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Who Named The Colleges ?

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The Yale Courant say : Harvard College was named after John Harvard who, in Hi.'8, lelt to the college .L779 aod u libiury of over 300 bookn. WilliitiDS College wns named after Col. lïphrairu Williams, a soldier of tho old French war. Irtinouth Collego was named afier Loid Ddrtinouth, who subiseiibed a large roount, and was President of the fiist Board of Trustees Brown UnWersity receivcd ts name from Ilon. NicimluH Brown, who was a gradúala oí tho college, went into busicess, becamu vcry wealthy and endowed Vtie college very largejy. Coluinbia College was cnlled ]Ling'a College till the close of tliu war for ii,Uepoudener, when it received the name of dolumbia. Bowdoin College was named afier Gov. Bowduin of Mame. m Yale College was namcd nftor Elifan Yale, who made very liberal donatiooa lo the collfpp. Colby Universily, formerly Wter▼ille College, was namcd nficr .Mr. I by of Boston, who guvo 50,000 to the ollege in 186ft. Dickioson Colletro reeeived its nnme from Hou. John IMckiDBon. lie made very l'.beral doDatiorj to tlie college, and wng President of the Board of Trustees for a miruber of yenrs. Corncll Uoiveriity nu named after xira Cornull, its founder.


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