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OOOD NEWS! Al ARBOR WILD VVITH HIGH PBICES EXTEEMIKATED! S. SONDHEIM HAM JUST R ETt'KNXD FROM THE E-A.ST, WITH THK LARGEST AND BEST SELECTED STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING CEST'S Fl KMS11IX, COODS, ÏRUNKS, VALISES, , SATCHELS, &C, &O., &0., T1IAT HAS EVER BEf-N BROUGHT TO THIS CITY, WHICH HE WILL 8ELL Cheaper than the Cheapest for Cash. ALSO A FINE ASSORTMKNT OF CASS1MERES, C0AT1NGS, and VESTINQ8, ttlIICH IIE WILL MAKE ÜP TO Olil .13 Ilt THE J3EST STYLE, AMD YVARRANTED A PIT OR NO SALE. f ADIES'FASHIONABLE SHOE HOUSE. 24 South Miun Street , Deslfl in LADIE'S BOOTS AND SHOES, THE NEWEST 8TYLES I3ST Kid? Calí, and Cloth, Alwaytion tmná , xml Stock and Work Guaranteed. IF YOU WANT A. BOOT, A. ÖAITER, A. BUSKIISr, OR A. 8L1PPKB, CALL AHD EXA1UAE HIS STOCK BEFORE PUB CUASIXG. PKICES LOWEE ïhan the LOWESTR. TARRANT. Ann Arbor,ltJ 1870. Sweet QuiitüiG Cyersus Bitter, yf FoAhc foUowing REASONS SwtefQuininb should rcpluce the oUl Xornor Jutter Quinint. I is fftitRASiEB mWto'miUjr {(fcilicol 1 effect with Ilitttr (jiiKinr. Sect Bulnliir lms NONE of the inte te and persistent bitterticss of coiumon Qr nine. SivrrtlQuInlii is mftdo from P ruvian Bafc only, tlic sourco of Bitter Qi inlne. Iu Swt Qnlulni the bltterness is pbrfeotly cncealotl, but nmy bo iustantAy dovelomed if Uesircd. I i& Swpct AiiIiiIimi 'will nol. steken, mt vory bilt ff subatancc oftcn do. SweciAl'n'1"' '3 rrndily taken, aild withou j t hu least hesitation, by old anilrnuug. 8TretWiilMlnc cntlrely obriates tmt nnconVueralrte dislikn which chlldroAhavo to Bxtcr Quinino. 1 # Svert Ajlnlnr requires no elaborata proliaratlon to takc, is ready forinstaJ.use. weit Antnlne, 'n lts and proppt efücaoy, disabuses tlie Tubllo E.ill of much prejudico uRainst. QiVtnlno, an ai(ïs tho elTorts of the intelVgont riiUician In lta atlmiuistrnUon. Bvrcct Wiiiitlne rusta no more tkaiil tho mttV Quinino. Sireet Anlxilne eftn be had at the JraL Storfs in two forms, viz: Jtuid, fonronveu'l-nca of familieM nnd tJgcnfiralpiy lioIinil aftaier, for uso 8t l'hysiaia andists. W Xv Strarkns, Farr & y6-A MAWjf ACTURING CHEMISTy X PorSkVe bj RbcrbMb 1O„ drucsisti. 124jl P11YSICIAKS PRESCRIPTIOXS" ACCURATELY AND CAREFULLY PRBPAPED BT ; n.vr.Ei,T,lfí&eo.,T)HTJGG18J8.


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