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Oíd and Jïew, for October comes to onr table a llttle late, but none the less welcome. Auiong lts papers are : The Fnturo of Proteetautlsm, Siie Wrltes - coticluded, Nancy in Lorraine, Kain After Drought, The Cburch of Lattcr Day Salnts-cnducled, John Wliopper t!ie Newsboy - concladed, Ileart-Boom mul, Horbert spencer, Elnk and White Tyranny - chapa, v. - vin., Pl tb and Knowledge, 81x Months on Pive Cents, Twj Son. aod Dance Men, etc., with the "Exaininer" and "Record of Progresa." í-i a year. Roberts BbothBBS, 1 !') Washington Street, IJjstot). - Also comea a lilUe in the rear, the udMontMy, wlth íreah aiul genial papers, lnclarllnL SeaJ Islaiuls o!' Alaska, Road MaklDg in tliu Troplcs, The era bong, I vvo Uays at Jvillaruey, At Sau Diego aiífl the Gold Minos - No. 1, A "Pnnunciaiilciuo," My Artist, Farmlng in Pajaro VftUey, "Clcely" - poem by Brrt Hurte, Tho Falls Of the Shoglione, etc. $4 a year. Joii.n JI. Caiuia.ny i!c Co, San Francisco, Cal. - The October aambur of thc Ludics' Jlpository lins a fine Bleel píate, "Heavenly Llghts 'Mld Eartbly Sliadows," .1 portraltoftbe late Dr. McC'liutock, accompanled by a blographlcal sketch, several tllnstrated papera, iji'osc aud poctry. $3.50 a year. IIitciicock &■ WAXJMOr, Clnclonatl, OWo, From tbe same, llie üoldcn Uours for Outubcr, a capital niunber of one o!' tlie best oft lie mauy gooil magazloea for the yoDDg folkd. jf' íí year. - Jieery Siiturda; íor October 81I1 lias as a supplement, a "Blrd's Eye View of Paris," wliich shows the principal squares and bulldluga - 150 in nuinber - of the besleged capital. It also has purtraits of Gen. Yon Steinmetz, Geu. Trocbu, and AI. Tliiers, with a Dumber of splrtted War Plcturea. The table of contents is varted and interesting. 5 a year. FUHJB, Osoood & Co., liostou. The PiivsiCAL Lifk ÓF Wü-mkn : Adrice tu the Maiden, II ift and Mollier, By Geo 11. Jiapktyi, A. M., M. D., üliisf of Clintc ofjefferson Medical College, Pküaddphia, etc., etc. Chicago anti CLuciDnati: E, Hatoïaford & Oo., of First Ciass önbscrlptlon Books. Tliis work s ono of the most rcinarkable llterary snocesses of the ear, ha ving alreacly reached a sale of 40,000 coics, with a largor deniand, as tlie piiblislurs ussure ns, than ever before. Sclentiüc and yet eminent); practical, 11 ireats of a most Important class ol fubjucts, wliich, nnfortuniic'.y, it has bltherto been left almost enj tiiuly to the (jnack, the empirie, or the sensatloöallst, to " wrlte up" for the milliou. The table of contents iQClddes sucli head lluea ns the follovvlng : The dlstfnctlou oi' the sexes. Persous of both Scxes and of no sex. The age of nu ijilitv. Love. Love isetenial. Of Divo cc. Of Oourtsliip. Huw to choose a husb:iml Shall cousins marry.' Adrice to wives wlio deslre to have clilldren. The üniitatlon of offflprlnjf. Transijiission of talent and of dlseuse. Bll'thniarks and liow to prevent iluin. Siuns of pregnancy. Confluemciit. Nurglng. The chaoge ol Ijife. üüiiciilt as it ï.'uiy appear, these sabjects are handled wlth si:ch precisión and flrmuess, and yet so dellcátely, that the work luis recelved the bearty endoreement of nany of the most dlstlngulshed physiclang, clergvmeD, apd philanthropists of the country. Amoog the nnmber are ExÖurgeoo Qeueral Hammond, fienry Ward Beecher, Rev. Hm-aci' Bushnell, I) D., Rev, Dr. Mark Hopkins, President of Williams College, with many othei names equally erninent. 'J'he work is sold throngh local or traveliiiir agents entlrely, and, in uur judgmeot offers au extraordinary opportunlty lor se curlnga vcry lucratlve business. Messrs. J. Haiijiaford o: Co., the Western publlshcrs may bo addi'essed at either C!nc:ill'o or Clucinnatl.


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