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FÜRNITÜRË. J. KECK c CO. MuiHif.-icturiïrs.'wliolpfliile and rotail dealers iu FUENITURE AND 4 UPHOLSTERY GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. We VI aimfncture om goods and wilt not be Undersold by any HOUSE KAST or WEST. UNDE1ÏÏAKING ! We Keep Coiistnntly on Itand a fu 11 assorlnient of "W O O T, METALIC, CLOTH CCrVER-ED CASES .A-INTH) COFFINS which will be soid at prices so LOW as to defy all Ccmpetition. Sales Room 52 South Main St., and '1 West Libsrly Sireet. IViANUFA CTORY ! Corner cf William and "West Fourth St. J. KECK & CO. 1285. Tuis i ihe in. Ht tboroogb blood puntier vel (ll covtreti, and AW all humor from tho vnoïst ScroJuln lo a ciiuimon Emption. Pimple aui Blotcbei on thefac. anti caly or rongh kin, which re mich aunoyinj? blemifheM 1o mnny young persen, viM lo the use of a few buttiei tif thffl wnnderftil medioloe. Krom one to mjrh. bot t les cure Sal t Rheam, Bryatpela,Seald Beid, Riog Vonns, Bolts. Sc.ilv KruptioD of tbe Skin, ?crofnt Sores, Uleera and ■ Cnk"r" in the Moutn ano Stomltob. It la a jure me'liciual sxtract of native roof nni pl&nts, combi n ing; in lariniiny Naturen i : . n ei mp vc proper tip, wbicfa ftol has (DAtflled Int o úi vegetable Kín: lom bealing the ick lt is r great restorer f"r be strvDgtli and rigor of the syatem. Tliee wbo ire liiniiit'il, slepiess, b&T6 nervnut npprehtimions or ears, or anf oi the aflbcHood ajinptonatto of ircak nfsi, will fin l eoDrincing eviJence of its retntive jower upnn trial. If jrotl ft'el duit, ilrovy, dchiliated anti dcspondent% bare froqutat heniache, mouih astee baUy in tbe morafog, irregular appditp and oniit coAted, jou are ufferinK from Torpid LWer or bi'ousncsB. In many oaiiei n! I.iver Complajnt jtily a -irl of t hee ymptina aro expei IsnoM A e a rerneAy tor il neb cew. Dr. Pleroi GMen tfedcal lMacwery linsno qual, nu i{ offwi-ts perft'ctlj sures, leavirjg the livor itraifhentd snl béalthj . fot the cure of Habitual Constlpatlon f tbe Bowelii t is a never fai'ing rcinoiiy, aii'l thoe wint lmvf Daed T ffr lili: parpóse are loud in ite protfte, In lírnn chiiil, Throat nd Long Dfaeaeee. it ha ptodueed m:iny romitrkabl CUTM, wlmrp o UI nu liriiios had ailed. Sold itv (lriijcífi-:t nt Sl.OD per boltle. Preared at the Chemie I taboratory f R. V. PIERCE, M. D., Buiïalo, N. Y. AT ADAM E CÓTÉ Voulf] rppppctifuMy (n'orm thcpnblic of Ann Arhor nd vicinity ttiat Mie is now open to enEriicmcnts r private jetrons, for iiistruc'ion in French. V"ni3 reaeonahle. Apply üt Ko. 33, corner of Villkun ml FiKirth StreCtl . RBFBREifCBS.-Ptol.'Pjler, Rev. N. S. Burton, Rcv. B. L. Hubbell, Prol Baar. Prof. Tenllrook. rof. Adame, Prof. Ulney, Prof Harrington. m3-128T. [pull SALE Olí RENT. A brlck house, barn and six acres of liuid within 3) three minute walk of the Post OfBco. There in l flnc orchard, good well, ciflterij, Ac. For particnars enquire of S. WKII,. At the oIBce of J. Weil & Bro'. Sept. 15th, 1870. 128S YINERAL SPRING BISCOVERED AT TnE CITY ARCADE. It thrown up :t poundn of Old Oov, .ïnvii t'tr il. 00, Vji njrht from Chinn for $i .00 per pound, and Bogar, rom cuba tor i), per pound. Come on ye who ure ickof HIGH FRÏUESauiigiitCUmiÜ. CLABK ACROPSEY. TUI E OATHARTIC PROPERT1ES of Dr. KI-ITOGG'S PltLtf are x rHCtod from an artielp o food , hlh ntHkentheoi referalle to oy other. 'lln-v cwvv onhttp! ion. i hi' .in;tistn, and sbouKl be cmployeil in all casus nl i lioimnoRíi. TH. KELLOGG'S LIVER INVIGORATOK, Is ï never failint; cure fcr Uysper-fi'i, PioV-Headche, Aftu e RDfl otlicr diafe. a:istug frem Intlig(iloo orTorpjdUyof Lrrer. ; Go toR.W.ELLIB & CO'b for choico Wiaes and Liquorf I : for Medical Purposee . : i i 1 'r ■ - ■ i.. ' .. n. ■


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