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Tbe jeather ut: VJiK-i:day wag depl&dor.nrópit!ous for the Inauguratlon of tlie Pair, uererthcless a large nnmber nicntries were made In the several dcpart, a tlne lot oí pattle vero lakeu di totttë Jroünd. Ycsíertlay was pteasinter.and gdöd attendance was report til. Ve ku DOt been ablc to visit Uiegróonda at Üie toar ofgoing to press- hav" fojr bad tle railroud fcyer- bpt phall en ttearpr) pil the Fair nest weekWe Lcped to bo ab!o to annouuca in ihis efot the coij'solidation of the Toledo, Aon Arbor and Northern RallrJad Comau; wiih Ibe Ualthnoie.'Ohio, Toledo and Michigan Company, üpon the tercos agreed I spon by the Courds of Directora repreentBgthe tm companles, But tbe '.■■■-:; of the meeting lield on Tncsdfty-, co'itiuncd on Wedneíila) , aua aain couttuued on Thursir, was coutfary to our expectations. The comoüdatioii has not been m-adc, the meet::;uiilic .stockholders stands ádjoQrned Ml the (Rh lnst., and onr railroad we " h TUe busult'ís í;tbiic üf a dream " ?'o teil all tliis was ljrought about ïoalil more Uian flll our columns, to rxfrösour iucliirna tioti ;r,uhi ethdost our fiplctives üufficc it to say that the meeti;wjs prodtictive oí no good resolta, but ai the occasion of lcttlng out a deal oí Hiíblood. In short, Ovvosso opposed con" MttdatloD, Owosso had stocked the cwds, Onosso, held all the aces, A. L. WILLIAMS kÓvoata and 'he had subscribed $7ro,00ü Kk and "playcd it alone." We thiuk tiiltlie Commissiontrs should hr ; taken Msuch s ub-criptio,n, but staring tiie weet" tg in the faee it had ïiotliin to do bilt it a littlc longer"- just two weeks, and" "o.- In which time the coinmittóe to in rtigate, Jlcssrs. Ti.n BroOK, FkaSER' Wii Qopld, and IiisDox.wiil eadeayor coramand the situation. "?"e&rcn't goiug to get njad for it al". "Tsmakes us sick," but liaviu. the fruit lried to ashes on our lips lias so demoral"ttth&t we take ft week to reflect be-: '■' sünrfug much lnk." eiwitetke attonl' i of t!ie Damoratof this city to the cali fir the several vXi caucuses, to be held on Monday ■laiBj nest. At these primary meetings "home and place for each Democrat to !ftss hit chotee in candidates, and it is lfotS to stay away and then flnd fault '"II the noininations made. Let every ""oocrat go to the caucus in his ward. fte neveral departmenta of tbe Uditrs''T are under full headway. The enreooYlnesday eveninp;, in the Medi11 ieDartment, were one ahead of the corPODding date last year, and in the Law fcPttbnent several in excess. Thirteen (llare registered in the Medical Course, m none in the Law. TaeJaokeon Citizen, of the 4th inst., aí: "Thcre are 2,012 iiihablt.ed dwelling isesin the city, and fully 200 more in Jssofereciion." Another item in the , elssaays there are 2,012 houses and j j fnilles In the city, or 41 more housos famiiicj Now who are to occnpy lmorc in process of erection?" Ttl! Pili term of the Supremo Court J'cmme'iced on Tuesday, at Detroit, ,,t C9 cas8 on the calendar. Twenty' thein have a single plaintiff, and iutejC "le tlUcs of villaSc Property at LaArteñan Well-new bore- was 0vTnto about 100 feet ycsterday noon, and lp"WftHMavorabir. Che Detr't Sytiod of the Presbytorian t,"rch '8 10 commeuce a session In this ■vnMon(laynoxl)tUc 1Oth inst. e 'i(" had that eqüïnöctial, but "l0ötSart-kuowitasTreITa8wè?


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