedt and all other persons lutereated Lu said estáte, are reqoired to appeai al a Beaslon of said Conrt, then-to be holoen at the Probate i fflce,üi theCityofAniiArbor, and show canse, Ifany there bc, why theprayer of the petitionershonld nut begranted: And it lafar erdedfthatsaidpetitionoi! to the persone Interesi i tate, of the pendency of said pet'iion, :iinl the hearing tnereofi by cansinga this Order to be pablilhed in the Michigan A ru, t nowspapei printedand clrcnlatlng In eaïdOonnty, Ivé woükepreviüus to eaid day ofheai6 traecopyo IIIRAJVI j.bearep, I238td Jndge of Probate. fietate of Helen E. O'Brien - minor. STATE OVMICIITGAX. County of Wasli ten Al n session of thr Probate Cmrt for tin Conn ty of WashtenaWi holden at the Probate oftice, In the City of Aun Arboi1, on FridMy. the ninlh dav of September, in the year one thuusand oight hunured and Beventy. Present, ïliram 3. Boakp?, Jnrtffe of Probatfí. In the mu t ter of the estáte of Helen O'Brien, minor. On rcariiwr and fillng thepetltlon, dnlv voriflcd. of Caroliue E Juróme, Qaardian .jirnyinij that she may be Heensed to scll certaiu real estáte belODging to said minor Thorenjion ït in oroered, ihnt kfondayi tlie tenth d,i v of October nezt, at ten olclock In t"hí foreuoon. be asslgned for the hearing of said petition, and that the aexi oi kin of said minor, and uil other persona ínterested n said estáte, are reojnired to appear at a of said Conrttthen to be holden at the Proice, In the Olty of-Ann Arbor, and Bhow causei ii' sny tbere be, why the prayer of the petlonld not be granted i And Itis fnrthei orderedf that nald petitToner irivc nottee to the next of k 'ii of Raid minor and all other persons tntereeted in said estáte, óf the pendency r said petition, and ',■ ii'of, by cansing a copy lias order aolisned Ín ilie Michigan Argu . b newspaper, prldted and clrcnlating in said Connty, threo succesgive weeks to sald day of he i CA traO copy. J HIRAM J.BEAKES, 1287 Jaage Ol Probate. ■- " - - - ■■ ■ i- -i. , GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO'eí j for strictly Pure Drugs and Medicines ,Paints , Oils, &c. Estáte of SopliroDia Bpcar. STATE OP Michigan, Connty of Waahlenaw, . Ai a session of ;■ iouri for tbe Conntyof V lolden ai the Probate Offlcc, in the City ot Ai M A:')mi, ..i; Wedneeday, the twen tyibeis 'm th; year óne thoutuuid elcht hnndrcd i Preeent, Hiram J lïe;. ■■! Probate. in the matter oi the B tata oi Sophrbnia speur, llng the petltlon, dnij verlfled, of Gilman Walteer, pra-rlnR that a certaln Insti no v on ftlp n thu i otírt, purportlng to be tb. last wilj and testament o) sald may be ndmirted to probate, and that he inay be appointed tole tor thereof. Then I 'Sai Monday, the serenteenthdaj of Octoc in ihe ■ M"fl fui the ■ tioi). umi that legateett, d law of said i' In nahl estáte. ars n saldCoart tben tobe holden, al tbeProhai In the OHy of Anti Aiïjor, and show eatise, lf :tny therebc. why the prater of tbe petltioner shonld nol : And It is fUnber ordered. that said pc tltloner jlve notlee to the persons Interested in 8i estáte, of the pciiA d petition, Md the hearing thereof. by cftfislng ii coy of this order t i.t p printed and ctrcniating In sald Connty, three bu weeka prevlons Co 8ftld dar of hes (A trtiücupy.) IIIUAM 3 BÉAÍTBS, Jndge of Probate. Estáte of Silas Whitiparah. OTATKOK MICHIGAN. Connty of Wiisht. i kj Al