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Editorial Chips And Splinters

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- Ko stamp are now wiilred u n. oöf none on notes ouder if 00. - The Vanderpool trial la Bet dowji fr üu' i'.ih ins'.. whvii nsüher adt: wtil pro bab'y be reaöy. - The census f Delaware la eoiAoleted, and ber populatlon Is HS5,050 mi 'tifcn.'Mfl of 18,834 si ucr - - Por H ' ■■ en Una Octfl)er lat, Detroit tobaecom.sts puid ? ". ixes, uu inaü'jfaduivs aitiounliil.ii to i,2' - The articlo in anotber colunui licaUed "Prohlbltoiy rarlff" Is gtvcn to tbc public a - ' T; om the pen of one of the best polltlcii wiïhrs in tbc State.1! r. m(I i; - They have bccu hyhigyellow in Ni'w Yixk. Külj' ■Uve cases wuli sixteeu ileathR are reported, most of tlieiti on Qoveruor'g Mand. Tlie oi'lslstïsupposecl tobe over. - Tiic Poatfac r„r;dtc of the SOth uit. contal ntl the addriSS jüllvered by Col. Heirrv H. Dean, of thls i'it.r, at the Reauton j'.M Mlclilgau tnfantry, held au Mie 2Öth a - The United States Watct Company ha ving presented "a valuable watctt" to the Presldeut, a vicloüs cotemporarj aanouo ces "Dhangcs In the Cabiuct iudicatfd.'1 t5iV( is f ame. - The Mivseacbosctts Woitwn'a Bnffrage Convention held at Bóstoji the 2ilih uit., had a sualiy tbae, all owlng- eccordlng to Mrs. Livonnorc,- tothe iuteriurence oí the laaie ivuim u present. - In Til Untan, Mass., the City Marshal has buen Inatructed to arrest all penODü U8log profiuw language tb ihu Btreete, A jall as large as a forty acre lot wouldn't IidIiI even the boys of oui' city who tiy to make nitu ol tlienujelvcs by cursitig and siirariuï. - ('hief Jnatiee JicCook, of Utah, has decided that i ftuülgn boni Itorinuu lioldIng to polygámy cannot be admittcd to citlzenship, on th groond that hedoes not allc-giaiice to tbe laws of the land : aso that tln Utah Leglslatwrt cannot tiect ii Proseiuling Attornev for his Conrt.


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