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The sliipí sec; hanglngln the air, Through the haze and throogh the mist; And tbe Be and thu borlzou Aio cloudy ametliynt, TUI the Keen -;ivs [lierce and sevcr 'l'iic vi il beforc the Bun, When the rlpples dance, and sparklcs Break lort ii Iroia every ono. AikI the creí I the churches, Long looming through the graf, Appear pi led up In brightncss Of the expanding day. And ilio pier, witli arni8 extended, ::s welcoraJng ihi ships. And the red buoy to the southward On the fbam crestsshlnes andUips. As tho littlp tawny vessels, Umin r, and yellow, and black, : skiminlng round the (brelsnd Upon tlie Mgate'e track, n ■! like Blieep a feeding, the glistcnlng ttde, And the gaUey's oars like plnlona ():' au albatross .spread wido. ii.- Nir.iiT. All day the sunbeam'a shadow cbaseu Aloug the white cllff fleet, TUI the red Mgiit'g lading wesiVraPd Wherc the clover's dewy sweel . TUI the sni-ts white lire rolls beat Ing Agalnst the jetty wall, Anrt ybu hear tlie shlpbell? sharply To tbe absent sailors cali. Anfi wlipfi t!if sfnrs aro sparkling, The biirhor's ememld llame Slilncs tn the shlps return Ing T'i 1 1 10 jiort Iro.m whence they 'u;ic ; nd the church clock inoiirns so gravtly To the passing of the honr, m! the mooii in the !!'' sky ruling Shlnee witli a Itiller power.


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