b Besston of the Probato ('uur: Pot the Connty of Waahtenaw, holden al t lic Probate Office, 1n the City (f Ann Arbor. on Wedneoday, the twenty-first day of Beptember, in the yeai one thoneand eight hnndred and eeventy. Prcpent.IIiram J. BeakeSfJttdge of Probato. En the matter of the Bátate i Sllaa Wiiuiiareh, - ed On readtngandfllingthe petftloft, utily verified.oi Julia Wbltmareh, praylng tbal Bhe min1 Daniel ïi. Qreene may be appomtec Admiiiistratons of the estáte of sata deceased Therenpon M is ordered thai Frlday, the fourteentfa day of October, next, at ten oolock in thE forenoon, beasslgned for the hearing of Baid peü timi, iind that bhe In ir." al law oi said ö and all other peraons Intereeted in said estáte ure reqiiired t nppear at sessloB ol sald Conrt then Co hc holden ut the Prol)ati; Office, In the City o: A mi Arbof, and show canse, it any there be, why th prayer of the peUüoner shoold ooi lx erranted:- An'i tt is -a arder ed, that said pettuf&er 1t persone Intei a estáte, oí thi pendency ofe&fd petitlon1sjid the bearínc thereofb] caosing a copy i' this order to be pnbushedin th( n A rguxs a newspaper printedand drcnlatlni in sald Cnutity. three succesfivf weeks prei ealfl day of hearing, JJII1AM -f. BEAKBS, A trnecopj. Judseof Probate, ISSStd Estáte of Samuel Ortt. QTATEOKMICHTOAN.Corintyof W.-islitcnnu-, M. O At a sesslon i1 the Probate Oonrt for the County of Wiishtiftiiiw, bolden at ttic Ptobftte Office, in the City of Aun Arbor, onMontlay the nlneteetfth (tof (' September, Ln the year onc thonctandcighi): and seventVj Present', tlirain J. Bflkes, Judgo of Probate. In the matter of the catate of Samuel Ortt, deceased. On readins and filin the petttloa, doly verbied, oi Sarah E. Oru, praylng that she may be sppolnted Adininistratrix I be estáte of sald d Therenpon It la ordered, that ttonday, iho Berenteenth day of October next,at ten osloeii In the forenooD, be asatgned for the hearing of said petlUoD, and that xho Eeirs '.t law pfsald d-censed, and all other persons Interestedin Rïd estáte, nrí reqniied lo appear at i tertion of said Court, then tope holden at the Probate Office, In theCltrofAnu Arhor, and shoir orasO) if any there be. why tiit prayer of the pel ttloner shoold nol be Kr&ntod: And [t Is fnrther ordered, thai Bald petltioner piTenotici to the persons Interested In iald estáte, of the pen dencr of said petition, and the hearing thereor, bj cansfng a eopy of this order to bepnbiished in the Mr kifon Argui, n pewspaper prlnted and ctrcnlatmg In Baid Connty, three aucceesive weeks i.rcvious tü eaií! doy of hearing (Atraecopy.) IIIUAM J. BBAKES, LS8J3 Judge of Probate. Estáte of Frank W. Goodale. STATE OP MICHIGAN, County At :i ;(.i(Jn ot the lJr l'ato Conrt for the Cuii v of WashUnaw, holuen al the Pfobate Office. In tb City of Ann Arbor, on Fnesday, the twenttetfa flay ol iseptember, in the year Dtte tbonsand elght hunarcci and tventv. Present, lliram J. Benkeg, Jpdjre of Probate. Jn the matter of the Kstatc of iJ'raiili W.Goodale, minor. On readlng and flling the prtition. ffujy vertfled, oi Bdward L. Boy den, ;y irdlan, praying that he muy bu aathoiis 1 1 ose bo mach of the propertT of en minor as may be neceesary i enable him to pur ehiise wheat and other urain, stares, piaster, loga . fcc,. and to oarry.on thé bnsiness o' floaring, erijid. .in:: and doallng in what and other gnun