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How We Get The War News

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Ihe presa dispatcbes froiu Europo td New York during the las four weeks numbered ubimt 100,000 words. New York iris been better postcd on the issues of the war eneh dy thau London, Paris or Burlin. T hese have utmost wiiolly beo:) sent ly a single cable, {uil onc-thinl of tha whole to a single duily paper, and with marveloug rapidity acd accuracy. Familiar as we are with the wnrk of the telegniph, it has been a marvel to us. To huudreds of thousands of minds the wiiole procesa is and bas been an enigma. Hcre is a man sitling in a darktned room at Heart's Coutent. Tlio ocean cab'e terminates here. A line wire attached thereto is made to surrour.d tvvo smull corea of soft irou. As the e'ectnc wave, produced by a few lieccs of copper and sino at Valentía, jasses throuh the wire, these cores bekome magneüo enough to move the blightest object. A lookiug glats, half an inch. in diameter, is fixcd on a bar of oue-tenth of an inch square and half an inch long. Ott this tioy glass a lamp is made to glare so that its light is rttlected on a tablet on the wal!. There is no record made' by tho machine excopt as tho patiënt watcher calis out to a comrade the liadelated flablics as they como, and whiuh he records. It seeuis a miracle of patience. There is something of owo crecps over us ns we see the evidence of a hnman touch three thousand miles away swaying that line of light. By such a delicate procces os this, nnd aftcr being repeated from line to line five times belore its ultímate copy is in New York, have the Inte prca battles been recorded iu our daüy papers with great piirticulurity and seot throughout the Union. N o tb ing like it has ever before been Rooompl'uhed. Thé enterpriss of the New York pres, of & single pieís iu New York, luis eclipsed that of the woalthiest and ablest presses in Europo. It ïs a charac'.eristic of the nation to do its work crnudly and


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