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Drrss Coo(!k. The popular- ALL WOOL- Satin DeChino Drei Gooili?, at C. II. MILLEN'S. A f omplrfc Establishment iscertalnly thcnew Millim-ry Store, 47 South Main Street. In looking orcr the nsaortment in the nbove place we eau butconu'Ritulate tildadles of tliis city and vicimty on its efficiency. In the müliuery d.-_ pflrtment we tt ere ehown a lare and beautiful ('ulloctlon of Unís, both trimmrd and untrimmed, Fentliors.FIowcr.", &c. Mr. COHEN allo kaepa I oflloslcry imtl QIotm, Drcss Trltmuhik's, American ind Porolgn Won teda. (Jorscts. and a cúmplete etock of Fancy (Joods, Cloak Vol vota, Piuce Velvets, &c. w2 Ekant Sart Ribbons. 2 millón Kid Glovcf, and novelttea iu silk Cooils, at C. II. MILI.EX'S. íive Cents Adtiilionul will böj shoes with sJlver or coppcr tlpí, -wliírh wil] save the buyer the prjee f a new pair of ehocs. Compared wjth raged toes anti dirty Btoekliigs they are beauttto), to paj the lenst. Paren ta try 3t. 12-7 riaids la beflQtlful colon ut C. H. UILLEN'3. .W A profnse and man y tlBUM cxcesüivcly offtii hÏvo diacliarjic lioni the nose, with " ëtoppiiig np " oftliRiiose at times, iipairmcut of the senae of süii !i and tnstt1, watering or wcr.k eycs, impjtircd heariDSi irregular appetlte, occasional oaiuea, prensurc aud pain over the eycs, aud at timea in the back of the head, occrtsional chilly B6DMtlon8, cold fwt and n rceiiii of lagsitude anddc-bility aresymptom which are comin -n to Catanh, yet 11 of them are doI present Lu ctwry cus. Dr. Sagei Catarrb Remeíly cares Cnturrh in it worst forni and status. Il is pleosaat to ase and contains no poisonoaa or cau&tic tüus. Bent by mníl on racelpt of sixty couts. Ad. flressR. V. Plerco,J(, p.,Tïu!ïalu, A pnmphlet cut lree. Sold by drOfglstBi Eyerybody wants n Black Alpaca Dress. The best and cheapeet yet Dow opening at O. H. KILLEN'3. in mn+ Sccond Hand and cr Orans Anti Melodeotun forsale very chenp at Vrof. Mills' muic ruoiu, No. i& Main Street. (Over Huil i. RobInson'so lSTOtl ALVÏN WILSEYüepellants in lilack, Blue, Green, and Fancy Col orñ, in grent .varicty at C II.MILLEN'S. ïionniy (o Soldiere. Those who eiilisttcj in is3i on the flrst cali of President Liucoln., and who were honorably dischargcd before the expiratton of the tsrm of thcir enlistment- are entilled to $100 each, as bounty. Andsoldiers enlistlug under act of Tuly 4th, IS 04 are to be allowed the unpaid instalments of bouuty if thcy wcre dlscharged by expiration of service. Theabovc claaaea shotild raake application to the undereigued. March 24th,18ro, 12021Í JOHN N. GOTT, Bounty and Claim Aent, Pnislo Shawl", handsomer than ever, and low in price. Woolen Shawls in Plaids.fjtripcs and Mixed Colort. A very fine assortment at C.. H.MILLEN'8 Dr. 11. W. Haerjs, Ferry, Georgia, writes he has njíd Swr.ET (uimne extenoively, both with adulta and children, aud flnds It In every santa as good an antiperiodic as the snlptinte Quiuine Dr. L W. Tijttik, Sartarla, Süseiaslppi, wrlto: I introduced Sweet Quiiiiue la this country in April laet, and found mncü oppof ition to a trial even [tl Tirina In Htm ccmetAei. It is equally mit in brenking the chills and fever, and far more easily rctalncd on an mitablo stnmnch thaa the Bitter Quiuino. Sold by Eberbach & Co. Po yon want to rep'euish yonr Bedding or Ilontc PurnUhlofl Goode ol' any kind, Sheeting, Licen Towcling, Blcached Muslino, Goto C. II.MILLEN'S.


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