and piaster, maaofactwring lumhcj, barrels, &c. at Delhi, In aaid county, in partnership wit.h John Henley, ol said viñagw, and to continne the same business retofore carri J on by the late lirm of Goodale & II en ley. Therenpon it Is orderotl, thMonday. the Beventeenth day of October, rext, at tn o'clock in tlie Ibranoon, oe aeined !or the hearing of Baid petition, and that the next of kinoi sald rui nor. and aU other persons Intereeted in sald estáte, are reqalred to nppcar at a session of said Conrt, then to be holden, at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor. and show canse, il" any there be why the prftyer of the petltionei snould nol be granted : And it is ttirther ordered, thai sald petltioner glve notice to the next of kin of sald minor and all otl sons Interestod in said estáte, f tii baid petll Ion , and the hearing thereof, oycansing a copv of this order to be ])iibH$hed in the v a newspaper printed and circnlatlng in said . three soccessive weeks ])revioiis to snid duy of hearing. CA truecopj.) HXRA1I J. BBAEES, 1288 Jadge of Probate. Estáte of John PowclI. STATE OF hÍCHTOAN, Connty of Wanhleiunv, h At a sesnon of the Probate Court for the onnty of WaahtenaWi tniideu at tbe P bi te Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the t day of September, In the year one tiiousaud ciyht hnndred and eeventy. : . HIram J. Beakes, Judge ofProbate. In the matter of the estute of John Powull, sd. On reftding and filinp; th pptition . dnTy verlfled, of John Geddes, prayüig thai u c rt.ain Instinment now o file in this Court. pnrporthig to be the last willand testament of said deceased may be admitir d tO probate, and that he may bc Appointed Bxecntor thereof. Therenpon tt Is ordered, thfit Honday Ibcseventeenth day of October next, nt ten o'clock in the forenoon, be asaigned for tho hearing of said petition, and thiit the legatees, derlsees and hairs at law of sald deceased. and all other persons interested in eaid eptate, are reqairtil to appear at a session of said Conn. then to be holden at thf Probate Office, Ín the City of Ann rbnr. and show canse, if any Uiere be, wiiy the prayer ot' Itioner shoold not be pranted : And it is rarthet ordered that said petltioner give notice to the persons interested ln sald estáte, of the penin, and the hearing thereof, by cansfng a copy of this order t" be pnbllshed in the Michigan Arpía a aewspaper prlnted andcircnlattng in said County, three Buccesove weeks proviousto said day of hearing, CA trae copy,) HIRAM .T. BEAESB, 1288td Jndjre of Probate. Estáte of John Hoffman. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Waafatenaw, e At a seseion of the l'robate Conrt for the County of Washtenawt holden al the Probate Offlo City of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the thiite I of September i in the yeüronethousandeighthundred and m- enty. Present, liiram J. Tienkep. Judge oí Probate. In the matter of the estáte of John Hoffman, On readlnff and flHng the petltloD, duly vcrifierl, of ■', Lntz praylnjg thai a oertaln Inetrument now od file in this conrt purporting to be the last wlll and testament oi" sala deceaseou may be admtttedto probate, and that he. may be appointed soïe Ëx een tor thereof. npon itisorderedtthatMondaT, the ten th day of October next, at ten o'clock In thfl forenoon, be aaor the hearing of sald petition, and that the . ad helrs at law of sald di ■nd all other pereons Lntereeted In Baid estáte, are rotjuiredto appear ai a session of sald Conrt, then tobe aolden, at the Probate Office, In the City of Ann Arhor, and show cause, il iny ilierebe, wh.7 the prayi roí the petltioner (honld ooi be granted : And it i.