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Salt--its Effect On The Blood

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C!tcIlicljipHrps Dr. Stevens, a Fren oh physician and fwgeon, saw a butchor killiiig a pig. lic obscrvcd tliat liestii red the blond of the animnl and aiMod a liamifu! of Ibmmon alt to it wliile stirring, wliich im".ucMiütclv imuü it criuisciii, and on stirwng boing disoootinmd tin blood romMoèd fluid The chaog$of tiio color nf tho Mood iwakencd li is ouriosity. Tl-c buteber could give no explanniion of tho phonoiDcuon except that t kepl , it from jellyiiij.' od spoihng. Dr. Stevent soizcdn vesaeljCau'itsomc blood, aml made scvcral experimeuts ly putting salt in it, nnd found tlie blackcst blood was ïnctantly clanged to a bright vermillion by Palt. " 01)," enid he, " bcre is a f::et wbicb may lead to a practical rulo." Ho liad ob?ervcd in cases of e!low fever in tho army tlint tlie blood drawn was b'.ack and fluid, and on additig pa!t it becfime vtrmillion and retained its freslinoFS, wliereas putridity of tho blood is (me (f tlio charactcristic8 of tho yellow fover. He tliereforo abandoned tle usual mode of treating it and gsve bis patients a misture of various sults, and in a very short time reduend toe mortality of fever in the West lüdies from oae in five to one in fifty.


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