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Dropped The Acquaintance

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OU Judgii li , of New Hanipshire, was what Artcima Watd would havo cullcd a "sociable cuss" off the bench, and was nott'd for c'aiming iicquaintance witli any ono wliose nppearanco happened to pleaso hún. Entering a orowded car ou tho Uostcti and Manie Rond ono day, bis honor found tho only unoccupied sesit to bc tlie sido of a sinarlly diesed and rntlicr good looking roman. Ascertuioiog that tho Hent wns DOt en-" g:iged, the jude seitlecl himsclf corafortublv in it, and turning with his asoostotned blaud, fatlier'y smilo to histfair coiupanion, said : "Your face seeins familiar to me, niy dear ; I ttnuk I must know you." "I ehould think you miglil," paid the aoknown, in a hoarso, whisky, contralto voice, turning u vindionve pair of eyos on the atonislud judgo. "I should ihink yon mipht ; you seut ino to tho House of Gorrectiou for three moüihs last winter, you inforual old scoundrel." The judjre did not prefs his clniin for aequaintauee uuy furthcr in tbat tjuarter. Twcnty-two individiKile in BésloO nro RFSi'Sseil i ir uiiwar(is uf $1 000,000 each, and fivc tur more '.hüii tu mili ous c-:i h, ho present )var. It is tstrmatéd tïiat twenty-ona niillions of dollars are expended an&Uftlly fer bi 11 in tba f.' i.i' SI i'c,


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