- fnrtIiT ordered, that raid petltioner give notice to the persons bíteres ted ín nld estáte, of the pendency ot sald petition, and t ii e hearino; thereof, by cai iopy of this order t' bo pnollshed in the M r, priuted and clrcnlatlng In sald Connty, three succesaivo weeks prerioue to said da tt btearhig. (A tiuecopy.) IIIUAM -T. BBAKES, LSST Estáte of Ansnn Wheelêr, Son. QTATIJ OF MICIIIOAX. Connty ofWashteimw, ss. wj At :i Besaiou of I In" Probate Cour! for t he Connty of V7ashtenaw, holden ai Probate Office, in the ..! .ini Ar'ior, on Mon;l;iy. Ihe twelftll (Iny tember, In the year ono tEouaand elght oon dred and srveutv. l'rescnt, Hlram Beakes. Jndge "f Probate. ]n the matter of the Estáte ofAusouWhecler, Sen., ised On reading and flllng the peüiiaü, duly.verifled, of WHUam A. Wneeler, praytng that a certaln Instrument now on ïilc in tota Oourt, pnrporting to he ihe lrt.'i w.l! and testament of s:iid decoaaedt may be admtiU'(! to probate, and that he may bc appointcd sole I Dr theraof. upon it is ordered, fcbal 'tondny. the tenth ■:- Dext, at ter o'i lockln :c hearing of said petUlon, and tfaat the lerateea, devlaeeSjandnalrsatfawofsald d i and all otber persons intercsti-il in sriitj cítate, ara rcqnired to oppcar al ■ eesslon of?ftid Conrt, ihen to be hoMen, at the Probate Office, tn the city of Am rlnir. ,uid show cjiuse. if an.y there be. why tin1 prayer of (he petltloner hoald not be gianted: And it i fnrthcr orden-d. thut sad peUttonerglrenoticoto the in tatd estáte, of che ; endency of said petltlon, and boarlng tnareof, by eatfelng a copyofthla urdiT tobe paollehed in the V a newapaper printed and ctrcnlattng in paid Cotintv, three snct'eetivc weeks prevlons to said day of henrinir. (A trne copy.) HIRAM .7. BEAKES, 1JS7 Judie ol I'robate. Estáte of Sarah Paoy. S.TATE OP MICHIGAN, Connty ofWaahtn .i a sesaion of the Probate Court for the i of Wúhtenaw, holdfiñ at the Probato oftice. in the City of Aun Arbor, od Thanday, the elghth day of September, In the jeur one thoncand elghthnndreii and seventy ent, Hlram .t. Beaki's, Jndge f Proli i In the matter of the tstate of Sarah l'ary, de ceaseda Harrlet Enlght, Aamtnhtratrlï of ald i nto Conrt and repreent that he U now .; to.r. nder h r Snal account as euch Adralnisnpon It Ie Ordared, that Mondar, the tenth ■cl et In the tore mlnlng and allowlng anch acconnt and tnat thohelrsal law of aald deceaaed, and all other persona Intereated ia aald eatal reqnired Loappearat a gesaion of said Conrt, then to in at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, In atd Connty , and show ra:ise, if any tliere be.whv the ■ should nol beallowedi Andlt la further ordered that said Admlnlstratrlz Ice to the persons intereated In of the pandenc; "f said account, and the hearing thereof by canalng a copy of thli order to be pnbliehedinthe Michigan Arpus, newapsper printed iml eiren lating in' said Connty, three succesaive to aTofhoarliM[. (, truecopv.) HIRAM '. HI-.AKES, Jodgo of Probate. . Ëststa of John D. Armströag ttTATBOF KIOHIOAH, Cotinty ofWiinht. "Au sciwlon of th