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A Tax On Consumers

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The voters of the country oliould not forget that tariff duties are a tax exclusively upon the consumers of the artioles upou which they aro levied They are, therefore, i tax on nunibertt, and not ou dollars Tha poor man, with ten in the fumil y, who consumas as mucli lo eacl) individual as the rich man with only two in hi family, pays five times as tnucb tax as does. his rich neighbor. Take, for illustratiou, the article of brown sug;ir. The poor man with ten in family consumes twuuty poumis in a given time. He h:is pnid, at three cents a pound du ty. sixty cents in tax s. The rich man, with only two in his family, would consume but fiiur pounds in tbo same lengtb of time, and he wonld pay but twolve cents in taxes. Tilia furnishes no argument against the man who has the gond fortuno to be wealthy, to be sure, but it does furnish a most concluivo argument against the injustico of the protectWe policy. It shows that it is not a tax upon material resources, but a tax upon numbers without regard to their pecunlary condition in lifo. - Fret Press, We (ind the following in an exchange : The white of an epg ha provcd if luto the tnost effiuttcii us remedy for burns. Heven or eight applications of this subitáneo soothes the ain and cffcctually exoludfs the burncd parts from the air. Tliis simple remedy feems prefcrable to colodión, or even cotton. Extraoroinary Btories are told of the hcaling properties of a new oil which is easil)' made from the volks of hen's ccs. The eggs are tirst boiled hard, nnd the yollcs tlicn removed, crushed and plnced over the fire, wherc they Hro oarefully stirred until the whole cubstanco in just on the point of entcbing fire, when the oil ficparatcs and may bo poured off. One yolk will y'.cld nearly two teaspoonfuls of oil. It is in goner'il usa among the colouists of South Russia, as a mcans of euriog ont, bruises and eoratohos.


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