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The Beautiful Radical Tariff

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Uiider ita luxuries for the wealthy are taxed lesa than artiules of uecessity for tho poor. The Cincinnati Commercial radical, fihows this up fairly. It Baya the articles mcntioned below pay duties as follows : Gold and Silver Chaine, 25 per cent. Diamond, '25 per cent. Mahogany wood,free. Guitars, 30 per cent. Jewelry, 25 per cent. Laces, .'35 per ceut. Pearls, frea. llubies, 10 per cent. Violius, 30 per oont. Gold rings, 25 per cent. JSracelets, 25 per cent. Coráis, free. Tortniso hIioIIs, free. Emcrnlds, 10 percent. Caineos, 10 per cent. Mogates, 10 por cent. Coins, t'i eo Oil Paintings, 10 per oent. Matóle Staiuary, 10 per cent. These are the luxunes- the artieles used almost exclus ively by the ricli - Nw look at the dutits upon (hope arti clex used by the mass of the people, iu:d atark the dinerene : Salt, 125 per cení. Kuiros and cutlery, 6ö per isnt. Slioe8, 36 per ceut. Iron nails, 50 percent. Uual, 30 per ceut. Spades nud Shovels, 45 per öent. Blaoket, 50 to 75 per ceut. Ilatchets, 4ö per cent. Sulo lea' her, 35 per cent. Ccpper sheeting, 45 per cent. Glasswnre, 40 per cen Linen f-sbrio-1, 40 per ■ rit. Clothing, 50 to 75 p'ei cent. Hoc, 45 per cent. Flannels, 5u lo 75 per cent. Paper, 35 per eeut. Iroñ fabricp, 45 to 65 per cent. Glove-, 55 per eent. PhIiti leaf liats, 40 per cent. Hosicry, 45 to 70. These are tho rates which the pcnple are rcipired to pny in gold upon the ncccFsarus of lifo Laboring men, com puro them with the duties paid ou jenelty, diamonds, lacea, etc., the Inieuries purched ly tho wvaliliy, and mark tbo discrimina' ion iu favor of tho other. Ano Wnldron tn!ls us thal a high tnriiï makes high WtogM for the laboreV ; hut ho ptobably ineans that it mnkes hiffher Uxes for laborera to uav. !o


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