Probnte Court fov : ' c.l Wnshtennw, holdi n nt the Probate on1"' ' City of Aun Arbor. on Tueiday, i he thirt J„,. ' tZ I September, in the year oneth■ Preeent Hiram .T. Beakef, Jadge of proi, ■ In inattcrof the eetatc of John I) decrawd. ' "XtOhl Elvira Annstrong, Êxtcutrix of the last „■, ■ test vmiMit ■! :iid defleased, comee Into r„ "Uil represente that phe i. now prcpared toro "3B linal acco:inl n snch ËXecittrlx. "du, Therenpon It is ordered, Umi Momlir ti dny of October, next. t ten u'clócK i :■ forenoon, be aasigncd for ezamlnlne and .;? Uil stich account, ml that thelegateés rtevi "ÍI bcirs nt luw of d, and all h! are reiriirei] ! ol ii session of Bald t'onrl then to be hoM ■! Probate Office, In the City of Aun Arbor ,al ■ Coni ' ,.)„, ' ' kfl said acconnt shonld not be allowed ■ Aml ' ■ ■ '' thei ordered, tliat Bald Execntilx eire nni "kl persons Interested iu sai'! cstntc, Of th!. t4t of aid account, mul the hearing h ''"'t - cansl of thie ordortn he iiího '. kl lating in gald Connty. tnrcc1 süL(L,.i prevtoaj to said day of henvine l CA cnpy.j H1RAM J. BKAKJ. US1 Jcc 01 I.rc,b Estáte of William Roberts "" QTATi:,,, MICIIKiAX. I „(N,V ,,,.:,. ' r AtaseesloDOfthe Probate ('„un' "., omMhtenaw.hoIdenattherrobateOfflr.i-.?01 , of Ann Arbor , . Tdj, the thi"Si'J5 ■mtenber, I o Oie yesj onc thuus aud ei ",V v"' 3 and scv-my. " el.rtl hajj,! Preeent, lliram.T. Bc.ikes, .Tndceorp, t aJSUiS maUcrofl" 2tL wlll and eotament of Bald .(.-,, i„,.„. !„. " 'í.1 . ted to probate, an Una! WalterS Hich i- S , Vm:'.U -ü .-„!.. Kx,„„„r tliereof. ' "' h l nierenpouit s ordered, that Mondar n,, , I aay „f (fetober. next, at ten vW ft ,i? W I '■"■'-''- ""■ InteresteVK . erequlredtoappearataesloii ofaldi . tobe holden atthe Probate Office, Int hn , Arbor, and show canes, Ifanytherebe whv ih i , fiiifi;,. -:, .-i;,,,, -r ni.ald nol . Iw 'rantcii ■ , rartherordfTcd thatsaiil petiti ■-■iv,-,',.' , persons Interested In Baid est; "J ' . atdpotitlon, and the hearing thereof 1,,"" ; copyofthla Order to be pnbUshedin'thf newepaper printed aiulclrculatintii Coanty, three eucceasive weeks prwions tauu?' of hearing, a-'-j Atrnecopy.J IIIRAM.r. BEAKK l8Itd Judue ofPró'bii, Estáte of Keiran Costello. - OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Oonnty of Washtens. I O At a session of the Probate Conrt. fur i],p r ' ofWashtenaw, holden at the Probate offl, city of Ann Arbor, on Friday. the ninth.], tember. In the ycar one thousiind cïkIiViimS and scventy. " UUli Present, Hiram ,T. Beakcp, Jadge of Probate In the matter of the estáte of Keiran Coatelio ès rnfte, Admtnlstrator wlth the wil] anuw . i!, tornes into Conrt and nanl ■ thathe i nnw preparedtn rencor liis final mï U u h ArtminiMrator. ' ■ Therenpoo it is Ordered, that Stondav the ir-, I ü:y or October, nest, nt ten "o'olwk : the furenoou be wwigncd for examlolat ut i lowlBg siich accouni, and that the iK'ateiTïl . visees nm heirs s kiw of mul deciaö 51 I all other personn Interested In saldeatate úül -. qnlred to appear at a sesslon of fn, Conruthl, be holden al the Probate oilice. in the Ciu ni ■ Arbor lnaaldConnty,and show canse if'tni'thm? i "hjr Sii r farther ordered, thal ssid Admlntatracw i totbpenoB8 interested in said estnte, r tht ïï dency of sald account, and the hearing üwntit canslng a copy "f tliis order to be pniïfi hi J Htckitan Argus, a newspapcj printed aiidcircnlitv In said Coanty, thrce successire weeks trerioñul 8aM day of hearing. "l fAtriiecopy.