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CHAS. A. LEITER & CO., CHAS. A. LEITEU & CO., CHAS. A. LEITER & CO., CHAS. A. LEITER & CO., No. 1 Giegory Blook, No. 1 Gregory Block No. 1 Gregory Block No. 1 Giegoiy Blook, L Sign of the Gilt Mortar 3 L Sign of the Gilt Mnrtar 3 tW Sign of the Gilt Mortar "3 tW Sign of the Gilt Mortar "3 HAVE JUST OPEXF.D HAVE JUSI OPENED HAVE JUST OPENED HAVE ZiC ÜPENEO The 3Tinot Stook ot 'X'he Fineat Stoolc ot Xlie FHnst ftoolt of The JTineat Stock ot DRUGS AND MEDICINES DKCGS AND MEDICINES DRL'GS AND MEDICINES DRL'GS AND MEDICIEXS IN THE CITY. .V THE CITY. IN THE CITY. IN Tl: E CITY. PUSE WINES AND LICIUORS For Medicina 1 Purpoaen. The Popular Patent Medicines of the day , und cverytliing kept n a flratclaís Drug Store. An EXCELLENT BRAND OP CIGAR3. TRY THEM. Solé Agents In the City fue Otto Si Rejnder's celebra ted SL'RGICAL AND DENTAL INSTRUMENTS. ty ESPKCIAL ATILN1I0N OIVFN TO THK COMi'OUNniNr; o f PHYSICIANS' PRESRlPTIuNS aod KAMILT MEDICINES. 1266 A COMPLETE STOCK JVBW Al WONABLB GOODS, NOW BEINGRECEIVED FINLEY & LEWIS. WE ASK THE PARTICULAR ATTENTIOX OF BUYEES TO OUR LARGE STOCK OF Kip & Calf Boots, MADE BT HAND EXP3ES8LY FflR ODB TRAPE, JUST HEOJEIVED1 Wm. WACNER'S, A Large auü Choice Stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, 1KCUDIXQ CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, VESTING8, &C. LATEST STÏLES iND BEST QUALITIE8 WHICH 1IE WIL1. MANUFACTURE on terma to tuit, and in the line of READY-MADE CLOTHING AND Gents' FURNISHIfl G Goods. BEST STXLB AloLADlE'i'andGENT8 MOROCCO SATOHEL8 No. 31. South Mal Stroet- Eit Ide. CALL AND SEE THEM. WILL1AM WAGHER Ann Arbor, Frpt. lï'Q. A UGIISÏ 10A, 1870. NEWWHEATFLOUR superior qnalüj, at tho ANN ARBOR CITY MILLS. Very nice boltcd Corn Meal. coírse Vcal, Grnhnra Flour- cood tecond qii'-lity Monr nt 1 w prlce - Cracked W heat, and all kinds of Feed. nt lowest pricc, and deüvered in any part of the city. Terma Ordr left in my Order Boï at the Tost Office promptlyattcndedto. j. T. gwATHHL. TTrTcTb. POliTER, IDEISTTISO?Offlce Ia the NEW BANK BLOCK, AUN AEB0K &11 Operations on the Natural Teeth PEltFORMEU VITll CAHK. UNSURPASSBD PACILITIB3 AND EXPBRI2NCB SLTTISG ABÏÏÏiciAL TEETI!, to nivE ACH ixnivnuAL, Denturci of the proper size, thcpe,ealor. firmnin tnd natural exrrctsicn. 1S4I pOR SALË CHÉAi' 1OK READY PAY. Tho wept half ni tne lOQthwest quirtpr of pertion two (), town of Saline, twenty acrêa ander improvemeat, the balancö cood tlmber. ïcquiro at L.C. RlMktt'a Hardware Store, 31 Snuth Main Street, Ann Arbur, Micli. L. O. RJ8DON. Ann Arbor, Miy IS, '.S"O. igTOltl tf yR. KELLOGG'S STANDARD KEDICINES. Aro s"M hv I GotoR-W.ELLIS& CO's for strictly Pure Brugs and ModicinoB Paints , Oils, &c.


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