} HIKAM J. BKAKR I ; 1-S7td .indsc of rrobtie Estáte of Thomas Beutlej. I JTATE OF MICHIGAN, Conntyof Waifiici,.,, '" At a sesslon of the Probate ' onrt fur the Umin ofWaahtonaw, holden al the Probal , CitJ of Aim Arbor, on Tuesday, the thjrtiá day of Analist, in the year onc thutisand ilpktS. f dr.d anti seventy. ■ at, Blram .T. Beikm, Jndge nf Probatf I In the matter of the KsUite of Thomas Beiiv, Belden W. Shrrrtleff, trator with tht f . nnexed of said deceúed, comes into Conrtaiitií reseou thathe is now prepared toresder aUiüi Dt as surh AdminUtrator. : ThereapoB t is ordered. that Sfonday, the IM da; of October, next. at ten o'clock In the fm. uoon, be Malened for examiuinc and allowittitil KGConnt, and that the legatees, ileviseee andbtlnt lawofsaid decijned, and all other personi ídq. ested ín p:iid csfate, are reqnired to appear at aar slon of sald Conrt, then tobe holden tihePnla Office, In the City of Ann Arbor, íd íaid Conutr,i show canse, tf an; tberebe, whv the ad mu shonld natbaallowed: And it isfurtheronleredlk said Admlnlstrator gire notlce to the pernom 1 estedin Baid estáte, of Ihe pendeney of aldiaov,! and the hearing thereof, hf canlng a copj olibl order tobe pnbUtbed In the .ií7nm A rjm, a nm paper printed and ciicnlatlng In paid Cmintv.Hn snc proTlous i pald day of )■■ (A troeoopy.) )i!j;.M J B) 8Sa Judgc of Probíti. lístate of James S. I5irchard. STA'n: )]' MICHIGAN, Connty ofWashtMr.M At aession of.the Protmte Cotirt fr theCouttj of Washtenaw. boíBei at Ihe Probate Office, in thi eliy of Ann Arbor, un Frlday, tbe second dayot itf tember. in the year one thottsaud eibt lmudrediál sev-nty. Present Iliram J. Beakes, Jtidse of Prolinte. In the matter of the Bátate of James s. Birchri. del'cüM ■'.. Harrb N. Bírchard. Administrntor of pni cis'fh comes into Court and reprogents tbat he is noirpn pared to render his final account as iich Adnm tra tor. Thcrenpon It is orderod, Tlint Mondíiy. the rtM dny of Oct"ber, next, at ten o'clock iíi the Im noon, be assigned for examlníng nin! snch account, and that the hdre at law ofid deceaaed, and all oí lier persons iiitereMfdiaMi estáte, are reqnired to appear at nessionofíiil Court.. then to te holden nt. the Probate Office. intii Cityof Ann Arbor. In aid Connty, nDd showen if any theie be. whj the stil account ihonld no' t ailowcd : And it is' farther ordered, that fid iiministrator give notiee to the persons intcres-irtil sald estáte of the pendency of said account, ndíi hearing thereof by caasing ft copy of this order n be p'iihlirOied in the Michigan Argu3 a new(]X[K printed and rircnlatins in said Connty. three pucíí [ve weeks prerions to sald day of hearing. (A t me cojiy.J HIÉAM .1 BÈAKES. Judo-e of Pr-tatí. I Estáte of John .Masón. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Coanty of Waíhtena, O At a seBSlon of the Probate Conrt fortheCowij ofWashtenaw, holden at the Probate Ofïïce. intn City of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the fiith i'' September, in the year one thousand eightwdred and seventy. Preeent, Hlrám J. Benkes, Jndge of Prohstf. In the matter of the estáte of John Maan deceased. On readinsandnlinsthe petition duly Tcrii'l Bamnel Uaaon, praylng that he may be appoistffl Adminiatmtor of the estáte of sald deceased. Thereupon it la Ordered, that Momiaj, tliird i:iy f October, next, at ten o'clock i forenoon, be asaigned for the hearin:: of " petition, and that the helrs at law of sald dew and all other persona interested In said eKlti' are reqnired to appear mi a session of .- ■ then t be holden atthe Pnhatc Office, in thiri'J'' Aun Arbor. and showcanse, If any thcre be.JÏ the prayer ol the peMtloner shonld iiit be prantel: Aml :.i is fartherorderedtthat s.-:iil petitioner2irtïfl :n i lic irootiMiuereMr'l , ! 'ilieP dency ofsald petition, and the hearinf there V caasing a copy ol' this Order to be pnolishel ■■ Mickifian érgu,H newspaper printed amicircnlH! in aaid connty, three anccesslre weeks previo"" said day of hearing. CAtmecopy j iiiram .t. beakes. JudireofProbiH' Estáte of Calvin Lamb. STATB OP MICHIGAN. Conntj ofWassteiraJ Al a Bession of the Probate Coörl fortheCouw of Washtenaw, holden al the i'robate Offlff. "■ . City of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, the elghtt dJJ" September, in the year one thotisa&d eight huso111 aadaeventy. Present, HiramJ. Beakes. Judpre of Probate. , In the matter of the lístate of Calvin Lamh bii rèadlncrand fillnethe netition. dnlyverl Martin Lnmh. prayins thai a certuin jiisirame" now on 8le in thls Coart, pnrportlag to bitw wlll ard testament of aaid deceased, niay be""JÏ Ud to probate, and tlu-t hc may bc appoini" Lj ''i utor thereof. .i:j Ij Tbereapon it is Mntoy,tw ten ovlock in the '"".'ij beaselgned tor the hearing of said petitie , ,'J1 the legatees, devlaeea and beirs at '■'"'"'.j .I : ceased, and all other persons nterested in ■?L.':,,, are reqnircd to appear at a fession o'8910,. ,h. then to lit holden at the Probate Office, C'iiv oí Aun Arlmr, ntul shov canse If anï w" why the prayer of the petltioner shimld tm o-ranted: Andltigfarther ordered. tint MQ Doner Ktve notice to the persona intrreeted re a, of the pendency ofaald petltlon, ' hearing thereoi, byoansinga o1y of tlnf oro" , bepubllflbed In the Mi.j,,g,n Argüí n 1"'!IJE prlBted and olronlatlDfc in iaid ConntT, ttiree ix'ssivi' WLckfï urevious to snid rt;iy of In CAtrueoopy.) 111 KAM J. EEAhl; Estáte of Lucas Kittel. . STATE OF MICHIGAN, Coantyof Washtcn-"; Ataseaeion of the Probate Conrt for the OWJJ of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Jr city o! Arm Arluir, on Thnrsday the Bral llaïi3 tember, iu the year onc tbousand eigUt nuoiJrt" epreaeñt, Hiram J., Jndge of Pr0')alKitlfi, In the matter of the catate of Lucas 6" eading and flling the potition. dnly v"'?ír Eniíininl tlann, Admlnlftrator, praying '""'"ld sed to aell certalnreal catate wlicrc"1" Therenpon it is ordered, that Konday, " it teenth day of October, next, at tl-n)Ci.í of the forenoon, lo asslgned for tlic "eaT''Z of :ii petitlon, and ■ ncirB . . ,JLirf i aald dccea8ed, and all other pcrsoDsmterer said estáte, are reqnired to appea r at K",„oMe art, tben to lie holden, at tberrot. In the City of Ann Arbor, and how caiiM. ,j therebv, why the prayer ol the petition wu not be id It H fnrthcr ordc-ed. tn ( oer glve noties to the persons '""';?; ,nd ncy ofsaid pet "O"' the hearlnu thereof. by canslng a copy or mi . JUhedln tbc ■'■ higmi ■''■"■ " , and clrculating In Baid Connty, roar sut re weeks prevlons to aald day i '"'"Vmm FS, BOPLE'S DRUG ST0n' R, W. ELLIS & CO'


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